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Genesis Mwks2 Lbw (2)

Genesis Mwks2 Lbw (2)

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Published by Yee Tak Ngan
Bible commentary Written by Marie Wetherill and Keith Simons.
Bible commentary Written by Marie Wetherill and Keith Simons.

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Published by: Yee Tak Ngan on Jun 13, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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God speaks to Abraham
 An EasyEnglish Bible Version and Commentary (2800 word vocabulary) on Genesis chaters !2"2#
 Marie Wetherill and Keith Simons
This commentary
has been
 through Advanced Checking.Words in boxes are from the Bible. A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.
About the Book of Genesis
We do not know who wrote the Book of enesis. And we do not know when that person wrote the book. There is an ancient tradition that !oses was the author. !odern Bible students have many other ideas. But we can see that enesis is a very old book. "ven the oldest books in the Bible refer to it #for example$ "xodus %&'() ob +,&+(-+/.The author was not merely collecting ancient stories. And he was not merely recording ancient history. 0n fact$ enesis is a very careful account$ which teaches the main principles in the Bible. The author describes the nature of od. The author explains od1s plan for a perfect world. The author describes *sin and *sacrifice. 2e speaks about od1s promise to forgive. And$ he speaks about od1s promise to send esus. The Bible teaches that the author was not merely setting out his own ideas. 0nstead$ the author wrote by the 2oly 3pirit of od.
Chapter 12
God calls Abram, 12:1-9Abram leaves Haran
 The *4ord said to Abram$ 5o from your country$ your *tribe and your father1s house. o to the country that 0 shall show you.
 0 will make you into a great nation. 0 will *bless you and 0 will make your name great. 0 will *bless other people$ too$ because of you.
 0 will *bless those that *bless you. And 0 will *curse anyone that does not respect you. 0 will *bless all the families on the earth$ because 0 *bless you.1
 Then Abram went$ as the *4ord had told him. And 4ot went with him. Abram was 6( years old when he left 2aran.
 Abram took with him his wife 3arai and his brother1s son 4ot. 2e also took the slaves. And he took everything that he had got in 2aran. They left to go to the country called Canaan. And they arrived at Canaan.
 And Abram went through the country. 2e went as far as the place called 3hechem. 2e came to the *oak there that was called !oreh. The *Canaanites #Canaan1s *descendants/ owned the country at that time.
 Abram saw the *4ord. And the *4ord said to him$ 50 shall give this country to your *descendants.1 Then Abram built an *altar for the *4ord1s honour.  Abram built it where he had seen the *4ord.
 7rom there$ Abram moved his camp. 2e went to the hills that are east from Bethel. 2e put up his tent between Bethel and Ai. There he built an *altar for the *4ord1s honour. Abram built it where he had seen the *4ord. And he prayed to the *4ord there.
 Then Abram went on towards the area called the 8egev.
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od had a wonderful plan for Abram and his *descendants. 3o$ od told Abram to leave his home and his father1s family. Abram did not know where he was going. But he trusted od. 3o$ Abram set out on his 9ourney.od promised that Abram1s *descendants would become a great nation. Abram did not know how this could happen. 2is wife$ 3arai$ had no children. But Abram trusted that od could make this happen.od also promised that Abram$ by his *descendant$ would *bless everyone in the world. This was a great promise. Again$ Abram did not realise how this would happen. But perhaps he knew about od1s promise to "ve in enesis %&'(. Today$ of course$ we know about esus. 2e died so that od would forgive our *sin. Because of esus$ everyone who trusts him becomes a friend of od. But Abram did not know about such things. 2e 9ust heard od1s promise. 2e trusted od. 3o he obeyed od.But Abram was not a perfect man. 2e did not always trust od completely. 3oon$ there would not be enough food. Abram did not stay in the place where od had taken him. 0nstead$ he went elsewhere. And there was trouble for Abram in that other place$ because Abram was not completely honest. 0t seems that he preferred to trust his own clever ideas. 0nstead$ he should have continued to trust od.
&otes on the verses
:erse ' The *2ebrew word here for 5nation1 is the one that the *ews used for the entile nations. #That is$ all the nations that were not *ews./ 3o$ the word meant a large group of people that had a government and a country. 0t was not 9ust a 5*tribe1 that spoke the same language.od chose Abram. And od called Abram to leave his home. Abram did not know where he was going #2ebrews ''&/. But he still trusted od.:erses +-% ;nly od can make someone1s name great. The men at Babel tried to make themselves great$ but they failed. The *2ebrew words here are words that could describe a king. 4ater$ Abram was called a prince. And 3arai was called 5the mother of kings1. Abram was not really a king or a prince. But he became an important man. And kings would be among his *descendants. Abram could only give a *blessing to other people if he left 2aran. od *blessed him so that he #Abram/ could *bless other people.od1s *blessing is for all. 0t is not 9ust for the *0sraelites. 4ater$ 4aban said to acob$ 5od has *blessed me because of you1 #enesis %<&+6/. od *blessed the *household of =otiphar the *"gyptian because of oseph #enesis %&(/. The people in "gypt got food during the *famine because of oseph. 0t was not only acob and his family that got food.This promise was not 9ust for Abram. 0t was also for his *descendants$ called the *0sraelites. Balaam repeated this promise when he was speaking about the *0sraelites in 8umbers +>&. But especially$ this promise was about Abram1s greatest *descendant #alatians %&'?/. The Bible has already spoken about this *descendant in enesis %&'(. This *descendant would destroy the power of *sin and of the devil. This *descendant is esus #!atthew '&'/. And$ by his death$ esus frees people so that they become the sons of od #alatians >&>-6/. And this *blessing$ that we receive by means of esus$ is for people from all nations #"phesians +&''-'%/.:erses >-( Abram left home. od guided him. And Abram arrived at the country called Canaan.:erse 6 Abram built an *altar for od1s honour. But some *ancestors of Abram had built a city or *tower for their own honour@ Abram built the *altar and he prayed to od. 2is *worship included work as well as words.:erses ,- Abram continued to travel through the land that od was giving to him. And Abram was grateful. 2e built another *altar.
Abram and 'arai in ()*pt, 12:1+-2+
:erses '<-+< Abram left the country that od had promised to him. Abram went to "gypt because he needed food. od would have taken care of Abram where he was. But Abram could not believe that.We remember Abram because$ especially$ he trusted od. But Abram had to learn how to trust od. And Abram made some serious mistakes as he learned.
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 There was a very bad *famine in the country called Canaan. 3o Abram went down to "gypt in order to stay there. 2e went to "gypt because there was no food in Canaan.
When Abram was near "gypt$ he said this to his wife 3arai& 50 know that you are a beautiful woman.
 The people who live in "gypt will see you. Then they will say$ This is Abram1s wife. Then they will kill me$ but they will let you live.
 3ay that you are my sister. Then they will act well towards me because of you. They will let me live because of you.1
 Then Abram entered "gypt. And people saw that the woman was very beautiful.
*=haraoh1s princes saw her. Then they told *=haraoh how beautiful she was. 3o *=haraoh took the woman into his palace.
 Because of 3arai$ *=haraoh was very kind to Abram. *=haraoh gave him sheep$ *oxen$ *donkeys$ slaves #male and female/ and camels.
 But od made *=haraoh and his *household very ill because of 3arai$ Abram1s wife.
 3o *=haraoh called Abram and *=haraoh said this& 5ou have done an evil thing to me. ou should have told me that she was your wife.
 ou should not have said$ 3he is my sister. 0 took her as my wife because you said that. 2ere she is. Take your wife and go away.1
*=haraoh ordered his men to send Abram away with his wife and possessions.:erse '< The country called Canaan did not have regular rain. ;ften$ there was not enough food there. "gypt was flatter and the Diver 8ile provided water.4ater$ the *0sraelites went to "gypt because there was not enough food in Canaan #enesis >6&>/. 3o$ perhaps people in Canaan often had to go to "gypt in order to buy food.:erses ''-'% Abram thought that he needed to lie in order to protect himself. We can see that  Abram was not trusting od. Abram1s story was partly true. 3arai and Abram had the same father but different mothers. But Abram was pretending that 3arai and Abram were not married. 3o the story was still a lie.:erses '>-'( Abram was right. 3arai was attractive. *=haraoh believed that 3arai was Abram1s sister. 3o$ *=haraoh took her as a wife #verse '/. Abram got rich because of this situation$ but *=haraoh suffered from plagues. #=lagues are very bad things that affect very many people. They include diseases and large Euantities of insects./ 0n that way$ od showed that he punishes *sinners. They may not know that they are *sinning. But even then$ od punishes them. *=haraoh knew that *adultery was wrong. 2e saw that od was *blessing Abram.
Chapter 1
Abram and ot separate, 1:1-1%
 Then Abram went up from "gypt. 2e took his wife with him. And he took everything that they had. 4ot went with them to the area called the 8egev.
 Abram was very rich. 2e had a lot of *cattle$ silver and gold.
 Abram travelled from the 8egev to Bethel. 2e stopped sometimes on the way. Then he went beyond Bethel towards Ai. That was the place where he had had his tent at the beginning.
 That was where he had made an *altar before. There Abram *worshipped the *4ord.
 4ot$ who was with Abram$ also had *flocks$ *herds and tents.
 When Abram and 4ot were together$ there were a lot of people and animals. The land could not produce enough to keep them all alive. Abram and 4ot owned so much that they could not live near each other.
3ome *herdsmen looked after Abram1s *cattle and some *herdsmen looked after 4ot1s *cattle.  And there were Euarrels between those two groups of *herdsmen. The people called *Canaanites and =eriFFites were living in that part of Canaan then.
 3o Abram said to 4ot$ 5We are men and we belong to the same family. 3o we must not argue$ nor must our *herdsmen Euarrel.
 2ere is the whole country. o away from me. 0f you go to the left$ 0 shall go to the right. 0f you go to the right$ 0 shall go to the left.1
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