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Leadership Anatomy Body of Skills You Need to Bring Your Dream to Life

Leadership Anatomy Body of Skills You Need to Bring Your Dream to Life

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Published by Patty Sadallah

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Published by: Patty Sadallah on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leadership Anatomy©: The Body of Skills You Need to Bring Your Dream to LifeBy Patty Sadallah, Dream Partner Catalyst and President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood
~ 1 ~ ©Patty Sadallah, Redwood Sisterhood,www.PattySadallah.com&www.RedwoodSisterhood.com(877) 733-7471
Hi, I
m Patty Sadallah, the Dream Partner Catalyst and the President and Founder ofthe Redwood Sisterhood. Thanks for requesting this FREE report. LeadershipAnatomy is my model for looking at the leadership responsibilities of dreamachievement using body parts as metaphors. My colleague Duane Wade and I do aBlog Talk Radio show entitled Leadership Anatomy 101 on a different body partmonthly. You can listen to past shows and set a reminder so you won
t miss futureepisodes by clicking HERE.I have 29 years of experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach and in December of 2008, I created theRedwood Sisterhood as an international support community for women that encouragespersonal and professional growth through learning opportunities, community barteringand fun networking events. For more information about the Redwood Sisterhood, clickHERE. November 17-21, 2010 the Redwood Sisterhood will be offering a Leadership AnatomyWomen
s Retreat in Geyserville, California, among the inspirational redwood trees. Ishare this free report as a way to showcase what 16-18 fabulous women will be able towork through that fall weekend. Sarah Spengler, a talented and creative organizationalconsultant with as many years experience as I have will be the co-facilitator. We willwork through all of the body parts addressed in this report as they are key leadershipelements for dreamers to be successful. It will be intense, fun, thought provoking andlife altering. You will make more progress toward your dream in that one weekend thanmany people have made in a year. There is more information at the end of this articlewith retreat information and registration links as well.
jump right in.
The Heart of a leader represents your passion; your mission and purpose. Many of usbegin here with a passion, talent and desire to turn our gifts into a profitable business.
Leadership Anatomy©: The Body of Skills You Need to Bring Your Dream to LifeBy Patty Sadallah, Dream Partner Catalyst and President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood
~ 2 ~ ©Patty Sadallah, Redwood Sisterhood,www.PattySadallah.com&www.RedwoodSisterhood.com(877) 733-7471
Getting clear about your purpose and niche is often the first stumbling block to movingforward with your dream or business.There are four key elements to a passionate mission.1. What do you do? That is, how do you intend to help people?2. For whom do you serve? Being clear about the EXACT customer is key to beingfocused.3. What is your guiding value? How can that value become your power and the keyto making decisions?4. How will you know that you will be successful? Exactly how is the customerbetter off because of their connection with you or your product?Remember that your mission must stem from you and your heart, but if it does notconnect with your customer and their needs, it will not work. We will work through thisat the retreat and one promised take-away is that all participants will leave with a clearmission.
look at the Eyes of a leader. The eyes represent vision- seeing exactlywhere you want to go actually sets that course in your mind. We will help you see thatvision five years out into the future. We will use all of our senses; you
ll see, smell,taste, touch, feel and know exactly what it could look like. If you can see it, you can doit. So, seeing it is the first step to putting it into motion. After our creative right brainedexperience that helps us see the future, we
ll break it down into 1,2,3,4, and 5 yearincrements so that not only will we see the future, but the steps to get there. This is amajor progress toward creating the path to your dream.
The Brain of a leader addresses the dreamer
s mindset. Sometimes our own mindchatter can be our worst enemy to dream achievement. What do you
yourselfabout your dream?
Each level of income requires a different you.
Mike Litman. One
Leadership Anatomy©: The Body of Skills You Need to Bring Your Dream to LifeBy Patty Sadallah, Dream Partner Catalyst and President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood
~ 3 ~ ©Patty Sadallah, Redwood Sisterhood,www.PattySadallah.com&www.RedwoodSisterhood.com(877) 733-7471
of the biggest things to overcome for many people trying to make a go of a business istheir
mindset.If you have worked for someone else all or most of your adult life, it is a big leap to beyour own boss. No one is giving you deadlines, making you do something. To go fromthinking like an employee to thinking like a successful and savvy business owner takessome adjustments. We will work on catching those mind limiting perceptions andreplacing them with more
CEO like
mindsets. We will also address the
and help you find the courage to go for your dream. Our fears can be a majorstumbling block to our success mindset.
Next, we
ll look at the Face of a leader which will address your brand. The brand is not just your logo; it
s your entire identity. Think about the face, it is the part of the body thatpeople identify as their identity. So, it is critical that you are planful about your brandingwork. Here, we will build on our previous work and take our mission from the heartsection and create our
escalator tag
. If an elevator speech gets people to understandclearly what you do in the time it takes to ride an elevator, and
escalator tag
has themeither getting it or curious enough to ask for clarification in the time it would take tocross someone going the opposite direction on an escalator. That
s why I call myselfthe Dream Partner Catalyst, I come alongside women and become their partners indream achievement. I act as a catalyst, an agent that provokes or speeds significantchange or action. We will work through escalator tags for all participants and have agoal for each amazing woman to leave with theirs by the end of the weekend.
We will sneak in a bit of the Mouth (voice)
of a leader by addressing some messagingand copywriting tips that reinforce your brand. We will learn about the 7 reasonspeople buy, and the number one reason and how to bubble that need to the surface sothat the present state is more uncomfortable than the future benefit of your service or

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