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ADHD is a quack psychiatry Fraud and HOAX

ADHD is a quack psychiatry Fraud and HOAX

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Psychiatry is a complete evil fraud that is damaging and killing our intelligent childrens’ intellects, futures and even their lives.
Psychiatry is a complete evil fraud that is damaging and killing our intelligent childrens’ intellects, futures and even their lives.

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Jun 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ADHD is a quack psychiatry Fraud and HOAXwritten by Daniel J Towsey A Truth SoldierPsychiatry is a complete eil !raud that is dama"in" and killin" our intelli"ent childrens# intellects$ !utures and een their lies%&er since the '(O banksters created the )nited 'ations to *arry out their insane +ionist 'a,i )%'% A"enda -. and took oer the curriculum o! the school system because o! the Hippie protests o! the late ./01#s to stop any other youn" bri"ht intelli"ent youn" people !rom eer a"ain protestin" a"ainst the criminal +ionist state o! this world%A!ter ./0/ the schoolin" system was taken oer by the )%'% and chan"ed !rom a system that tau"ht children how to think$ to a system o! brainwashin" where students are now told 2(hat to think3So that is why there has neer been another student uprisin" a"ainst corruption%'ow our intelli"ent intellectual children are bein" destroyed by bein" labeled and dru""ed !or hain" their minds completely stared o! intellectual stimulation in the so called schools%4n a system that tells kids what to think$ they keep repeatin" stupid dumb shit all
day lon"%The bri"ht youn" intellectuals "et really bored to death and start actin" out and bein" restless%Our youn" intellectuals are not permitted to ask questions about anythin" they are bein" !orce !ed in school%So they no lon"er pay attention 2Attention De!icit Disorder3 because there is nothin" !or their bri"ht youn" "rowin" minds to be nurtured with%Since the so called teachers are not teachin" anythin" e5cept indoctrination%So the '(O system knows e5actly what is happenin" and they can not risk the "eneral public and parents eer askin" what is "oin" on in the schools %The schools are now prisons !or the minds o! the youn" people o! the !uture%&er notice that they remoed all windows that "ae children the ability to look outside while they are sittin" in their seats bored to the death o! their minds%All windows were hori,ontally narrowed and raised%Then a!ter the intelli"ent children are dru""ed with psychotropic dru"s and the rest we know%% School shootin"s$ suicides$ etc%(hy you can not comprehend the ma"nitude o! the problem on this planet$ is because you can not understand what has happened since the 6othchild insanity took control o! the creation o! money%Please see these posts to "et the remainder o! the in!ormation%http788danieltowsey%wordpress%com8-1.18198.:8so;whos;delusional;now8 http788danieltowsey%wordpress%com8-11<81081=8psychiatry;industry;o!;death8
The >ost SHO*?4'@ Psychiatry Documentary &&6 
The Insane Do Not Know They Are

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