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Excel Functions

Excel Functions

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Published by quest_rakesh

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Published by: quest_rakesh on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ABSBuilt InMathsReturns the absolute value of a numbeACCRINTAnalysis ToolPakFinancialACCRINTMAnalysis ToolPakFinancialACOSBuilt InMathsReturns in radians the arccosine of a numbeACOSHBuilt InMathsADDRESSBuilt InLookup & ReAMORDEGRCAnalysis ToolPakFinancialAMORLINCAnalysis ToolPakFinancialANDBuilt InLogicalReturns TRUE if all its arguments are TRUEAREASBuilt InLookup & RefReturns the number of areas in a referenceASCBuilt InTextASINBuilt InMathsReturns in radians the arcsine of a numbeASINHBuilt InMathsATANBuilt InMathsReturns in radians the arctangent of a numbeATAN2Built InMathsATANHBuilt InMathsAVEDEVBuilt InStatisticalAVERAGEBuilt InStatisticalAVERAGEABuilt InStatisticalBAHTTEXTBuilt InTextBESSELIAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringBESSELJAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringBESSELKAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringReturns the accrued interest for a security thatpays periodic interestReturns the accrued interest for a security thatpays interest at maturityReturns the inverse hyperbolic cosine of anumber Creates a cell address as text based on givenrow and column rumbersReturns the depreciation for each accountingperiod using the French accounting systemReturns the depreciation for each accountingperiod using the French accounting systemChanges full-width (double-byte) Englishletters or katakana within a character string tohalf-width (single-byte) charactersReturns the inverse hyperbolic sine of anumber Returns in radians the arctangent from x and ycoordinatesReturns the inverse hyperbolic tangent of anumber Returns the average of the absolute deviationsof data points from their meanReturns the average (arithmetic mean) of up to30 numeric argumentsReturns the average (arithmetic mean) of itsarguments and includes evaluation of text andlogical argumentsConverts a number to Thai text and adds asuffix of "Baht"Returns the Bessel function evaluated for purely imaginary argumentsReturns the Bessel function represented byJ
(x)Returns the modified Bessel functionrepresented by K
BESSELYAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringBETADISTBuilt InStatisticalBETAINVBuilt InStatisticalBIN2DECAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringConverts binary number to decimalBIN2HEXAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringConverts binary number to hexadecimalBIN2OCTAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringConverts binary number to octalBINOMDISTBuilt InStatisticalCALLBuilt InExternalCEILINGBuilt InMathsCELLBuilt InInformationCHARBuilt InTextCHIDISTBuilt InStatisticalCHIINVBuilt InStatisticalCHITESTBuilt InStatisticalCHOOSEBuilt InLookup & ReCLEANBuilt InTextRemoves all nonprintable characters from textCODEBuilt InTextCOLUMNBuilt InLookup & ReCOLUMNSBuilt InLookup & ReCOMBINBuilt InMathsCOMPLEXAnalysis ToolPakEngineeringCONCATENATEBuilt InTextJoins several text items into one text itemCONFIDENCEBuilt InStatisticalReturns the Bessel / Weber / Neumannfunction Y
(x)Returns the cumulative beta probability densityfunctionReturns the inverse of the cumulative betaprobability density functionReturns the individual term binomialdistribution probabilityCalls a procedure in a dynamic link library or code resourceRounds a number (away from zero) to thenearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significanceReturns information about the formatting ,location or contents of the cell or upper left cellof the referenceReturns the ANSI character set (Microsoft) or Macintosh character set (Macintosh) specifiedby the code number Returns the one-tailed probability of the chi-squared distributionReturns the inverse of the one-tailedprobability of the chi-squared distributionReturns the value from the chi-squared (γ2)distribution for the statistic and the appropriatedegrees of freedomUses a specified index number to select onefrom up to 29 specified valuesReturns a numeric code for the first character in a text stringReturns the column number of the cell or aspecified referenceReturns the number of columns in an array or referenceReturns the number of combinations for agiven number of objectsConverts real and imaginary coefficients intocomplex numbers of the form x + yi or x + yjdepending upon suffixReturns the confidence interval for apopulation mean

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