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En.wikipedia.org - Complete Works of Shakespeare

En.wikipedia.org - Complete Works of Shakespeare

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Published by donaldjan

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Published by: donaldjan on Jun 20, 2014
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Complete Works of Shakespeare1
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
is the standard name given to any volume containing all the plays andpoems of William Shakespeare. Some editions include several works which were not completely of Shakespeare'sauthorship (collaborative writings), such as
The Two Noble Kinsmen
, a collaboration with John Fletcher, as well as
 Pericles, Prince of Tyre
 Edward III 
.In their 2006
2007 season the Royal Shakespeare Company committed to the performance of the Complete Worksin a single year. In 1987 Adrian Hilton acquired a Guinness World Record for reciting the Complete Worksnon-stop, enduring 5 days without sleep.
Selected editions
The various editions of the
Complete Works
include a number of university press releases, as well as versionsreleased from larger publishing companies. The
Complete Works
(especially in older editions) are often sought afterby book collectors, and a number of binderies and publishing houses have produced leather bound and gildedreleases for luxury book collecting.Both mainstream and academic publishing companies have released multiple editions and versions of their owncollections of Shakespeare's work, often updated periodically. Multiple editors contribute to the processes of layingout the
Complete Works
, and many times either the main editor, publishing company, or university's name isincluded in the title. (For instance, the
Complete Works
published by the Arden company is often referred to as the
 Arden Shakespeare
, and the edition produced by Yale University called the
Yale Shakespeare
Publisher editions
Arden -
The Complete Works (Arden Shakespeare)
The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works
")Black Dog & Leventhal -
William Shakespeare: The Complete Works
(4 vol.)CRW Publishing Ltd. -
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Gramercy -
William Shakespeare: The Complete Works
William Shakespeare: The Complete Works [Deluxe Edition]
The Globe Illustrated Shakespeare: Complete Works
The Globe Illustrated Shakespeare: The CompleteWorks Annotated 
HarperCollins -
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: The Alexander Text 
Complete Works of WilliamShakespeare
(Ed. 1-4)Kittredge Shakespeare,
The Complete Works of Shakespeare, edited by George Lyman Kittredge, Ginn & Co.1936 (revised by Irving Ribner and reissued 1971)
Longman -
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
(Ed. 1-7)Modern Library -
William Shakespeare: Complete Works
Palgrave Macmillan -
The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works
Penguin Books -
World of Shakespeare: The Complete Plays and Sonnets of William Shakespeare (38 Volume Library)
(38 vol.)Penguin Classics -
The Complete Pelican Shakespeare
Riverside -
The Riverside Shakespeare
(Ed. 1-2) ("
Riverside Shakespeare
")Wordsworth Editions Ltd. -
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The Complete Works of WilliamShakespeare
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
[Children's Classics],
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
(3 vol.)
Complete Works of Shakespeare2
Academic editions
Cambridge Shakespeare
" (Cambridge University Press, Doubleday, Garden City, Houghton Mifflin, OctopusBooks, RH Value)"
The Oxford Shakespeare
Yale Shakespeare
Best, Michael. Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria. (Accessed 11/29/06) [1]
The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Fifth Edition
, David Bevington, ed. Longman, 2003.
The Riverside Shakespeare
, Heather Dubrow, William T. Liston, Charles H. Shattuck, G. Blakemore Evans,Joseph Jay Tobin, Herschel Baker, Anne Barton, Frank Kermode, Harry Levin, Hallett Smith, Marie Edel, eds.Houghton Mifflin, 1997.
External links
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
at Project Gutenberg.Complete Works of William Shakespeare
translates to local language.
uvic.ca/ [2]http:/ 

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