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Campus News 11-20-09

Campus News 11-20-09

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Published by bac26

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Published by: bac26 on Nov 24, 2009
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Campus News
Lower Division NewsletterNovember 20, 2009
Junior Kindergarten
Language Arts
We will begin our theme on animals. Children will talk about stuffed animals, their pets, and what it takesto care for pets.
We will learn about their new Alpha friends, F and A. In handwriting (HWT),
we willlearn the letters, Gg and Qq. Children will focus on the correct formation of the letters in their names andproper pencil grip. Our High Frequency Words will be
The children will begin to learn how toidentify the beginning, middle, and end of the story. They will also begin to put together their highfrequency words to make sentences. Moreover, the classes will work on the –an family of words.
Social Studies
We will introduce the meaning of faith, our next virtue. Children will draw a picture of having faith insomething.
Students will learn different animal sounds and work with different textures of animal skins. They willdraw their pets and work on details to make their drawing tell us about their pets.
Students will sort, graph, and create patterns using animals. The classes will make a graph of thedifferent pets.
Senior Kindergarten
Language Arts
 The children will review the story elements of character, setting, events, and problems through the story,
T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving 
. They will continue working on blending sounds together to makewords, rhyming words, and cvc patterns. They will review the vowels a, e, i, o and be introduced to u.We will review the digraphs th, ch, and sh. Handwriting practice will focus on the letters Mm, Pp, and Qq.Students continue to write in their journals daily. They are brainstorming ideas and working on spacing,capitals, and periods.
Social Studies
Students will discuss and act out the story of the First Thanksgiving.
The children will also be going overtheir phone numbers and address. Please practice shoe tying at home. The children will be assessed onall these skills in the next few weeks.
Students will continue to work on complex patterns, numbers to 40, identifying odd and even numbers,graphing, tally marks, probability, problem solving, and addition to 12. They will be introduced to theterm symmetry. In Munchie Math they will count, sort, and graph using same, more, and less in theirthinking. Having a set of flash cards is a great way to reinforce addition facts at home.
The children will sing a song called, “Things I am Thankful For…” to discuss the virtue of thankfulness.
Grade 1
Language Arts
 In the next two weeks our reading strategies will focus on the main idea, summarizing the readingselection, making predictions, and differentiating between fiction and non – fiction. Our phonics andspelling will focus on the bossy r, qu- words, two syllable words, and compound words. Our writing willfocus on writing fiction and non - fiction stories.
Social Studies
Students will continue to learn the history of Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and the Wampanoag Indians. Inclass, students are listening to the biography of Squanto.
In the next two weeks, students will work on sorting and classifying different objects and identifying andcomparing plane/solid shapes.
Math vocabulary: face, edge, corner, side, circle, rectangle, triangle, square 
Grade 2
Language Arts
We will begin our next theme, “Around Town: Neighborhood and Community.” As we read our firstselections we will summarize, categorize, classify, and make judgments. Our phonics and spelling skillsfocus will be th, wh, sh, or ch and base words and endings – er and –est. We continue to practice writinga complete paragraph. Many children are being encouraged to develop their sentences by adding moredetails. Our grammar will review nouns and verbs and begin adjectives.
Social Studies
Our communities theme has been intriguing for the children as they think about life as a pioneer, Native American, or Pilgrim. We will begin learning about America’s first colonies by reading The Magic TreeHouse book,
Revolutionary War on Wednesday 
We are excited to be going on a field trip to Home Depot to learn more about plants for our butterflygarden. We have discovered the names of the different plants in our garden by doing research inTechnology class. We were also able to explore what plants might attract butterflies from an interactiveweb site. Our “sprucing up” the garden project will lead us into an inquiry about soils as we begin our
second science unit on soils. We will discuss what soil is and where dead plants go, as well as investigatesand, clay, and humus.
We are now exploring the math world of geometry. We will continue to focus on plane shapes byidentifying congruent shapes, symmetry, sides, flips, and turns of plane shapes. We will then focus onsolid shapes by identifying solid shapes, faces, edges and vertices of solid shapes. The children continueto develop their problem solving and math fact skills through weekly practice.
Grade 3
Language Arts
  As we progress in our chapter books, students will focus on responding to comprehension questions withthoughtful, complete answers. They are also learning to pay attention to the details of spelling, grammar,and punctuation with special consideration for Word Wall Words. Once the words have been practicedand put on the wall, students are responsible for spelling them correctly in their writing.Third grade has written some amazing fictional narratives. They are imaginative, funny, and havesurprising twists in the plot. Each student will now become an author and create stories with all of thestory elements: main characters, setting, problem, and solution. We are eager to see what their limitlessimaginations will think of next!
Social Studies
 As we conclude our map activities, we will begin a study of the Tocobaga Indians. They are a group of aboriginal Indians who were living in the Tampa Bay area when the Europeans first arrived and had beenhere for thousands of years.
 Bravo to all for their flower projects! It was wonderful to see knowledge revealed in such a creative way.We encourage everyone to stop in and see the colorful display. In addition, we have had great success inthe garden and have harvested Chinese cabbage, green beans, cucumbers, and a beautiful head of broccoli. There is definitely great excitement as students get to harvest their vegetables. Sometimes it ishard to get them to leave the garden and eat their lunch. We hope your child is sharing many interestingfacts about the honeybee. Our next lessons will focus on the construction and use of the hive.
Third grade will soon be into the exciting operation of multiplication. Students love the challenge, but aresometimes reluctant to spend the time needed to memorize the facts. We cannot stress enough theimportance of 
practice. We will be assigning drill sheets to help ensure practice takes place. Thereare also many websites with engaging games to help make learning the facts fun. Borrowing from Mrs.Jorski’s idea, we will be doing a mixed fact drill each Friday. Students will have one minute to answer allquestions. The scores will be recorded from week to week to note improvement. Any student who gets allof the facts correctly within the allotted minute will earn a trip to Starbuck’s with their teacher tocelebrate!
Grade 4
I enjoyed meeting with so many of you during our conference day. Thank you for the wonderful supportyou provide; it makes a world of difference!

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