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Professional Adjustment and Nursing Management

Professional Adjustment and Nursing Management

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Published by lyka mariz

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Published by: lyka mariz on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROFESSIONAL ADJUSTMENTETIIICS-Comes from the Greek word Ethos means moral duty
"It studies how people make judgment in regard to right or wrong-It is about making choices that arc best for the individual or society at certain times and particular situation,and then evaluatingsuch and outcomeschoices that arc best for the individual or society at certain times and particular situation, Jnd then e\Jlll.llln);such and outcomesMORALITYsociety[t is a specific way of behavior of accomplishing ethical pmctices[I is the right or wrong, good or evil, proper or improper, cruel or benevolent actsProfessional Ethics. is a branch or moral sciencc conccrned with the obligations that a member of the profession owes to thepublicHealth care Ethics- is the division of ethics that relates to human healthBio-ethics- is a specific domain of ethics that focuscs on moml issues in the field of health careETlIICAL PRINCIPLES & APPROACHESA. TELELOGICAL APPROACH-.L. Comes from the Greek word telos or "goal or end""Thc right thing to do is the good thing to do"
"'. Also termed as the utilitarianism where the good resides in the promotion of happincss or the greJtcslnetincrease of pleasure over pain...j If the act helps people, then 11 is a good one, and i f i t hum people, then 1I:l b:ld one (JosephFletcher)GUIDELINES FOR MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS:I. Consideration for people as hum:ln beings2. Consider:ltion of consequenccs3. ProporlionJtc good to come from the choices4. Propriety of aClu:ll needs over idea! or potential needs5. A desire to enlarge choices and reduce ehJnee6. A eourJgeous JeceptJnec of the consequences oflhc decisionS. DEONTOLOG1CAL APPROACHComes from the Greek word deon which means duty
"It is only through dutiful actions t hat people have montl worth. Even when individuals do not \\allt to fu
 lfilltheir duty, they ne required to do so" (Imman uel Kant)C. VIRTUE ETHICS APPROACH.... Comes from the Creek word arete..L Focuses all the traits and virtues of a good person such as courage, temperance, wisdom and justiceD. DIVINE COMMAND ETHICS-.j.. Based on the theory that there is a supreme or divine being that sets dOl\ II the rulcs to IlrO\'idcguidncc to
moral decisions.NURSING ETHICS.j... Is the examination of all ethical and bio-ethical issues from the prospective of nursing theory andnursing ethics( Johnston)-i- Is the field of nursing that focused on the needs and experiences Gf practicing nurses, the e)."(llorationof itsmeaning and that of ethical practice in terms of the perception oflhese nurses (Vercoe)
UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES OF BIOMEDICAL F.TIlIeSAUTONOMYComes from the Greek word Autos meaning self and Monos me'H1illg governance, It involves self ..detel'lnin:u ionand freedom to choose and implement one's decision, frec from dc(cit, durcss, constraint 01' (oelTion,VERAClTYThe truth, accuracy or pCfcision of somethingThe truthfulness or honesty of a personBeneficenceIt promotes doing acts of kindness and mercy that directly benetlt the p:'lticnt.PATIENT'S BILL OF RIGHTSThe right to considerate and respectful careThe right to relevant, current and understandable information concerning diagnOSiS, treatment prognosis,specific procedures, treatment, risks involved, medically reasonable alternative benefits needed to maj,einformed consentThe right to make decisions regarding his plan of care; in case of refusal he is entitled to other lIPIII'Opri.\te careand service or be transferred to another hospitalThe right to have ad\'ance directive( such as a living will) concerning trealment or desigllaling:1 surrog<ltedecision maker The right to every considerntion of his privacy such as in case discussion, COll5ull:1Iioll :11111 trelLtlllelltThe right 10 confidentiality of communications and records-i- The right to review his records concerning his medical care and have Ihese e)."pJained to him exceptwhenrestricted by law... The right to be informed of business relationship among the hospital, educational institution, healthcareproviders that may influence the patient's treatment and care.... The right to consent or decline to participate in experimental rese:Lrdl :lffcClill:': his Glre'* The right to reasonable continuity of care when apl)ropriate and be informcd of other care options \\ henhospital care is no longer appropriate-i- The right to be informed of hospital pOlicies that relate to patient (lireNONMAlEFICENCEPrinciple of "DONO HARM"JUSTICEThe right to be treated justly, fairly and equallyArticle XIII of thePhili!JPineConstitutionGuarantees that the state shall adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to health de\eloplllentandshall endeavor to make essential goods, health and social services available to all people at affordablecosIo Thereshall be priority for the needs of the underprivileged, the sick the elderly .Hld thc disabled, the women andthechildren.The st:'lte shall endeavor to provide free medical care to paupers, estalJlish :lnd maintain :'In effl.'ctjvefood :lnddrug regulatory system, and undertake appropriate health manpower development and rcse:u'chresponsive tothe country'S health needs and problems. It shall establish a special agency for disabled persons for their rehabilitation.ETIIICS COI\IMITTEES IN THE HOSPITALS AND THE IOLE OF l\IEDICAL ETIIIClSTS
Composed of philosophers, doctors, nurses,lawyers, clergy or social workers.They discuss sensitive issues such.as when to withdraw or withhold treatment for an adult and thetreatment of a severely handicapped newborn.

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