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Islamic Essay

Islamic Essay

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Published by nssoccer927

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Published by: nssoccer927 on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brooke Point High School
1700 Courthouse RoadStafford, Virginia 22554Dr and Mrs. Jalat Sultan560 North Vine RdStafford, VA 22554
Dear Dr and Mrs. Jalat Sultan, November11, 2009I am the principal of Brooke Point and I recently received your letter and I am greatlyconcern about your requests, and I will try to do all that is possible to reach to a compromise to makeyour daughter feel welcome during her school year. In your first request, it can be made possible foryour daughter to be in a seating arrangement where she will not to be seated by male students. Thiswill be made by informing her teacher about this situation. Also with skit, I recommend that she shouldnot take a drama class, but also try to prevent any mixture of sex to be made in classes, this can bemade by making class discussion of partnering with a student of her same sex or having a whole classdiscussion n general, but her class participation is required to be able to receive a grade and this cannot be exempt. I want to notify you that she will have contact with male students in the hallways whileshe is going and coming to class.Now for the physical education class, if it is required for her to take a swimming class itcan be substituted with book work in the library, this is the same with any dancing activities that aretaking place at that moment, and when it comes to the uniform situation, it is possible that she is allowto where a long sleeves shirt under her gym shirt and she is also allowed to wear sweatpants this willprevent her from showing any parts of her body that you don’t allow. I think that it is almostimpossible to limit the contact with male students during a physical education class; the problem isthat this class is required for her to graduate. To solve the request of her to pray every afternoon, theaction that can be taken is that she will be permitted to pray in a specific room, but this time will betaken from her lunch time because what concerns us is her education and we want her not to miss somuch of her classes that can impact her in her academic education. It is a very hard situation for her toleave every Friday from 1:00 to 2:00, since school ends at 2:15 I think that she will not be able to comeback in time, but for her to leave early every Friday an elective like art or women’s choir for it not toaffect and for her to make it easier to catch up.And forth pledge of allegiance she can be excuse, this not required because werespect your beliefs like in the case
of West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette in 194
3, thisprotects the student from saying the pledge. With head covering if it is for religious purposes it is finefor and head covering to be worn in the building like in the case of 
Tinker vs. Des Moines SchoolDistrict in 1969
they have the right to wear things to protest or to show their belifs. With the cafeteriaissue, there is always an alternative that has no pork, your daughter also has the right to ask what thefood contains, also feel free to bring your own food if you are not comfortable with this. I am sorry forthe horrible experience that your daughter went through but we can not abolish any discussion of thistype. What can be limited any bad remarks and comments, because like everyone we all have afreedom of speech which can not be taken away. Finally I hope that you will accept these answers toyour request and that this will allow for your daughter to attend our school.

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