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My life picture

My life picture

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Published by lroviras7818

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Published by: lroviras7818 on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi! My name is Eugénia I am 14 years old. I liveon a house with my parents and my brothers, in alittle village called Empuriabrava. I am studying3rC in the IES Castelló d'Empúries. I was born inBarcelona, on the 28 of Mars, 1995. I lived inBarcelona for seven years. I had a lot of friendsthen there. I like music, shopping, watching horror films, meeting friends, going to the cinema...
I am excited when I go out with my friends, I ampolite, I like meeting new people becauseI am very friendly and extroverted. With animalsand babies I am very sensitive. I am a little moodybecause sometimes my mood changes after awhile.I am tall, I have long wavy hair and brown eyes.
I get up early, sometimes at 6 o'clock, because the school starts at eight o'clock. I havebreakfast and go for a walk with my dog.In the school I have 3 hours in the morning, later I go to the playground for half an hour.Then we have classes until half past one. At last lunch time. It's the best hour of the day, Istay with my friends a lot of time. Finally we have two hours and the school finishes at last!At home I have a snack and I do my homework. Later I watch TV and go to bed.
At the weekend I get up very late. I have breakfast later. I surf the internet every night and Ichat with friends. I go to bed very late! Sometimes I go to Barcelona and I visit mygrandparents and my other family. Often I go shopping with my friends and we buy a lot of clothes! When there is a party I go with my friends, in the medievals, Halloween, discomovil, concerts... Normally on Saturdays we go to the cinema in Rosas. When we go tothe cinema we always watch a horror film like: REC2, the ring, reflejos, saw...
I have a lot of friends and I meet them every weekend! My bestfriend is Marta, she's Italian. At break I go with Laura, Eva andLaura.Laura is another of my friends she's 14 too, she likes tennis andthe sports in general.Sometimes at the weekends I go with Moha and Hazim, we goto Figueres and buy some clothes, I also go to the beach insummer. They are very funny and hyperactive.Rachel is English, we explain each other but I meet her veryseldom. She's a good friend.Sometimes when I go out, Yani comes with us. She's sporty andshe's Laura's best friend.I love my friends and I am very happy with them.
I have two brothers, Ton and Aleix, it's difficult tounderstand them. Ton is 12 years old. And Aleix 9 yearsold. My mother is called Susana and she's 41, she's thinand short, but she's very intelligent. My father's calledJordi, he's 43 years old, he's very hard-working,because he began to work very young and now works alot of hours. I get on better with my grandparents, theyundestand me better than my parents. Two of mygrandparents are ill, my father's father and my mother'smother, they have cancer.
I love music it's a big part of my life, it helps me when I amsad and makes me think of what happens. I like the musicbecause it express how I feel. I like the song that the lyricsare beautiful.I like all of the styles and a lot of groups. Like: el canto delloco, despistaos, akon...

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