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What to Expect When Staying With the Cullens

What to Expect When Staying With the Cullens



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Published by goaliehead4
I've had this one written for a while, but I wasn't sure if it was good......
I've had this one written for a while, but I wasn't sure if it was good......

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter one: French bread.Jasper’s p.o.v.Emmett and I were in trig class listening to theteacher drone on, and on…. It was aggravating! Ican’t take this any longer! “Hey Jasper? What’s a baguette?” Emmettwhispered. “What?” I whispered back. “What’s a baguette?!” He whisper yelled,frustrated. “What?!” I said back. “A BAGUETTE!” He yelled.
(For those of you that don’t know, a baguette isa French bread. I think.......)
Teacher p.o.v.Did Cullen say fag it?Jasper p.o.v. “French bread Emmett! Now don’t yell!” Iwhispered angry. “Emmett Cullen. Detention!” The teacher yelledfrom across the room.Emmett and I hushed down after that. “What does the guy have against French bread?” Emmett asked me in a low whisper. “I don’t know. I don’t think he does…..” Iwhispered back unsure. I wonder….. I then clearedmy throught and yelled.“CROISSANT!!” 
The students all looked back at me as well as theteacher. The teacher set down his book with a bang. “Detention for you too Mr. Hale!” The teacherroared. I bet I can totally roar better than him, andlook hotter doing it too. “French bread hater!” Emmett yelled back at theteacher. “You two leave my classroom now!” The teacherscreamed and pointed his stubby little finger at thedoor.Emmett and I gathered our things and got upout of the seats, leaving the classroom with ourheads held high. Emmett and I walked to thecafeteria, it was a few minutes till lunch anyway.Emmett p.o.v.What is with the trig teacher, I’m serious, Mr.Varner is loosing it. Not that he had it… but still, youknow what I mean. Jasper and I sat at our table inthe cafeteria, waiting for the rest of the family to joinus. The bell rang loudly and students swarmed intothe cafeteria to eat. I spotted Alice, Rosalie, Bella,and Edward walk in together. Alice and Rose satdown next to us while Edward got in line with Bellato get some food for her. “Nice stunt by the way Emmett and Jasper.” Alice complimented us as she sat down next toJasper. “I honestly don’t know what that teacher hasagainst French bread!” I said exasperated. “Emmett, the teacher thought you said fag it,not baguette.” Alice told me.
 “Ooohhhh!” I said obviously.Bella and Edward now joined us. It wasawesome having a human sister. Too many pranksto pull on her….the endless possibility’s! Edwardglared at me. Stupid mind reader…..I then spotted a piece of bread on Bella’s lunchtray. “What’s that?” I asked her, pointing to it. “A baguette.” She answered.I picked up the bread and pointed at itthreateningly. “You are the source of all the trouble!” I accusedand threw it across the lunchroom. It hit MikeNewton in the head accidentally. He turned to faceour table.They all pointed at me. Thanks for covering myback. Some family. Mike glared at me and turnedback to his table. Edward fist pounded me. “Thank you my brother. I can’t do any actualharm to Newton, so that was satisfactory. He’sthinking it hurt a lot.” Edward said smugly.I saw Mike rub the back of his head. Score! Iyelled in my head. Edward laughed. Bella lookedconfused. “What was the problem with the bread exactly?” She asked me. “Long story.” Jasper said shrugging.Bella let it go. She went back to eating whenAlice had a vision. Alice smiled hugely and turned toBella with a mischievous grin. Bella stopped in midchew, and her eyes widened. Bella swallowed andshe spoke to Alice. “What is it Alice?” she asked cautiously.

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