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Is the Sabbath Made for Man

Is the Sabbath Made for Man

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Published by wilfredo torres
© 2014 The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.
All rights reserved
© 2014 The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies.
All rights reserved

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: wilfredo torres on Jun 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Is the Sabbath Made for Man, or Not?
 Dwight A. Pryor
JESUS SAID, “The Sabbath was made for humankind” (Mark :! "#S$%& 'ut for enturies the )hurh has ar*ued that the Sabbath was made for Jews& The se+enthda- ommemoration of the reation is not for )hristians, said the )hurh .athers, beause it was su/erseded b- the ei*hth da- of resurretion and the new reation in )hrist& So Jews worshi/ on Saturda- but )hristians worshi/ on Sunda-&0ithout dis/ute, the Sabbath is /reious to Israe1 and uni2ue1- and inde1ib1- onneted to the Jewish /eo/1e& .o11owin* the E3odus from E*-/t, 4od brou*ht Israe1 to Mt& Sinai, and there 1ike a 1o+in* bride*room in+ited her to beome 5is bride6i&e&, to affirm and renew the o+enant 5e first ut with Abraham& After hearin* the Ten 0ords read6a ketubah of sorts6Israe1 with one +oie affirmed: “A11 that Adonai has s/oken we wi11 do7” (E3o 8:!%&As an eterna1 si*n (9ot o1am% of this /er/etua1 o+enant, 4od *a+e Israe1 the /reious *ift of Shabbat& ike a weddin* rin*, it wi11 fore+er s-mbo1i;e their e31usi+e o+enant union (<=:=>=!%& This is wh- the /ro/hets 1ike Jeremiah ou1d +iew Sabbath obser+ane as a sin*u1ar si*n of Israe19s o+enant fide1it- or 1ak thereof& 0hene+er Israe1 remo+ed her ?weddin* rin*9, in+ariab1- she was *oin* whorin* after other ba9a1im or husbands&So im/ortant was the Sabbath to the +ita1it- and +iabi1it- of this o+enant re1ationshi/ with the ord that nonobser+ane re2uired the offender to be ut off from the ommunit- (<=:=8%& 5onorin* the se+enth da- took /reedene e+en o+er onstrution of the Mishkan or Taberna1e (<@:<ff%& 5onorin* 4od b- santif-in* time has a hi*her  /riorit- than onstrutin* 5im a santuar- in s/ae&So -es, the Sabbath is uni2ue1- for the Jews& As oft noted, it has ke/t Israe1 e+en more than Israe1 has ke/t it& The Jewish /eo/1e are the “/ersona1 /ro/ert-” of the in* (=B:@%C e+en so the- treasure Shabbat as a ueen& I" 05AT SE"SE T5E" an we sa- that “the Sabbath is for humankind”6in1udin* )hristians who a1so wish to honor 4od b- rememberin* ShabbatA 1ue to the uni+ersa1 harater of the Sabbath an atua11- be found in the Ten )ommandments, of whih there are two reords: E3odus F and the re/etition thereof in Deuteronom- @& The two +ersions essentia11- are identia1 e3e/t for one word& Gne enHoins “#emember” (;ahor% the se+enth da- and the other to “Gbser+e” (shamor% it& "ote that the reason *i+en for “rememberin*” the Sabbath is the reation (E3o F:==%& 0hereas the o+enant ob1i*ation to “kee/” or “obser+e” the Sabbath stems from the redem/tion from E*-/t (Deut @:=@%& Gb+ious1- both as/ets are re1e+ant to Israe1, but  /erha/s at another 1e+e1 we see here a basis for humankind honorin* the Sabbath as we11& After a11, 1on* before the Mosai o+enant with Israe1 was struk at Sinai, 4od reated

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