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Austrian Grand Prix Friday transcript

Austrian Grand Prix Friday transcript

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Published by AutoweekUSA
Austrian Grand Prix Friday transcript
Austrian Grand Prix Friday transcript

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Published by: AutoweekUSA on Jun 20, 2014
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Press Information2014 Austrian Grand Prix Friday Press Conference Transcript
 TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Eric BOULLIER (McLaren), Monisha KALTENBORN (Sauber), ran! TOST (Toro Rosso), To"o #OL (Merce$es), %hris"ian &ORNER (Re$ Bu'' Racin), Marco MATTIA%%I (errari)PRESS %ONEREN%EThe #or'$ Mo"or Sor" %ounci' *ee"s ne+" ee-, i".s "he $ea$'ine /or reu'a"ions /or 01234 In 5es"er$a5.s ress con/erence i"h "he $ri6ers "he5 a'' sai$ "ha" cos" con"ro' as "he /irs" or$er o/ riori"5 /or "he sor"4 Are 5ou her 5ou hoe$ "o be on "ha" sub7ec" as "he $ea$'ine aroaches8 A 9ues"ion /or a'' o/ 5ou4 Eric *a5be 5ou.$ 'i-e "o s"ar"4Eric BOULLIER:
Well, I think it depends on where you want to put the shift. There were some discussions, they was some real will to do something for the sport from some teams and I think at the end we achieved some decisions. I don’t know yet obviously how much we are going to save. Is it enough, is it not enough? I think it’s a  bit to early to say. But at least let’s say there was a commitment to do something and we tried to.
Monisha8 Monisha KALTENBORN:
Well, in my view we are clearly not there, where we should be and where we wanted to be, at least from our team’s perspective. I also don’t think we have achieved so far any measurable cost cutting. or us the situation is a little unclear actually at the moment, at least in my understanding if you mention the World !otor "port #ouncil there was a decision taken last year by the #ouncil in which they endorsed cost$cutting as a target and they also agreed in principle to the cost cap and the I% was mandated to implement that. "ince then other decisions have  been taken by other groups going in a different direction. ollowing that amongst other teams, ours as well, the non$"trategy &roup teams I’d say were asked to bring  proposals in about how you can achieve a sustainable cost base while still promoting
competition. We did that, we also didn’t get anywhere on that. In my understanding I really wonder what the I% is now going to do and how ormula 'ne is going to be governed in this respect.
%hris"ian, $o 5ou ha6e an5 co**en" on "ha"8%hris"ian &ORNER:
We spent (uite a while talking about things and so on and we’ve agreed a couple of things ne)t year which will save money. Testing is reduced, testing will be in *urope rather than overseas, wind tunnel time and #+ ratios have  been further reduced. But I think what’s important to say is that everything that was agreed in the ormula 'ne #ommission meeting earlier this week was agreed unanimously. That means every team was around the table and every team had the right to vote against it but everything that went through went through on a unanimous  basis. We’ve got what we’ve got. I think the most important thing now going forward is stability.
Marco, are 5ou here 5ou hoe$ "o be on cos" con"ro'8 Marco MATTIA%%I:
 irst of all, I think it is remarkable that the drivers are underlining this point. %t the same time, yes, I think we did some progress. robably we could have achieved some more. But I keep stressing the point that according to me ormula 'ne should focus at the same time on how to appeal to a broader audience,  because I think there is a huge potential for this sport. "o I guess even cost reduction has to be faced in a much more comple) point of view, a large point of view- how to make this product more appealing, how to attract more sponsors. I guess yes we are working e)tremely hard to see where are the opportunities to reduce the cost. I would like to work even harder to see where we can increase the appeal to wider audience.
To"o8 To"o #OL:
eah, we had lots of meeting about finding out where we could reduce costs. It’s an ongoing saga. ou know it/s not the case that some teams are against cutting costs and other are for. We are all for sensible cost cutting because even the big teams need to make sure we keep it within a certain framework. We need to make sure that #hristian is not running away with the costs. #hristian needs to make sure that errari is not running away with the costs. This is why we are all in favour, but it is a tricky thing and it’s difficult to get everybody under one umbrella. "o I guess that what we have done for ne)t year in reducing the in$season testing again, probably to even less the following year. We came back to *urope. %ll these are sensible steps and this must be on our constant agenda to further reduce the costs.
Than- 5ou /or "ha"4 An$ /ina''5 ran!: 5our "houh"s8 ran! TOST:
We have achieved some goals to reduce costs, like #hristian mentioned  before, with less testing and testing only in *urope and the reduced costs on the
aerodynamic side. %nd we will also in future discuss possibilities to reduce costs. I think this is a longer process because this year we are coming up with a new regulation, and as we all know a regulation change is always in connection with costs increasing. I 0ust hope that in the future we will always continue to discuss how to reduce costs and I am convinced that sooner or later we will come to a target where all the teams are satisfied.
OK an$ secon$ one "o a'' 5ou4 There ha6e been e+"ensi6e $iscussions on i$er chanes on "hins "o "hins 'i-e /or*a" an$ reu'a"ions in recen" ee-s, "hins 'i-e a'"erin "he ri$a5 rora**e a" race ee-en$ an$ "5re b'an-e"s – a'' "ha" -in$ o/ "hin4 #hich *easure ou'$ 5ou ersona''5 *os" 'i-e "o see i*'e*en"e$8 Ma5be e.'' s"ar" i"h Marco4MM:
%gain I want to have a wider view about how to improve ormula 'ne and the appeal. %ccording to me, if I could push the button tomorrow, I would like to see a much deeper, wider engagement toward the audience with the drivers. In the end, ormula 'ne is innovation but at the same it’s entertainment and I think that it has huge opportunity for improvement, for revenues, in engaging the audience, the fan more to ormula 'ne. %ll the other initiatives sound to me '1 to reduce some costs  but they sound to me tactical and they don’t see the bigger picture, the bigger potential in ormula 'ne.
I think foremost and utmost ormula 'ne is a show and it has to entertain. I think a race like we had in !ontreal is ormula 'ne at it’s best. That’s what we need to have and more of it 2 week in, week out. We need to give the public more access, more  behind$the$scenes information and engage them more in what we do. I think we need more of !ontreal. 3ow we achieve that of course is the difficulty.
ran!8 T:
The most important thing about ormula 'ne, which we should not forget, is the entertainment and when we came back to the riday running which we have in this year and as we had it in the past, this is something which was (uite important for the organisers. We have to think how we can bring the cars together, because as we can see today there are two cars far ahead and as long as the parity of the power units is not at a similar level it is difficult to achieve interesting races, apart from the fact if something happens, which was unforeseen. 'nce more it’s a new regulation, it’s the first year that we are in there. I think we also have to work for the public to understand it better, what we have produced4 how this new power unit works and how the new regulation has to be interpreted. I think we will do this in future 0ust to increase the interest of the people in ormula 'ne.
To si'6er cars ou" in /ron", "ha".s so*e"hin I.* sure 5ou ou'$n." an" "o

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