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The Fall of Royalty in Portugal

The Fall of Royalty in Portugal

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The Lisbon Assassination of King Carlos and the Duke of Braganza, and the Prelude thereto
The Lisbon Assassination of King Carlos and the Duke of Braganza, and the Prelude thereto

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Published by: David Arthur Walters on Jun 16, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The King and the Duke had an appointment with Death on that day
King %a&'o( o) Po&tuga' and hi( (on the Duke o) !&agan*a had anappointment with Death on $atu&day+ Fe,&ua&y -+ -./01 One o) the mo(ta&,it&a&y pu,'i23(e2u&ity 'aw( in the hi(to&y o) Po&tuga' wa( pu,'i(hed thatmo&ning in the
 Journal Ofciel
1 The new 'aw wa( de(igned to &id Po&tuga' o) &adi2a'( oppo(ed to the di2tato&ia' po'i2ie( o) the mona&2h+ King %a&'o(+ andhi( P&ime 4ini(te& tu&ned di2tato&+ 5oao F&an2o1 The de2&ee p&o6ided )o&
(pe2ia' t&i,una'( and the immediate depo&tation o) po'iti2a' 2&imina'( toA)&i2a1King %a&'o( and 7ueen Ame'ia a'ong with thei& (on( Lui( Fi'ipe and 4anue'&etu&ned to Li(,on on that )ate)u' $atu&day a)te&noon )&om a (ho&t 6i(it to "i'a"i2o(a+ the (eat o) thei& an2ient Hou(e o) !&agan*a1 The &oya' )ami'ydi(em,a&ked at a,out 86e in the a)te&noon )&om the )e&&y3,oat Dom Lui*+whi2h had 2a&&ied them )&om !e&&ei&o to the Te&&ei&o do Pa2o+ They we&eg&eeted ,y %a,inet 4em,e&( and dignita&ie(+ then got into an open 2a&&iageand headed )o& the Ne2e((idade( Pa'a2e1 5oao F&an2o had a'way( ,een 2a&e)u' to (e2u&e hi( own pe&(on+ )&e9uent'ymo6ing )&om hou(e to hou(e+ yet he p&o6ided inade9uate (e2u&ity )o& the&oya' )ami'y that day1 The King:( u(ua' &e2k'e(( ,&a6ado wa( &ea''y to ,'ame)o& the 'a; (e2u&ity1 7ueen Ame'ie wa( we'' awa&e o) the dange&( due to thepo'iti2a' tu&moi'< (he had &epeated'y oppo(ed the e;po(u&e o) he& (on( to thedange&( o) the 2on(pi&a2y in Li(,on1 In any 2a(e+ &iding in a 'andau with'owe&ed hood( wa( 2e&tain'y not the wi(e thing to do in 6iew o) the po'iti2a'2i&2um(tan2e( e;a2e&,ated ,y F&an2o:( 2&a2kdown1 Among othe& thing(+(u(pe2ted %a&,ona&i( we&e 'u&king a,out with 2on2ea'ed weapon(1 The &outeto the Pa'a2e wa( 2&owded with (pe2tato&(1 The &oya' )ami'y we&e (ittingdu2k(1A( the &oya' 2a&&iage app&oa2hed the 2o&ne& o) the P&a2a do %omme&2io upthe (t&eet )&om the A&(ena'+ a young a((a((in+ a Li(,on 2a(hie& namedA')&edo %o(ta+ (tepped )&om the 2&owd+ =umped up ,ehind the 2a&&iage and8&ed a pi(to' at King %a&'o(1 7ueen Ame'ia t&ied to ,eat down the a((a((in:(a&m with a ,ou9uet o) >owe&( that he& 'itt'e god32hi'd had gi6en he& on the9uay (ho&t'y ,e)o&e+ ,ut to no a6ai'< one o) the a((a((in:( ,u''et( pa((edth&ough he& hu(,and:( th&oat+ (e6e&ing the 2a&otid a&te&y 3 King %a&'o(+ a6igo&ou( man in hi( p&ime+ wa( ki''ed in(tant'y1Ame'ia p'a2ed he&(e') in )&ont o) he& younge(t (on+ 4anue'+ 'ooked (9ua&e'yinto the &e6o'6e& aimed at him+ ,ut the (hot wa( not 8&ed1 A (t&ugg'e tookp'a2e1 A22o&ding to the 2on>i2ting &epo&t(+ a po'i2eman eithe& (hot thea((a((in dead o& &an him th&ough with a (wo&d1 At that point the 7ueen:('ady3in3waiting+ %ounte(( Figuei&o+ t&ied to take he& p&ope& po(t in the2a&&iage+ ,ut Ame'ia 2&ied out+ ?et away@ et away@ I don:t want you to ,eki''ed too@? The 2oa2hman whipped the ho&(e( 3 the 2a&&iage 'u&2hed towa&d( the 2o&ne&o) the a&2ade1 $hot( &ang out )&om the 2&owd1 Ame'ia tu&ned and )ound he&
8&(t3,o&n (on Lui( Fe'ipe mo&ta''y wounded+ (t&u2k in the )a2e and 2he(t1 The)ata' deed wa( &epo&ted'y done with a 2a&,ine wie'ded ,y a ,'a2k3,ea&deda((a((in+ an e;32a'6a&y (e&geant and di(mi((ed 6i''age (2hoo'ma(te& named4anue' !ui2a 3 he had ,een 'u&king ,ehind the pi''a& o) the 4ini(t&y o) theInte&io&1 !e2au(e )ou& 2ham,e&( in the %&own P&in2e:( &e6o'6e& we&e )oundempty+ a &epo&t 2&edited him with 8&ing at the a((a((in( )ou& time(+ pe&hap(wounding o& ki''ing one o) them 3 anothe& a22ount( (tated that he did not geta (ing'e (hot o1 The ,ea&ded a((a((in took aim again and 8&ed+ ('ight'ywounding 4anue' in the a&m1 At thi( =un2tu&e the King:( ,&othe&+ the Duke o) Opo&to+ and aide( de 2amp &ode up with (a,&e( d&awn1 E6e&yone ,e'ie6ed to,e an a((a((in wa( &epo&ted'y ha2ked to pie2e( 3 an inno2ent ,y(tande& wa(a''eged'y ki''ed in the p&o2e((1 The 2a&&iage hu&&ied to the medi2a' depa&tment o) the ma&ine A&(ena' whe&eKing %a&'o( wa( de2'a&ed dead on a&&i6a'1 %&own P&in2e Lui( Fe'ipe e;pi&edminute( 'ate&1Hen2e on that te&&i,'e day the eighteen3yea&3o'd Duke o) !&agan2a ,e2ameKing 4anue' II+ 'a(t king o) Po&tuga' The ne;t day he p&omi(ed to upho'd the%on(titution+ and with hi( mothe& managing he (oon p&o2eeded to di(mant'ethe &ep&e((i6e ma2hine&y o) hi( )athe&:( &egime1 The &egi2ide(+ a''eged'ymem,e&( o) %a&,ona&i 2e''(+ we&e t&ied in (e2&et and e;e2uted 3 nume&ou(agg&ie6ed &epu,'i2an( (taged a demon(t&ation on the g&a6e(1 The num,e& o) a((a((in( in6o'6ed wa( un2'ea&1 $ometime 'ate& a thi&d man+ 5o(e de A'poim+t&ied to take 2&edit )o& the ki''ing(+ ,ut he+ a known ,&agga&t+ wa( gi6en 'itt'e2&eden2e1
%a&'o( (ea&2hed )o& a wi)e ,e)o&e he took the th&one o) Po&tuga'1 To hi( good)o&tune he )ound a ,eauti)u' p&in2e(( o) F&an2e in the pe&(on o) Ame'ie Loui(eHe'ene+ Du2he((e de O&'ean(+ daughte& o) the %omte de Pa&i( 3 hei& appa&entto the th&one o) F&an2e1

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