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Manual - Comandos Linux

Manual - Comandos Linux

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Published by issuemanager
command line linux
command line linux

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Published by: issuemanager on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A summary of useful Linux commands
Version 3.0May 1999squadron@powerup.com.au
Starting & Stopping
h nowShutdown the system now and do notreboothaltStop all processes
same as aboveshutdown
r 5Shutdown the system in 5 minutes andrebootshutdown
r nowShutdown the system now and rebootrebootStop all processes and then reboot
sameas abovestartxStart the X system
Accessing & mounting file systems
t iso9660 /dev/cdrom/mnt/cdromMount the device cdromand call it cdrom under the/mnt directorymount
t msdos /dev/hdd/mnt/ddriveMount hard disk “d” as amsdos file system and callit ddrive under the /mntdirectorymount
t vfat /dev/hda1/mnt/cdriveMount hard disk “a” as a VFAT file system and call itcdrive under the /mntdirectoryumount /mnt/cdromUnmount the cdrom
Finding files and text within files
find /
name fnameStarting with the root directory, lookfor the file called fnamefind /
Starting with the root directory, lookfor the file containing the string fnamelocate missingfilenameFind a file called missingfilenameusing the locate command
thisassumes you have already used thecommand updatedb (see next)updatedbCreate or update the database of fileson all file systems attached to the linuxroot directory which missingfilenameShow the subdirectory containing theexecutable file called missingfilenamegrep textstringtofind/dirStarting with the directory called dir ,look for and list all files containingtextstringtofind
The X Window System
xvidtuneRun the X graphics tuning utilityXF86SetupRun the X configuration menu withautomatic probing of graphics cardsXconfiguratorRun another X configuration menu withautomatic probing of graphics cardsxf86configRun a text based X configuration menu
Moving, copying, deleting & viewing files
lList files in current directory usinglong formatls
FList files in current directory andindicate the file typels
laCList all files in current directory inlong format and display in columnsrm nameRemove a file or directory callednamerm
rf nameKill off an entire directory and all it’sincludes files and subdirectoriescp filename/home/dirnameCopy the file called filename to the/home/dirname directorymv filename/home/dirnameMove the file called filename to the/home/dirname directorycat filetoviewDisplay the file called filetoviewman
k keywordDisplay man pages containingkeywordmore filetoviewDisplay the file called filetoview onepage at a time, proceed to next pageusing the spacebarhead filetoviewDisplay the first 10 lines of the filecalled filetoviewhead
20 filetoviewDisplay the first 20 lines of the filecalled filetoviewtail filetoviewDisplay the last 10 lines of the filecalled filetoviewtail
20 filetoviewDisplay the last 20 lines of the filecalled filetoview
Installing software for Linux
ihv name.rpmInstall the rpm package called namerpm
Uhv name.rpmUpgrade the rpm package callednamerpm
e packageDelete the rpm package calledpackagerpm
l packageList the files in the package calledpackagerpm
ql packageList the files and state the installed version of the package calledpackagerpm
i -
force packageReinstall the rpm package calledname having deleted parts of it (notdeleting using rpm
zxvf archive.tar.gz ortar
zxvf archive.tgzDecompress the files contained inthe zipped and tarred archive calledarchive./configureExecute the script preparing theinstalled files for compiling
User Administration
adduser accountnameCreate a new user call accountnamepasswd accountnameGive accountname a new passwordsuLog in as superuser from current loginexitStop being superuser and revert tonormal user
Little known tips and tricks
ifconfigList ip addresses for all devices onthe machineapropos subjectList manual pages for subjectusermountExecutes graphical application formounting and unmounting filesystems

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