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Free Honda Service

Free Honda Service

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Published by xerohour
Free Honda Service
Free Honda Service

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Published by: xerohour on Jun 17, 2014
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95, 96, 97 Honda owners ! FREE SERVICES !Just got this in the mail from Honda.... I have a 96 Accord, but this deal could apply to other models as well.... Apparently, Honda's on board diag system has a technical problem and they have an agreement with the federal clean air act to hook us up. Here is the deal summary:
1. 50k-75k miles you get a free emissions inspection and any repairs or replacements are done FOR FREE.2. 75k - 150k miles you get another free emissions inspection, etc. BUT YOU ALSO GET NEW SPARK PLUGS, IGNITION WIRES, DISTRIBUTOR CAP AND ROTER, AND OIL CHANGE FOR FREE !!!!!! OMG 3. Emissions warranty has been extended to 14 years4. IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE EMMISIONS PARTS/REPAIRS YOU CAN GET REIMBURSED!!!!OMG
"I just got off the phone with Honda. I have a 96 Accord and we have done it all, o2 sensor, erg valve, you name it, my light will not go off. This is real but it has to be under 150,000. I am pushing 160,000, that SUCKS!" "1996 Accord and I borrowed a OBD II Scanner from Autozone (free) and the code was for the O2 sensor heaterHonda dealership 2 days later and they  fixed it for free. The way it works is you have to first sign an estimate for them to check it out, but it is free if it is under warranty. My car has 129k miles and I got the free service (replace plugs, wires, distrib) a couple years ago, and now a free new O2 sensor. Sweet" 
Federal Register
/Vol. 63, No. 117/Thursday, June 18, 1998/Notices
of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C.§1673b(a)), that there is a reasonableindication that an industry in theUnited States is materially injured byreason of imports from Canada, India, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Taiwan ostainless steel round wire, provided forin subheading 7223.00.10 of theHarmonized Tariff Schedule of theUnited States, that are alleged to be soldin the United States at less than fairvalue (LTFV).
Commencement of Final PhaseInvestigations
Pursuant to section 207.18 of theCommission’s rules, the Commissionalso gives notice of the commencementof the final phase of its investigations. The Commission will issue a final phasenotice of scheduling which will bepublished in the
Federal Register
asprovided in section 207.21 of theCommission’s rules upon notice fromthe Department of Commerce(Commerce) of an affirmativepreliminary determination in theinvestigations under section 733(b) of the Act, or, if the preliminarydetermination is negative, upon noticeof an affirmative final determination inthe investigations under section 735(a)of the Act. Parties that filed entries of appearance in the preliminary phase of the investigations need not enter aseparate appearance for the final phaseof the investigations. Industrial users,and, if the merchandise underinvestigation is sold at the retail level,representative consumer organizationshave the right to appear as parties inCommission antidumping andcountervailing duty investigations. TheSecretary will prepare a public servicelist containing the names and addressesof all persons, or their representatives,who are parties to the investigations.
On March 27, 1998, a petition wasfiled with the Commission andCommerce by ACS Industries, Inc.,Woonsocket, RI; Al Tech Specialty SteelCorp., Dunkirk, NY; Branford Wire &Manufacturing Co., Mountain Home,NC; Carpenter Technology Corp.,Reading, PA; Handy & HarmanSpecialty Wire Group, Cockeysville,MD; Industrial Alloys, Inc., Pomona,CA; Loos & Co., Inc., Pomfret, CT;Sandvik Steel Co., Clarks Summit, PA;Sumiden Wire Products Corp., Dickson, TN; and Techalloy Co., Inc., Mahwah,NJ, alleging that an industry in theUnited States is materially injured orthreatened with material injury byreason of LTFV imports of stainless steelround wire from Canada, India, Japan,Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. Accordingly,effective March 27, 1998, theCommission instituted antidumpinginvestigations Nos. 731–TA781through 786 (Preliminary).Notice of the institution of theCommission’s investigations and of apublic conference to be held inconnection therewith was given byposting copies of the notice in the Officeof the Secretary, U.S. International Trade Commission, Washington, DC,and by publishing the notice in the
Federal Register
of April 6, 1998 (63 FR16827). The conference was held inWashington, DC, on April 17, 1998, andall persons who requested theopportunity were permitted to appear inperson or by counsel. The Commission transmitted itsdetermination in these investigations tothe Secretary of Commerce on June 5,1998. The views of the Commission arecontained in USITC Publication 3111(June 1998), entitled ‘‘Stainless SteelRound Wire from Canada, India, Japan,Korea, Spain, and Taiwan:Investigations Nos. 731–TA781through 786 (Preliminary).’’
By order of the Commission.Issued: June 11, 1998.
Donna R. Koehnke,
[FR Doc. 98–16202 Filed 6–17–98; 8:45 am]
DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICENotice of Lodging of Consent DecreeUnder The Clean Air Act
Under 28 CFR 50.7, notice is herebygiven that on June 8, 1998, a proposedConsent Decree in
United States v.American Honda Motor, Co., Inc.,
CivilAction No. 98–01433, was lodged withthe United States District Court for theDistrict of Columbia. The United States has asserted, in acivil complaint under the Clean Air Act,42 U.C.S. 7401
et seq.
, that certainmodel-year 1995, 1996, and 1997American Honda vehicles fail to complywith the emission-control requirementsof the Act and the regulationspromulgated thereunder relating to thedetection of engine misfire through theuse of computerized on-boarddiagnostics. Under the proposedConsent Decree, American Honda hasagreed to resolve the United States’claims by proving each current and allsubsequent owners of Honda vehiclescovered by the settlement with a 14year/150,000 mile extended emissionswarranty, a free engine check at anytime between 50,000 an 75,000 miles of use (to identify emission-related defectscovered by the extended emissionswarranty), plus a free tune up (tomaintain the engines’ emissionsperformance) at any time between75,000 and 150,000 miles of use. TheDecree requires American Honda tonotify affected owners of the extendedemissions warranty and servicesavailable under the Decree (includingpersons who purchase the vehicles fromcurrent owners) following entry of theConsent Decree by the Court, againwhen each vehicle is approximatelyfour years old, and a final time when thevehicle is approximately 9 years old.Further, Honda will pay $10.1 in civilpenalties and spend $1 million toimplement a supplementalenvironmental project to enhance theuse of on-board diagnostics by the statesin connection with their motor vehicleemissions inspection and maintenanceprograms. The Department of Justice will receivefor a period of thirty (30) days from thedate of this publication commentsrelating to the Consent Decree.Comments should be addressed to theAssistant Attorney General of theEnvironmental and Natural ResourcesDivision, Department of Justice,Washington, DC 20530, and should referto
United States and American HondMotor, Co., Inc.
, Civil Action No. 98–01433, D.J. Ref. 90–5–2–1–2170. The Consent Decree may be examinedat the Office of the United StatesAttorney for the District of Columbia, Judiciary Center Bldg., 555 Fourth St.,NW., Washington, DC 20001; at theEnvironmental Protection AgencyLibrary, Reference Desk, Room 2904,401 M Street, SW., Washington, DC20460; and at the Consent DecreeLibrary, 1120 G Street, NW., 4th Floor,Washington, DC 20005, 202–624–0892.A copy of the Consent Decree may beobtained in person or by mail from theConsent Decree Library, 1120 G Street,NW., 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20005.In requesting a copy, please enclose acheck in the amount of $21.50 (25 centsper page reproduction cost) payable tothe Consent Decree Library.
 Joel M. Gross,
Chief, Environmental Enforcement Section,Environment and Natural Resources Division.
[FR Doc. 98–16214 Filed 6–17–98; 8:45 am]

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