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june15.2014 bAutomatic rehabilitation of apprehended drug dependents pushed

june15.2014 bAutomatic rehabilitation of apprehended drug dependents pushed

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Published by pribhor2
Automatic rehabilitation of apprehended drug dependents pushed
Automatic rehabilitation of apprehended drug dependents pushed

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Published by: pribhor2 on Jun 16, 2014
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Automatic rehabilitation of apprehended drug dependents pushed
A lawmaker has filed a bill institutionalizing the automatic rehabilitation and treatment of arrested and jailed drug-dependent criminals.Rep. Samuel Pagdilao (Party-list A!"-!#S$ said %ouse &ill '') aims to e*uip the go+ernment with a tool that will pro+ide offenders easy and fast access to drug rehabilitation and treatment in order to free them from the control and bondage of substance abuse which caused them to commit crimes.,Among the many problems that threaten our society is drug addiction. #t is considered one of the e+ils of todays society that affects not only the peace and order in our country but also destroys the physical and moral well-being of our people Pagdilao said.Pagdilao said despite efforts of +arious law enforcement agencies to curb this  problem illegal drug acti+ities seem to escalate and so too are drug-related crimes.According to Pagdilao there are two dominant +iews on drug addiction and how it should be handled."he first he said is that drug addiction is a disease like any other and should be tackled through treatment and pre+ention. /n the other hand drug use is a crime and should be dealt with through the array of threats and sanctions a+ailable through the criminal justice system.,#t is clear that the latter approach has dominated the way our 0o+ernment handled drug addiction. %owe+er it is clear that threats and sanctions do not effecti+ely stop the  problem against drugs. #t does not cure the underlying cause of drug addiction Pagdilao stressed.Pagdilao pointed out that as a result drug dependent offenders ha+e increasingly  populated jails and prisons. !rimes in+ol+ing illegal drugs ha+e also risen.,#t is about time that the first approach be gi+en an e*ual opportunity to address the  problem of illegal drugs Pagdilao said.1nder the measure Section ) of Republic Act 2)3 or the ,!omprehensi+e 4angerous 4rugs Act of 5665 is amended by inserting Section )-A which pro+ides that a person apprehended or arrested for use of dangerous drugs and who immediately after arrest confesses7admits to the use of drugs shall be subjected to automatic rehabilitation for a minimum period of 3 months in a rehabilitation center duly accredited by the &oard.
NR # 3498BJUNE 15, 2014

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