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Adoring God for His Mercies.

Adoring God for His Mercies.

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Ps. xxviii. 7. The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart
trusted in him, and I am helped : therejure my heart greatly
rejoicelh, and with my song ivill I praise him.

Ps. xxviii. 7. The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart
trusted in him, and I am helped : therejure my heart greatly
rejoicelh, and with my song ivill I praise him.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 20, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ADORIG GOD FOR HIS MERCIES. BY REV. C. SIMEO, M. A.Ps. xxviii. 7. The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart trusted in him, and I am helped : therejure my heart greatly rejoicelh, and with my song ivill I praise him. THE man of this world delights to speak of the things of this world : the man of God delights to speak of God : each speaketh out of the abundance of his own heart. It is the very character of a true Believer, that *' he regards the M'orks of the Lord and the operation of his hands," and that he desires to magnify the Lord for all the benefits conferred upon him. o one can read the Psalms of David, without being penetrated with this thought. What the particular affliction was from which he had re- cently been delivered when he penned this psalm, we do not certainly know : but after blessing God for his condescension and grace in hearing and an- swering his supplications, he records, for the benefit of all future saints, his feelings in the review of the mercies vouchsafed unto him. In this record we see, I. What God is to the Believer — To all that trust in him, he is both a protector from all evil, and a helper to all good — This is a blessed truth, if considered only in theory—^ [What cannot he do that " has the God of Jacob for his help ?" To what duty may he not address himself with a full assurance that he shall be able to fulfil it? Would he overcome the most inveterate lusts ? " Through the influence of God's Spirit he shall mortify the deeds of the body," and " bring the
very ?6 PSALMS, XXVIII. 7. [348. very thoughts of his heart into captivity to the obedience of Christ." Would he attain and exercise all the graces of the Spirit ? he shall do so, yea, " he shall do all things through Christ strengthening him" And whom needs he to fear? Surely neither men nor devils : for, what can man do, when he himself is crushed before the worm ? As for ISatan, though he have at his command all the principalities and powers of hell, he is a vanquished enemy, and shall ere long " be bruised for ever under the Believer's feet " ] But this truth is yet more blessed, when it is practically experienced by the Believer in his own soul — [What a zest does the Believer's own experience give to every declaration of the Inspired Volume ! When, from the com- munications he has actually received, he can say, God is my strength and my shield, then it is that he is prepared to enjoy these blessed truths as he ought, and to give unto God the glory due unto his name. And here we cannot but exhort every Be- liever to trust in God with his whole heart, hi this case he shall never be disappointed of his hope : yea rather, the more he » expects, the more he shall receive ; and according to his faith it shall be done unto him. Let him only be able to say with David, ** My heart trusted in him," and he shall sooner or later have reason to add, " I am helped :" I am protected from evils, which I could not by my own wisdom or power avoid ; and I am en- abled to do things, for which my own strength would have been utterly insiifiieient : by my own experience therefore, no less than from the divine testimony, I can say, " The Lord is my strength, and my shield."]
As from David's assertions we learn what God is to us, so from his frame of mind we may see, II. What should be the disposition of our hearts towards him — Certainly these exalted privileges should be re- ceived by us, 1. With joy — [Who can have reason to rejoice in comparison of the Be- liever ? Look round and see how the world at large are taken in the snare of the devil, and led captive by him at his will. Have you no reason to rejoice when God has interposed with a mighty hand and a stretched- out arm to deliver you ? When you see the dangers- with which you are surrounded, have you no reason to rejoice in having such a shield as is sufficiently large to encom- pass 348.] ADORIG GOD FOR HIS MERCIES. 77 pass you on every side, and so strong as to be impenetrable to all the fiery darts of the devil ? When you see v^'hat lubts you have to mortify, and what duties to perform, have you not reason to rejoice in having Omnipotence for your strength ? O rejoice j rejoice in the Lord ahvays ; yea, " rejoice in him with joy un- speakable and full of glory." However *' greatly your heart re-  joiceth," you never need be afraid of excess : let it but be the joy of a dependent Being, and it cannot be too great.] 2. With thankfulness — [It is your privilege to "sing in the ways of the Lord." In heaven the Redeemed are singing praises to their God day and night : and so should you do on earth. As for David, he would " praise God day and night ;" and that too with " all that was within him ;" yea, and " as long as he should live.'* ot content with praising God himself, he would have the sun,

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