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Thanksgiving 1

Thanksgiving 1

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Published by FRAN

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Published by: FRAN on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day
is celebrated in
the United States
the fourthThursday of November 
. On this day, American families gather around, have dinner and give thanks for the blessing of the year.
History of Thanksgiving:
This holiday has been celebrated
since 1621
. At thattime, it was an occasion for the pilgrims
to thank God
for a plentiful harvest. Thepilgrims had to abandon England because they were against some of the rituals of 
the Church of England
. First, they moved to Holland and in 1620, they sailed to theUSA on the famous ship
The Mayflower 
. They carried lots of seeds, garden tools,gunpowder and firearms. After a long trip (65 days) they arrived in a place that theycalled Plymouth, the English town they came from.
The first Thanksgiving festival was in October 1621 and it lasted three days. Thepilgrims invited the Native Americans to join the celebration
. In 1863 PresidentLincoln made it a national holiday.
There is a traditional
Thanksgiving Day Parade
with giantballoons and marching bands, organized by Macy's in New York,which is shown on television. There is also the popular 
AmericanThanksgiving football game
traditional food
prepared nowadays for this celebration is:
stuffed turkey
withgravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.
As a tradition, some days before the celebration the President of the United Statespardons a turkey, the "
White House Thanksgiving Turkey
". People have theopportunity to give a name to the spared turkey, which is then taken back to a farm.
Black Friday
is the Friday after Thanksgiving.
It's the busiest shopping dayin the USA and it's the beginning of theChristmas shopping season
. It's called likethat because on that day all
shops earn a lotof money from sales
, so they go into the
(as opposed to be in the red, meaningthat they have debts).
Answer the following questions:
When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

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