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The Humble Bethlehem

The Humble Bethlehem

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Published by wilfredo torres
© 2014 The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.
All rights reserved
© 2014 The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.
All rights reserved

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: wilfredo torres on Jun 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Humble Bethlehem
 Dwight A. Pryor
 OF THE MONUMENTAL ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECES built by Herod the Great durin hi! three"de#ade rein a! $in o% I!rael& none i! 'ore a(e in!)irin than the 'a*e!ti# )alatial re!ort"%ortre!! he #on!tru#ted on the ede o% the +udean (ilderne!! and na'ed a%ter hi'!el%: Herodiu',Poi!ed ato) a 'an'ade 'ountain nearly t(enty"%i-e hundred %eet hih& Herodiu' a%%orded the $in a )anora'i# -ie( o% hi! do'ain& in#ludin +eru!ale' eiht 'ile! to the north, A ruthle!! ruler (ho ained )o(er throuh )oliti#al intriue and 'arriae into the Ha!'onean %a'ily& Herod (a! a 'a!ter builder but a dee)ly troubled 'onar#h, Hi! rae and )aranoia .ne( no bound! / e-en to the !layin o% hi! o(n #hildren and a belo-ed (i%e, Hi! edi%i#e #o')le0 (a! e1ually un#he#.ed,Herod2! 'o!t %a'ou! )ro*e#t (a! the e0ten!i-e e0)an!ion o% the Te')le Mount in +eru!ale', In addition to the harbor at Cae!area and the 3hanin )ala#e4 at Ma!ada& he  built 'ulti)le %ortre!!e!, 5ut Herodiu' held an honored )la#e in hi! heart, Not only (a! it a brilliantly de!ined %ortre!! but the lare!t )alatial #o')le0 in the Ro'an (orld at the ti'e, E-ery #on#ei-able lu0ury (a! in#or)orated into it! de!in& in#ludin !(i''in  )ool!& bath!& arden! and a !e-en"hundred !eat theatre,It al!o (a! the )la#e Herod #ho!e to be buried, Only re#ently ha-e ar#haeoloi!t! di!#o-ered the elaborate t(o"!tory do'ed 'au!oleu' that !er-ed a! hi! %inal re!tin  )la#e / 'id(ay u) the northern %a#e o% Herodiu', E-en the ornate !ar#o)hau! that on#e held the $in2! re'ain! (a! %ound a'on the !hattered re'nant! o% hi! di!tant .indo', NEAR56 HERO7IUM LA6 A SMALL +E8ISH 9ILLAGE na'ed
 Beit Lechem
 Hou!e o% 5read in Hebre(;, Only three 'ile! a(ay in di!tan#e& 5ethlehe' (a! a (orld re'o-ed %ro' Herod2! o)ulen#e and randeur, Po)ulated by the lo(e!t !trata o% Ro'an !o#iety& !he)herd!& and other #o''on %ol.!& no 'ore than <==">== )eo)le li.ely li-ed in the lo(ly rural #o''unity at the ti'e, Herod died and (a! ento'bed at Herodiu' in ? 5C, Probably t(o year! earlier& )erha)! in the !)rinti'e (hen !he)herd! re'ained in the %ield! la'bin their !hee)& an un#o''on #hild (a! born in 5ethlehe' to de-out +e(i!h )arent!, They had ta.en re%ue in a borro(ed !table / li.ely a #a-e beneath a ho'e& (here the ani'al! (ere .e)t / and  )la#ed their !on in a %eedin trouh, Thouh he (a! truly o% royal de!#ent& hi! arri-al (a! attended by li-e!to#. and !he)herd!, Not #o!tly in#en!e but the )unent !'ell! o% a !table (ould ha-e %illed the roo',Loo.in !outhea!t %ro' their )ri'iti-e 1uarter!& +e!u!2 )arent! (ould ha-e !een the 'onu'ental Herodiu' to(erin in the di!tan#e, 8hat a #ontra!t@ One& a 'onu'ent to !el%"e0altation the other& a te!ta'ent to the !el%"#onde!#en!ion o% a lo-in God (ho& in

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