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Hunter Reference Sheet

Hunter Reference Sheet

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Published by Polly Campbell

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Published by: Polly Campbell on Jun 20, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Monster of the Week Hunter Reference
Hunter Agenda
Act like you're the hero in this story (because you are).
Make your own destiny.
Find the damn monsters and stop them.
Play your hunter like they're a real person.
The Basic Moves
 Act Under Pressure (roll 2d6+Cool)
On a 10 you do what you set out to. On a !"# the $eeper %i&es you a worse outcome a hard choice or a price to pay.On a miss thin%s %o to hell.
Help Out (roll 2d6 +Cool)
On a 10 you %i&e them 1 on their roll.On a !"# your help %rants them 1 on their roll but you also epose yoursel to trouble or dan%er. On a ailure you epose yoursel to trouble or dan%er without helpin%.
Investigate A Mystery (roll 2d6+Sharp)
On a 10 hold * and on a !"# hold 1.+old can be spent to ask the $eeper one o the ollowin% ,uestions-
What happened here?
What sort of creature is it?
What can it do?
What can hurt it?
Where did it go?
What was it going to do?
What is being concealed here?
On a miss you re&eal some inormation to the monster or whoe&er you are talkin% to.he $eeper may ask /how do you nd that out2 in response to a ,uestion. 3 there's no %ood answer choose another ,uestion.
Kick Some Ass (roll 2d6+Tough)
On any success (i.e. ! on more) you in4ict harm on (and su5er harm rom) whate&er  you're %htin%.On a 10 choose one etra e5ect-
6ain the ad&anta%e- take 1 orward or %i&e 1 orward to another hunter.
3n4ict terrible harm (1 harm)
7u5er less harm ("1 harm)
Force them where you want them.On a miss you %ot your ass kicked instead.
Manipulate Someone (roll 2d6+Charm)
his is used to %et people to do what you want. 8ou'll need to %i&e them a reason to do what you ask such as a claim to authority or promise o a reward.For a normal person-
3 you %et 10 then they'll do it or the reason you %a&e them.
On a !"# they'll do it but only i  you do somethin% or them ri%ht now to show you mean it.
On a miss your approach is completely wron%- you o5end or an%er the tar%et.For another hunter-
On a 10 then they mark eperience and they %et 1 orward i they do what you ask.
On a !"# they mark eperience i they do what you ask.
On a miss it's up to the hunter how they eel. 9ut they mark eperience i they do
 do what  you asked.his mo&e doesn't work on monsters unless you ha&e another mo&e allowin% it.
Protect Someone (roll 2d6+Tough)
On any success (i.e. ! on more) you protect them okay but you'll su5er some or all o the harm they were %oin% to %et. 3 you %ot a 10 choose an etra-
8ou su5er little harm ("1 harm).
All impendin% dan%er is now ocused on you.
8ou in4ict harm on the enemy.
8ou hold the enemy back.On a miss then you make thin%s worse.
Read A Bad Situation (roll 2d6+Sharp)
On a 10 hold : and on a !"# hold 1.One hold can be spent to ask the $eeper one o the ollowin% ,uestions-
What's my best way in?
What's my best way out?
 Are there any dangers we haven't noticed?
What's the biggest threat?
What's most vulnerable to me?
What's the best way to protect the victims?
3) you a t on the answers
 you %et 1 on%oin% while the inormation is rele&ant.On a miss you mi%ht mis"read the situation or re&eal tactical details to your enemies.

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