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Published by EricJRainbolt

Reality from the Establishment Bigwigs perspective.

Reality from the Establishment Bigwigs perspective.

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Published by: EricJRainbolt on Mar 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(2008 - December 11th, 2010)
[ Grassroots Worldwide Public/Internet Announcement/Warning: Distributed December 2007 ]
What is a "
Comprehensive definition of:
(The global elite society that just 9-11'd the world again. )
Every individual American has been left to only speculate about what their government is doing.Most people are accused of being too mindlessly trustful of the government; as most peoplecertainly are day to day. The small minority of frustrated citizens attempting to "wake up" othersare accused back by the majority of less informed/caring citizens as being paranoid conspiracy"theorists", and a concensus in the populations is never achieved on any issue, such as JFK or 9-11.Today's "leaders" are in-the-know and are all accomplices in the many ongoing coverups. The sadtruth is that any one citizen, with rare exception, has had complete access to the overwhelmingarray of true facts regarding each particular unsolved crime in history. Where some information hasbeen missing, logic can certainly be used to join the dots. However, the only group who fullyknows what has gone on and how it was all carried out is the control group, the existingestablishment high crime network, or global elite monarchy, the "hidden hand", or
.Although the Central Intelligence Agency has long been the convenient symbol for those who haveoften committed atrocities under the guise of "national security", the secret bureaucracy, thecryptocracy, does not consist solely of the CIA (or FBI/NSA/HSA/CDC/ETC). The globalcryptocracy is
a secretive yet vast network of alliances between individuals involved with a number of various national government agencies, in international banking, in positions of power within theglobal corporate mass media, and academia
; normally thought to be outside the intelligence field.
A cryptocracy is such a massive secretive organization; which has been (and of Dec 2007 still is) the hiddenforce behind most major political events. It is termed a cryptocracy because its indoctrinated members
 strive to hide the truth
of events in "history" from the general population; as it profits them more to do so.Events have been/are masterminded behind the scenes, prior to an event, such as 9-11, occurring, and aredesigned to play upon the subconscious and internal archetypes of the minds of the citizenry at large. ( thetruth of events of each major event is typically spun around in the mainstream media, blame is placed on apatsy (al-CIA-da) or "villian" ("Osama") or the competition/propagandized enemy (Iraq/Iran/Chavez), soreality of "what" really happened and "who" really caused it becomes cryptic, blurred and/or orindiscernible/imperceptible to the bamboozled citizenry. The result may be the entire countryside is fooledinto a military coup of their nation (JFK) or another horrible pre-planned war (9-11). )Since the cryptocracy creates or leads the people into a "consensus reality" and then like a magician plucksthings out of the air in order to create uncertainty and double-mindedness in the populations, things appearto people who search out the truth as being totally out of whack. And things are totally out of whack. Whensomeone comes across facts which are at odds with the "consensus reality" { such as Building 7 turning intoconsciously or unconsciously) or suffer ridicule, contempt, violence & legislation from those trapped withinthe "consensus reality" created by the cryptocrats (the hidden criminal monarchy).The predominant psychopathy of the cryptocracy is in fostering and maintaining the group-think conclusionthat the global population will wind-up so disoriented (and choking other's throats) by the repeatedhistorical distortions that the citizenry of all nations shall fall as easy prey to become cattle for the elitecontrollers of the cryptocracy { who inevitably shall attempt to reveal themselves through the mass media inthe future as some kind of savior-class prepared to end the madness, chaos, mass murder, and confusionthey themselves and their ancestors infested and promoted upon the world over several generations. }It is because the public at large has never before been confronted with an enemy so profound, sophisticated,omnipresent yet elusive as today's secretive and interlocked "new world order" criminal monarchalhierarchy, where the core administrative, or 'executive', source remains hidden behind the scenes/media andthe responsibility of its corrupt and murderous agenda and grandiose deceptions is shared so widespread,with no benevolent government remaining to call upon for protection from it; the discombobulated droves,"democrat" or "republican", of individually innocent citizens feel helpless in its buildup and thecryptocracy's intermittent and haphazard path/course of reckless abandon of all ethics/morals and theresulting wanton destruction it perpetually causes at an ever accelerated pace.Since the cryptocracy violates every constitutional principle as a matter of course, breaks every one of God's10 commandments, and commits every crime known to man in the interest of "national security," it cannotentirely rely on the patriotism of its agents to keep its secrets. Therefore, no single individual is told morethan he has a "need to know", they partake in playing accomplice by taking 'orders' from their higher-ups.The existing global monarchy of cryptocrats is a brotherhood, and to a lesser degree "sisterhood",reminiscent of the ancient secret societies, with rites of initiation and indoctrination programs to develop itsloyal membership and "understanding" of its hypnotizing "mysteries". Freemasonry is the globalinstitution used as the principle physical house/temple for this misconduct. High degree freemasonry hascodes & oaths of silence (of immorality & dogmas) which reinforce the sense of elitism necessary for themaintenance of its strict loyalty. It is automated, organized in the mode of a computer, where all its minionshave access to general knowledge and the most obvious aims and goals (a tyrannical world governmentcomposed of crypto-plutocrats), but where each actor/conspirator is isolated by tribal rituals,compromisation, and compartmentalization, threats, bribery, and any "honor", if any, that a band of tyrants, mass murderers, crooks, thieves, and liars would like to believe they share amongst themselves.
( Analogously, the proprietary global "computer" system obviously needs to be shut down/unplugged and re-installed with a software"upgrade" to a new "open source" operating system. )
dust at freefall speed at 5:02pm on 9-11 (see: WTC7.net) } they must either ignore the facts (either

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