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Catalogue of Research Papers-November-2009_1

Catalogue of Research Papers-November-2009_1

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Published by Jason Brown

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Published by: Jason Brown on Nov 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WIDER Research Paper series 2004–2009
All WIDER Research Papers are available as PDF downloads from our website.
RP2009/56 Mats Lundahl and LennartPeterssonPost-Apartheid South Africa: An Economic SuccessStory?RP2009/55 Luiz de Mello Brazil’s Growth Performance: Achievements andProspectsRP2009/54 Alberto Trejos Country Role Models for Development Success: TheCase of Costa RicaRP2009/53 Jaap Voeten, Job de Haan,and Gerard de GrootIs that Innovation?: Assessing Examples of RevitalizedEconomic Dynamics among Clusters of SmallProducers in Northern VietnamRP2009/52
. Semih Akçomak Incubators as Tools for Entrepreneurship Promotion inDeveloping CountriesRP2009/51 Mulu Gebreeyesus Innovation and Microenterprises Growth in EthiopiaRP2009/50 David B. Audretsch andMark SandersTechnological Innovation, Entrepreneurship andDevelopmentRP2009/49 Sunil Mani Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship inIndia, 1991–2007RP2009/48 Otto Toivanen Innovation Policy, Entrepreneurship, and Development:A Finnish ViewRP2009/47 Erik Stam and André vanStelTypes of Entrepreneurship and Economic GrowthRP2009/46 Alice H. Amsden Firm Ownership, FOEs, and POEsRP2009/45 Wim Naudé Entrepreneurship is not a Binding Constraint on Growthand Development in the Poorest CountriesRP2009/44 A. Leticia Arroyo Abadand Amelia U. Santos-PaulinoTrading Inequality? Insights from the TwoGlobalizations in Latin AmericaRP2009/43 Pinaki Chakraborty andYan ZhangEconomic Reforms and Infrastructure Spending:Evidence from China and IndiaRP2009/42 Augustin Kwasi Fosu Country Role Models for Development Success: TheGhana CaseRP2009/41 Diego B. Avanzini Designing Composite Entrepreneurship Indicators: AnApplication Using Consensus PCARP2009/40 James A. Robinson Botswana as a Role Model for Country SuccessRP2009/39 Thomas Gries and WimNaudéWhen to Start a New Firm?: Modelling the Timing of Novice and Serial EntrepreneursRP2009/38 Robert Loon The Omani and Bahraini Paths to Development: Rareand Contrasting Oil-based Economic Success StoriesRP2009/37 Andrés Solimano Three Decades of Neoliberal Economics in Chile:Achievements, Failures and DilemmasRP2009/36 Arvind Subramanian The Mauritian Success Storyand its LessonsRP2009/35 Markus Jäntti and JuhanaVartiainenThe Finnish Developmental State and its GrowthRegime
RP2009/34 Keun Lee How Can Korea be a Role Model for Catch-upDevelopment?: A ‘Capability-based View’RP2009/33 Yang Yao Disinterested Government: An Interpretation of China'sEconomic Success in the Reform EraRP2009/32 Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Tunisia's Development Experience: A Success Story?RP2009/31 Nirvikar Singh India's Development Strategy: Accidents, Design andReplicabilityRP2009/30 John Thoburn Vietnam as a Role Model for DevelopmentRP2009/29 Annina Kaltenbrunner andMachiko NissankeThe Case for an Intermediate Exchange Rate Regimewith Endogenizing Market Structures and CapitalMobilityRP2009/28 Evans Jadotte International Migration, Remittancesand Labour Supply: The Case of the Republic of HaitiRP2009/27 Wim Naudé ‘Rushing in where Angels Fear to Tread?’: The EarlyInternationalization of Indigenous Chinese FirmsRP2009/26 Nanak Kakwani, MarceloNeri, and Hyun H. SonLinkages between Pro-Poor Growth, SocialProgrammes and Labour Market: The Recent BrazilianExperienceRP2009/25 Beatrice Weder and Rolf WederSwitzerland’s Rise to a Wealthy Nation: Competitionand Contestability as Key Success FactorsRP2009/24 Paul Teague Developing Ireland: Committing to Economic Openessand Building Domestic Institutional CapabilitiesRP2009/23 Ådne Cappelen and LarsMjøset
Can Norway be a Role Model for Natural ResourceAbundant Countries?RP2009/22 Fukunari Kimura Japan’s Model of Economic Development: Relevantand Nonrelevant Elements for Developing EconomiesRP2009/21 Jagannadha PawanTamvadaEntrepreneurship and WelfareRP2009/20 Milo Bianchi Credit Constraints, Entrepreneurial Talent, andEconomic DevelopmentRP2009/19 John Bennett Informal Firms in Developing Countries:Entrepreneurial Stepping Stone or Consolation Prize?RP2009/18 Bengt-Åke Lundvall The Danish Model and the Globalizing LearningEconomy: Lessons for Developing CountriesRP2009/17 Jan Svejnar, and MilicaUvalicThe Czech Transition: The Importance of Microeconomic FundamentalsRP2009/16 Wim Naudé, and StephaniéRossouwEarly International Entrepreneurship in China: Extentand DeterminantsRP2009/15 Vladimir Popov Lessons from the Transition Economies: Putting theSuccess Stories of the Postcommunist World into aBroader PerspectiveRP2009/14 Grzegorz W. Kolodko A Two-thirds Rate of Success: Polish Transformationand Economic Development, 1989-2008RP2009/13 László Csaba Hungary: The Janus-faced Success StoryRP2009/12 Roy Thurik Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth and Policy inEmerging EconomiesRP2009/11 Micheline Goedhuys andLeo SleuwaegenHigh-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms in Africa: AQuantile Regression ApproachRP2009/10 Sameeksha Desai Measuring Entrepreneurshipin Developing Countries
RP2009/09 Gerrit Rooks,Adam Szirmai,and Arthur SserwangaThe Interplay of Human and Social Capital inEntrepreneurship in Developing Countries: The Case of UgandaRP2009/08 Peter Nijkamp Entrepreneurship, Development,and the SpatialContext: Retrospect and ProspectRP2009/07 José Ernesto Amorós Entrepreneurship and Quality of Institutions: ADeveloping-Country ApproachRP2009/06 Rosemary Atieno Linkages, Access to Financeand the Performance of Small-ScaleEnterprises in KenyaRP2009/05 Ayal Kimhi Entrepreneurship and Income Inequalityin Southern EthiopiaRP2009/04 Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Entrepreneurship and Reformsin Developing CountriesRP2009/03 Jun Du and Sourafel Girma Source of Finance, Growth and Firm Size Evidencefrom ChinaRP2009/02 Emmanuel Skoufias,Kathy Lindert,and Joseph ShapiroGlobalization and the Role of Public Transfers inRedistributing Income in Latin America and theCaribbeanRP2009/01 Wim Naudé Out with the sleaze, in with the ease: insufficient forentrepreneurial development?RP2008/109 Manop Udomkerdmongkoland Oliver MorrisseyPolitical Regime, Private Investment, and ForeignDirect Investment in Developing CountriesRP2008/108 Lucio Castroand Daniel SaslavskyTrade with China and India and Manufacturing LabourDemand in ArgentinaRP2008/107 Augustin Kwasi Fosu Inequality and the Impact of Growth on Poverty:Comparative Evidence for Sub-Saharan AfricaRP2008/106 David Roland-Holst,Jean-Pierre Verbiest,and Fan ZhaiGrowth and Trade Horizons for Asia: Long TermForecasts for Regional IntegrationRP2008/105 Mario Cimoli,Wellington Pereira,Gabriel Porcile,and Fábio ScatolinStructural Change, Technology, and Economic Growth:Brazil and the CIBS in a Comparative PerspectiveRP2008/104 Rhys Jenkins China’s Global Growth and Latin American Exports RP2008/103 Yongqing Wangand Guanghua WanChina’s Trade Imbalances: The Role of FDIRP2008/102 Manop UdomkerdmongkolOliver Morrissey,and Holger GörgExchange Rates and Outward Foreign DirectInvestment: US FDI in Emerging EconomiesRP2008/101 Kunwang Li, Ligang Song,and Xingjun ZhaoComponent Trade and China’s Global EconomicIntegrationRP2008/100 Amelia U. Santos Paulino,Mariagrazia Squicciarini,and Peilei FanR&D (Re)location: A Bird’s Eye (Re)viewRP2008/99 Patrick Guillaumont An Economic Vulnerability Index: Its Design and Usefor International Development PolicyRP2008/98 Fiona Tregenna Sectoral Engines of Growth in South Africa: AnAnalysis of Services and Manufacturing

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