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Warmage Graf

Warmage Graf

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Published by Polly Campbell
warmage graf
warmage graf

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Published by: Polly Campbell on Jun 20, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Even though I know that the very concept of the Warmage class is extremely inefficient compared to those casters who specialize in other types of magic, no one can deny that sometimes it is just fun to cut loose with fireball after fireball. y vision of the warmage is not exactly the same as the !." version seen in #omplete $rcane, however. #ontrary to popular myth, the warmage is not just an arcanist who specializes %completely& in dealing damage. #ertainly that is a large part of his class, but war re'uires more than that. (his class has a large number of area)effect spells %and very, very few single)target ones&, along with a variety of spells designed to control the battlefield. *rom debuffs to the various walls and spells the sculpt the battlefield, I think you will find that this version of the warmage is an absolute joy to play. +ecause sometimes we just want to fireball the heck out of something.$s always, I would welcome any criti'ues and criticisms, suggestions and advice on how to make this class better suited for the athfinder *antasy -ole)laying ame. /et me know what you are thinking, ok0aster $rminas
(rained for war, the few who survive the arduous #ollegium +ellum $rcanum to graduate as Warmages are proud individuals who yearn for the day when their talents can be unleashed on their foes. (he $rcane War #ollege is brutal in its training, but its graduates emerge with abilities that few other arcane casters can match. 1killed not only in magic, but in the mundane art of war, these warmages lead armies and use their talents to wipe their enemies from existence.
2 $ warmage controls the battlefield, isolating his opponents, reducing their effectiveness, and killing them in large numbers. 3nlike many other spellcasters, the warmage has few utility spells at their disposal4 instead these concentrate on what they see as the most important aspect of magic5the ability to 'uickly wound or kill large numbers of opponents in precise and orderly fashion.
2 $ny.
Hit Die
2 d6.
2 /ow
Good Saves
2 Will
Class Skills
2 #limb %1tr&4 7iplomacy %#ha&4 *ly %7ex&4 Intimidate %#ha&4 8nowledge %$rcana& %Int&4 8nowledge %Engineering& %Int&4 8nowledge %9istory& %Int&4 8nowledge %:obility&4 erception %Wis&4 -ide %7ex&4 1pellcraft %Int&4 and 1wim %1tr&.
Skill Ranks per Level
2 ; < Int modifier.
Weapons and Armor Proficiency
2 $ warmage is proficient in all simple and all martial weapons. 9e is proficient in light armor, but not with medium or heavy armor, or with any type of shield. $ warmage can cast warmage spells in light armor without suffering any arcane spell failure chance, but suffers the normal chance of failure for casting in medium or heavy armor or when using any type of shield.
2 $ warmage casts arcane spells drawn from the warmage spell list %see below&. 9e can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time. (o cast a spell, a warmage must have an Intelligence sore e'ual to at least => < the spell level. (he 7ifficulty #lass for a saving throw against a warmage?s spell is => < the spell level < the warmage?s Intelligence modifier./ike other spellcasters, a warmage can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. 9is base daily spell allotment is the same as a 1pecialist Wizard. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Intelligence score.$ warmage automatically knows all of the spells on his spell list. 9e does not have to select these spells, nor does he have a spellbook. $ warmage cannot add new spells to his spells known %with the exception of his advanced learning ability, see below&.3nlike a wizard or cleric, a warmage need not prepare his spells in advance. 9e can use any spell he knows at any time, assuming he has not yet used up his spells per day for that spell level.
2 Warmages learn a number of cantrips, or >)level spells, as noted in the warlock spell list. (hese spells are cast like any other spell, but they do not consume slots and may be used again.
Warmage Edge E!"
2 $ warmage is specialized in dealing damage with his spells. Whenever a warmage casts a spell that deals hit point damage, he adds both his Warmage class level and his Intelligence bonus %if any& to the amount of damage dealt. (he bonus from the warmage edge special ability applies only to spells that he casts as a warmage, not to those he might have by virtue of levels in another class.If the spell is an area effect, this bonus damage applies to all targets within the area of effect. If the spell lasts for more than one round, then the bonus damage applies to all targets within the area of effect %if any& each round. $ spell that creates more than one effect that can target any one individual %such as magic missile& only inflicts this bonus damage once per target, per round that the spell effect lasts. 1crolls and wands used, scribed, or crafted by a warmage do not gain the benefit of this special ability. 9owever, staffs used %but not crafted& by a warmage do receive the benefit of this special ability.
#o$g%ness E!"
2 $t ;nd level, a warmage gains (oughness as a bonus feat.
Advanced Learning E!"
2 $t !rd level, a warmage gains the knowledge of one spell of his choice that he may add to his spell)list. (he spell chosen must be sorcerer@wizard spell, although it can be of any school, and the spell must be at least one level below the highest level spell a warmage is capable of casting. $t "th level, and every odd level gained thereafter as a warmage, the character may add one additional spell to his spell)list. When this ability is
gained at =Ath level, a warmage may select a single sorcerer@wizard spell of any level to add to his spell list.
S$dden Silent E!"
2 $t !rd level, a warmage may use the 1ilent 1pell meta)magic feat twice per day without any increase in casting time or in the level of spell being cast. $ warmage may only apply one sudden metamagic ability to any single spell.
War #raining E!"
2 $t Bth level, a warmage gains <= hit point per hit die that he possesses. $ny future hit die that he gains as a warmage will also gain a bonus of <= hit point. (his ability stacks with the feat (oughness.
Energy S$&stit$tion E!"
2 $t "th level, three times per day, a warmage may alter the energy of one of his spells to any of the following2 acid, cold, electricity, or fire. (he spell altered must be a spell that inflicts energy based damage. (his ability is a free action that can be used once per round. $t =>th level, the warmage may use this ability five times per day. $t ="th level, the warmage may use this ability seven times per day.
S$dden Still E!"
2 $t 6th level, a warmage may use the 1till 1pell meta)magic feat twice per day without any increase in casting time or in the level of spell being cast. $ warmage may only apply one sudden metamagic ability to any single spell.
Battlefield Co$nterspelling E!"
2 $t Cth level, once per day, as an immediate action, a warmage may counter any spell that is on his spell list, so long as the spell is cast within medium range %=>> feet plus => feet per war mage level& of the warmage. 9e must expend a spell slot e'ual to that of the spell being cast or higher. $t =!th level he may do this twice per day. $t =Ath level he may do this three times per day.
Armor #raining E!"
2 $t Dth level, a warmage gains edium $rmor proficiency as a bonus feat. 9e no longer incurs any arcane spell failure for casting warmage spells in light or medium armor, but he has the normal chance of failure for casting while wearing heavy armor or when using a shield.
Weapon #raining E!"
2 $t Dth level, a warmage selects one weapon with which he is proficient. With that weapon5and only with that weapon5the warmage is considered to have the +$+ of a cleric. (his increased +$+ does not allow a warmage to 'ualify for feats that have a +$+ prere'uisite.
S$dden Empo'er E!"
2 $t Ath level, a warmage may use the Empower 1pell meta)magic feat twice per day without any increase in casting time or in the level of spell being cast. $ warmage may only apply one sudden metamagic ability to any single spell.
Penetrating Spell E!"
2 $t =>th level, when a warmage casts a spell that inflicts energy)based damage %such as fireball or lightning bolt&, the warmage may ignore => points of an effected creature?s energy resistance %if any&. (his ability applies to innate energy resistance that is part of the creature itself as well as to energy resistance bestowed by magic items or

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