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MLC Injury

MLC Injury

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Published by harsh89
A brief note on Injuries
A brief note on Injuries

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Published by: harsh89 on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Surgically: Breach in continuity of skin or mucus membrane.
Legally: Any lesion, external or internal, caused by violence,with or without breach in continuity of tissue.Injury
Legally: As per sect.44 IPC, any harm whatever illegally causedto any person, in respect of body, mind, reputation or property.
Injury which is associated with loss of tissue is called wound. Allwounds are injuries but all injuries are not wounds.Trauma
An insult either physical or mental affecting one’s state of well being.Assault
Whoever makes any gesture, or any preparation intending or knowing it to be likely that such gesture or preparation willcause any person present to apprehend that he who makes thatgesture or preparation is about to use criminal force to that person, is said to commit an assault.Battery
Execution of assault is battery. Wounding will constitute batterywhich includes even mere touch by a finger.HurtAs per sect.319 IPC,
Whoever causes bodily pain, disease or infirmity to any person issaid to cause hurt.Simple hurt
Those which do not come under the category of grievous hurt &are simple in nature & heal rapidly without leaving any permanent deformity or disfiguration.Grievoushurt (8clauses)As per sect.320 IPC,
1)Emasculation: It means loss of masculine power by-castration-cutting of penis-injury to testis-injury to spinal cord at the level of L2to L4 vertebra.2) Permanent privation of sight of either eye.3) Permanent privation of hearing of either ear.4)Privation of any member or jointMember: Any organ or limb of subject responsible for  performing distinct function.e.g.eyes,ears,nose etc5) Destruction or permanent impairment of power of any member or joint.6) Permanent disfigurement of head or face.Disfigurement: Change in configuration or personal appearance
of subject.7) Fracture or dislocation of bone or tooth.8) Any hurt which endangers life or which causes sufferer to bein severe bodily pain or unable to follow his ordinary pursuitsduring the space of 20 days.Ordinary pursuits: means day to day personal activities of individual like attending nature’s call, taking food or bath, wearingclothes etcDangerousinjury
Is the one, which possess imminent danger to life by its direct or imminent effects, because of, being extensive in nature,involving important structure of body or organs and also beinglikely to prove fatal in absence of surgical aid.e.g. injury to internal organs or large blood vessels.Injury likelyto causedeath
Is the one which constitutes great threat to life on account of itsgreat severity & involvement of important structures of body or  because of pre-existing conditions e.g. old age,infancy,diseasedstate of health.e.g. hypostatic pneumonia.Injurysufficient tocause deathin ordinarycourse of nature
Is the one, which by virtue of its own direct effects can bringabout a fatal result.e.g. injury to brain/spinal cord, injury to heart or large bloodvessels, cumulative effects of injury, extensive burns.Dangerousweapon
Any instrument used for shooting, stabbing or cutting, or anyinstrument which, when used as weapon of offence, is likely tocause death, or by means of fire or any heated substance, or bymeans of any poison or any corrosive substance, or by means of any explosive substance, or by means of any substance which itis deleterious to human body to inhale, to swallow or to receiveinto the blood, or by means of any animal.
Medicolegal classification of injuriesOn the basis of itscausationI] Mechanical injury:
Def.: Damage to any part of body d/t application of mechanical force.
Factors responsible for mechanical injury:a)Force b)Area over which it actsc)Specific effects of the forced)Time taken over which kinetic energy is transferred.1)Abrasion 2)Contusion 3)Laceration 4)Incised wound5)Puncture/stab wound 6)FracturesII] Thermal injuryIII] Chemical injury-d/t corrosive acids/alkalies-d/t irritants like animals, vegetable etcIV] Firearm injury On the basis of gravity of injuryI]Simple injuryII]Serious injuryIII]Grievous injuryIV]Dangerous injuryV]Fatal injuryOn the basis of timeof inflictionI]Antemortem: recent/oldII]PostmortemOn the basis of nature of inflictionI]SuicidalII]AccidentalIII]HomicidalIV]Defence /Protective woundsV]Fabricated /Self- inflicted woundsDef:-These are the wounds produced on the body by oneself (self- inflicted) or with the help of other person (fabricated) &characterized by following i.e.a) usually seen over the accessible parts of the body& are superficial injuries.

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