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Sandy Hook Hoax UPDATES June 16 2014

Sandy Hook Hoax UPDATES June 16 2014

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Jun 17, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Scroll to bottom for photo gallery. See this original post online here. http://atruthsoldier.com/sandy-hook-hoax/
Sandy Hoax Actor That Played Robbie Parker EXPOSED!
Wednesday, May 14, 2014http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/05/sandyhoa!actorthatplayedrobbiepar"ere!posed2#5$1%2.html&'efore (t)s *ews+im -eter and ictoria Mramoto st e!ploded a bombshell that shold pt people in prison over andy 3oa! (ts p to everybody readin6 this post to 6o to the sorce article now and 6et it ot to everybody yo "now end it to yor email lists, -aceboo", post in -aceboo" 6rops, 7witter and all other social networ"s 7he more attention yo 6ive the story the  better 7hey fond the actor that played 8obbie 9ar"er at andy 3oa! (ts confirmed 3e even bra66ed abot it and his -aceboo" went silent for a month drin6 the hoa!. 8obbie 9ar"er is really amel elaney, a professional actor 7hey ca6ht this 6y red handed ;ase closed (f yo want to be part of history then 6et the word ot and visit his -aceboo" pa6e listed in the article before they disappear <nce a6ain, eterans7oday brea"s the 3=>? stories that the alternative media shills wont even mention>o to the story now for all the detailshttp://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/05/14/schoolclosedactorssedrobbiepar"erentertainere!posed/>et the word ot now 3elp the patriots at eterans7oday who have already made arrests by sharin6 their stories
School closed, actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer, exosedby i" #et$er  and %ictoria &ura"oto
“In the end, that’s what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?”
 @'arac" <bama
As I have previously explained (
Aandy 3oo" ?lementary chool: closed in 200B, a sta6e in 2012C+, the school appears to have been nonoperational drin6 at least the for years prior to the events of 14 ecember 2012.
here is lots of confirming evidence! with or without the "ayback #achine$s indirect proof%that if there was no internet activity on specific days! probably there was none during the interval within which they fall%that confirms it had been closed.
(n addition to not bein6 compliant with the reDirements of the Emericans with isabilities Ect &EE+, video foota6e shows that it was bein6 sed as a stora6e facility, where even
The Newtown Bee
 reported that it was laden with asbestos and other biohaards. 
&ore roo' it had been abandoned
Moreover, no activities of the "inds that are commonplace at elementary schools, sch as spellin6 bees with winners, stdents of the month, teachers of the year, and so on, were bein6 annonced from 200B2012:
Sandy Hook: ( "ore nails to add to the HOAX )o''in!
Published on #ay &! ')*
-o! news reports on an 2nd that school officials annonce that andy 3oo" stdents wold be attendin6 another school which will be called andy 3oo" also.3owever there is no board meetin6 listed to show that officials even met to determine what they wold do abot where stdents wold 6o to school after the shootin6 Elso if yo watch the boy in the video clip tal" abot the olly >reen >iant -air, he appears to be a very poor actor.End, in response to the repblication of A7he *ewtown chool 'oard Meetin6 and the meanin6 of silenceJ on ames 7racys memoryholeblo6.com
, ohn Iv offer the followin6 tellin6 observations:
 !ohn "u
says+#A, )'! ')* A &+' P##r. et/er! you need to pour over hard copy newspapers from the Hartford 0ourant or the 1anbury 2ewspaper! not the 2ewtown 3ee that cover the time frame of '& to ')'.I know that you will not find one word of 4andy Hook 5lementary 4chool with the exception of the issue of )'-)*-)' in any of those papers.,ou will find plenty of information on the other 2ewtown 4chools concerning Honor 6olls! budgets! meetings! cancellations! etc. his hard copy proves that the name 4andy Hook 5lementary 4chool was not in print for that four year period.I have been looking for old Hartford and 1anbury 2ewspapers from the )7&s and )77s. 8ld print hardcopy newspapers can$t be forged like internet articles.here is an article in print out there that details the closing of 4andy Hook 5lementary 4chool. 9ey years in those newspapers to check are )7& around #ay or :une and also )77;<)77= when airfield Hills Hospital in 2ewtown closed. here would be information out there in hard copy world when this school actually closed."hen this article is found! the actual newspaper can be used as evidence and made public for all to see.#ost of us who have researched this event from day one know that the school was clearly closed. >et$s all look for
the actual newspaper that mentions this fact.It could have been closed as early as )7& based on the conditions of the parking lot alone. It could have been closed in con?unction with airfield HIlls in the )77s.Archived articles can be compromised. A Hoarder$s copies of newspapers should still be intact. @overnment agents are very smart! but they are not perfect.
Efter all, how mch easier to mana6e the deception if they did not have to deal with the evacation of some $00 or more additional stdents and arond %5 members of the staff, incldin6 the administration, the cstodians and the other teachers, who were invisible on 14 ecember 2012.
 No students, teachers or staff & no buses, no '(Ts, no ambulances, no (ed)'ac chopper 
 *ot only was it nnecessary for there to be a sr6e of ?M7s into the bildin6 and no reason to smmon Med?vac helicopters, bt there was not even any need for bses, who wold simply been a distraction. Es we "now, none of the above were there
they simply were not needed. (t was a moc" terror drill.Es Wi"ipedia reports, A<n anary K1 L201K, the *ewtown school board voted nanimosly to as" for police officer  presence in all of its elementary schoolsN previosly other schools in the district had sch protection, bt andy 3oo" had not been one of thoseJ, which wold ma"e sense if the school had already been closed.
*ho +as resonsible and +hy
We "now this was a drill and not a
bona fide
 emer6ency, where >overnor Malloy, drin6 a press conference held that day, e!plained that he and the It. >overnor had been Aspo"en toJ that somethin6 li"e this mi6ht happen. 't what cold he  possibly have meant by thatF What "ind of Asomethin6 li"e thisJ mi6ht happenF7here are only two alternatives. ?ither &1+ he had been told that a shootin6 wold ta"e place in his state that wold reslt in the deaths of many childrenN or &2+ he was told that a drill wold be condcted that wold be presented as a live event. ince he too" no steps to insre that &1+ did not occr, the answer has to be &2+.

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