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Philosophy of Frank Herbert

Philosophy of Frank Herbert



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Published by Nauman Mithani
Philosophy, quotes and proverbs of Frank Herbert from "Chaperhouse Dune"
Philosophy, quotes and proverbs of Frank Herbert from "Chaperhouse Dune"

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Published by: Nauman Mithani on Mar 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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from CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNEpg 001: Those who would repeat the past must control the teaching of history. -Bene Gesserit Codapg 012: The person who takes the banal and the ordinary and illuminates it in anew way can terrify. We do not want our ideas changed. We feel threatened by suchdemands. "I already know the important things!" we say. Then Changer comes andthrows our old ideas away. - The Zensufi Masterpg 023: We tend to become like the worst in those we oppose. - Bene Gesserit Codapg 059: All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathologicalpersonalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to thecorruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a conditionto which they are quickly addicted. - Missionaria Protectiva, Text QIV (decto)pg 070: The writing of history is largely a process of diversion. Most historicalaccounts distract attention from the secret influences behind great events. - TheBashar Tegpg 094: Education is no substitute for intelligence. That elusive quality isdefined only in part by your puzzle-solving ability. It is in the creation of newpuzzles reflecting what your senses report that you round out the definition. -Mentat Text One (decto)pg 099: Never compliment the chef in a private establishment. Chefs can bereplaced. Hostess is irreplaceable.pg 101: People who demand the oracle predict their lives really want to know wherethe treasure is hidden... Know your entire future and nothing will ever surpriseyou.pg 119: Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is thefine point on which all the legal professions of history have based their jobsecurity. -Bene Gesserit Codapg 135: (They would be glittering words, filled with drama and the tensions of histesting.) History, after all, was always written by the victors.pg 138: "We should grant power over our affairs only to those who are reluctant tohold it and then only under conditions that increase the reluctance", Darwi Odradepg 153: In each instance action is illusory. Like appointing a committee to studya problem. The more people on the committee, the more preconceptions are appliedto the problem.pg 156: "Democracy is a stupid idea anyway!" "We agree. It's demagogue-prone.That's a disease to which electoral systems are vulnerable. Yet demagogues areeasy to identify. They gesture a lot and speak with pulpit rhythms, using wordsthat ring of religious fervour and god-fearing sincerety."pg 169: To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond itstolerances will the true nature be seen. - The Amtal Rulepg 169: Do not depend only on theory when your life is at stake. - Bene GesseritCommentary
pg 169: Sympathy for the enemy - a weakness of police and armies alike. Mostperilous are the unconscious sympathies directing you to preserve your enemyintact because the enemy is your justification for existence.pg 182: Major flaws in government arise from a fear of making radical changes eventhough a need is clearly seen. - Darwi Odradepg 191: Time does not count itself. You have to look at a circle and this isapparent. - Leto II(The Tyrant)pg 194: "Who will tell us what happens next?", he asks. Is that what you wantRabbi? You will not like what you hear. I guarantee it. From the moment the oraclespeaks your future becomes your past. How you would wail in your boredom. Nothingnew, not ever. Everything old in that one instant of revelation. "But this is notwhat I wanted!" I can hear you saying it. No brutality, no savagery, no quiethappiness nor exploding joy can come upon you unexpectedly. Like a runaway tubetrain in its wormhole, your life will sped through to its final moment ofconfrontation. Like a moth in the car you will beat your wings against the sidesand ask Fate to let you out. "Let the tube undergo a magical change of directions.Let something new happen! Don't let the terrible things I have seen come to pass!"pg 216: Truth is an empty cuppg 216: Some precious stones could be identified by their impurities. Expertsmapped impurities within the stones. A secret fingerprint. People were like that.You often knew them by their defects. The glittering surface told you too little.Good identification required you look deep inside and see the impurities. Therewas the gem quality of a total being. What would Van Gogh have been withoutimpurities?pg 237: Give me the judgement of balanced minds in preferrence to laws every time.Codecs and manuals create patterned behaviour. All patterned behaviour tends to gounquestioned, gathering destructive momentum. - Darwi Odradepg 263: Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. Oppose areligion with another religion only if your proofs (miracles) are irrefutable orif you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired. This haslong been the barrier to science assuming a mantle of divine revelation. Scienceis so obviously man-made. Fanatics (and many are fanatics on one subject oranother) must know where you stand, but more important, must recognize whowhispers in your ear. - Missionaria Protectiva, Primary Teachingpg 267: She paused where the edge of the building would cut off their view of thesetting sun in the next steps and, still in the secret language of the Tleilaxu,said, "The sun is not God".pg 294: For every veteran who returns with a new sense of destiny ('I survived;that must be God's purpose') more come home with barely submerged bitterness,ready to take the easy way out because they saw so much of it in the stresses ofwar. (- Miles Teg's thoughts)pg 300: Spend energies on those who make you strong. Energy spent on weaklingsdrags you to doom (Honoured Matre rule). Bene Gesserit commentary: Who judges? -The Dortujla Recordpg 308: A hunchback does not see his own hunch. - Folk Sayingpg 317: Religion must be accepted as a source of energy. It can be directed for
our purposes, but only within limits that experience reveals. Here is the secretmeaning of Free Will. - Missionaria Protectiva, Primary Teachingpg 327: Avoid excesses. Overcorrect and you always have a fine mess on your hands,the necessity to make larger and larger corrections. Oscillation. Fanatics aremarvelous creators of oscillation.pg 332: The tyranny of the minority cloaked in the mask of the majority. Downfallof democracy. Either overthrown by its own excesses or eaten away by bureaucracy.(- Odrade)pg 332: First, a Civil Service law masked in the lie that it was the only way tocorrect demagogic excesses and spoils systems. Then the accumulation of power inplaces voters cannot touch. And finally, aristocracy. (- the Tyrant, Leto II)pg 332: Evidence! What is evidence except those things you are allowed toperceive? That's what Law tries to control: carefully managed reality. (- ReverendMother Murbella)pg 336: Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible. This is the danger ofentrenched bureaucracy to its subject population. Even spoil systems arepreferrable because levels of tolerance are lower and the corrupt can be thrownout periodically. Entrenched bureaucracy seldom can be touched short of violence.Beware when Civil Service and Military join hands!pg 342: Death makes a prophet's voice louder. Martyrs are truly dangerous. (- BeneGesserit)pg 342: Don't march in the streets with others who share your prejudices. Loudshouts are often the easiest to ignore. "I mean, look at them out there shoutingtheir heads off! You want to make common cause with them?" (- Odrade)pg 342: To create change, you find leverage points and move them. Beware blindalleys. Offers of high positions are a common distraction paraded before marchers.Leverage points are not all in high office. They are often at economic orcommunication centres and unless you know this, high office is useless. Evenlieutenants can alter our course. Not by changing reports but by burying unwantedorders. (- Odrade)pg 344: Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and findyour liberty. - The Codapg 349: Making workable choices occurs in a crucible of informative mistakes. Thusintelligence accepts fallibility. And when absolute (infallible) choices are notknown, Intelligence takes chances with limited data in an arena where mistakes arenot only possible but also necessary. - Darwi Odradepg 359: "It is naïve to expect any bureaucracy to take brilliant innovations andput them to good use. Bureaucracies ask different questions... These are thetypical questions, ... : Who gets the credit? Who will be blamed if it causesproblems? Will it shift the power structure, costing jobs? Or will it make somesubordinate department more important?", Darwi Odradepg 361: Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know. -Zensunni koanpg 369: Answers are a perilous grip on the universe. They can appear sensible yetexplain nothing. - The Zensunni Whip

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