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Unity, Trance, And Israel

Unity, Trance, And Israel

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Published by omnivibe
A short essay about true unity vis-a-vis complexity, trance, and Israel in particular through the eyes of one individual's personal perspective
A short essay about true unity vis-a-vis complexity, trance, and Israel in particular through the eyes of one individual's personal perspective

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Published by: omnivibe on Jun 20, 2014
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On unity, trance, and Israel
By David Komer
One of the fundamental tenets of Judaism is that God is absolutely unique. Using words to convey the essence of God is impossible because any description is necessarily a limitation, and even nonverbal thought cannot grasp that which is absolutely transcendent. For example, His unity is not like the unity of the human circulatory system nor is it similar to a single blood cell unit. However, manifestations of unity are expressed by God in our world and can therefore teach us how to live in peace with ourselves, our nation, our world, and God. Furthermore, these four levels are intimately linked and therefore inner peace has a direct effect on global consciousness. I will attempt to illuminate the above concept through metaphor and explanation, starting with a story from my own life. It begins at a Trance/Nature party in the Israeli desert on Erev Shabbat of Fall '99. At a naive first glance, the event was perfect. A true autonomy where communal will reflects individual desires. Jews and Arabs dancing together and exchanging kind words. The most sophisticated advances in Digital Signal Processing being used purely to get the crowd dancing. Almost perfect. What then, you may ask, went wrong? What would lead me back to Israel 5 years later to sanctify our land by observing our sacred Torah? The answer is incredibly simple. The beauty of the party is in people truly coming together in unity, yet completely maintaining their individuality. Sometimes we lack the courage and insight to ask what our soul is and how we can express it in this
world. For a long time, I was afraid to incorporate the essential part of my answer. The only problem with this party was that my driving there was a violation of the holy Shabbat laws, and this made my soul uncomfortable. These four levels of unity mentioned above can be seen in other examples as well. Keep in mind that all of these examples apply superficially to the specific level, but a deeper reading shows that they are all analogies for each other. On the individual level we can see this concept in biology. In order for an individual person to survive, they must have a unified circulatory system. For the circulatory system to function properly, the heart must maintain its rhythm and identity as must the other differentiated components. On the national level, survival depends on the proper training of judges, engineers, farmers, etc. Equally as critical is the proper interaction between them. On the global level, the survival of Earth is determined by the interactions of various nations. Our nation, Israel, has known its purpose for thousands of years. Through keeping the Torah sacred by instituting the Torah law in our borders, we will be able to live beside our neighbors with mutual respect and then work together to make Earth a sacred space. With our relationship to God, who encompasses and permeates all reality, the fact that we exist is incredibly mysterious and even more paradoxical is that the more we become aware of this, the stronger our relationship to God becomes. By meditating on the essence and relationships found

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