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Published by adnanhr81
The paper tries to deny the existence of ghosts by disproving the current evidence we have for the existence of ghosts.
The paper tries to deny the existence of ghosts by disproving the current evidence we have for the existence of ghosts.

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Published by: adnanhr81 on Mar 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HafeezAdnan HafeezInstructor CullamFinal DraftEnglish 102March 15, 2008
Why do ghosts exist?
The world is full of phenomena which are not comprehensible to a common person and are also not very well backed by the scientific reasoning of the current time.Some of these phenomena include the random sightings of UFOs, psychokinesis, predicting future, traveling in time, talking with the dead and many more. Most of such phenomena that are not very well explained by science are collectively known as paranormal phenomenon.One of the paranormal phenomena that has been around for thousands of year isthe belief in Ghosts. Ghosts have existed in several cultures over many periods of timeand even in this modern day and age; they still seem to have a permanent place invirtually every culture, region or a country. The concept of ghost offers a good old clash between science and religion. So far in time, although with few exceptions, ghosts have been seen, heard, felt or even smelled but have not been validated using any scientificreasoning. Even though science has not backed the existence of ghosts, it’s stillfascinating to see how the concept of ghosts manages to stick around in literally everyaspect of people’s lives such as TV shows/movies, media, religion, culture and education.1
HafeezConsidering how controversial the topic of ghosts is there rises a good need toauthenticate the validity of ghosts and a need to establish some sort of rationale behindtheir existence. For the most part the existence of ghost is just a folklore sort of conceptthat has been carried on from generation to generation by the word of mouth or in fact doghosts actually have a physical existence of some kind? Although recent polls in USthrough ABC news indicate that majority of people in USA believe in ghosts, I would liketo establish some sort of relation between the people believing in ghosts and people’sreligious belief and cultural factors that surround people. I think there is a strong positivecorrelation between people’s religious/cultural belief and belief in ghosts. For the most part ghosts exist due to the mere fact that people want to believe in them. Ghosts are the by-product of an influence of cultural and psychological factor on people’s mind andexist entirely in people’s minds.
Validating existence of Ghosts:
There are a several ways people use to validate the existence of ghosts. Some of the ways include real life stories/incidents, scientific data and ghost hunting trips. Let’sanalyze each one of them and see how we can disprove each one of the ways used by people to prove ghost’s existence.
 Real Life Stories and Interviews:
HafeezJust like in a trial court, a witness’s testimony is considered highly powerfulevidence; I think the real life stories of people could be considered a very good tool tovalidate the existence of ghosts.To ensure the minimum level of cultural bias in the stories obtained for thisresearch there was a need to have the stories to come from different cultures and peopleof different religion so that the stories are more diverse in their scope and could providewith diverse information on ghosts. That was very easy for me to do since I know quite afew people that come from different cultures and ethnic groups. To obtain the stories, 13 people (family members, friends and co-workers) were informally asked for some paranormal experience in their life and amazingly all 13 of them had some sort of a storyto related that related to some sort of a paranormal experience. Everybody was asked torate himself/herself in terms of his/her religious devotions as Strictly Religious, NormalReligious, Mildly Religious and Not Religious. The break down of the people storieswere obtained from in terms of their origin and cultural influence is as follows:
Number InterviewedBirthplaceReligion
FourUSAChristianThreeIndiaSikhThreePakistanIslamTwoUSAN/AOnePhilippinesCatholicOnePakistanN/AStories coming from Pakistan had an interesting sort of similarities with stories that people raised in the USA had to tell. In almost every single story from Pakistan, ghostsspoke Punjabi and Arabic while the USA ghosts communicated in English. When askedabout the way ghosts were dressed when seen, the ghosts in Pakistan were dressed like3

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