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English Comp Pg 82 #10

English Comp Pg 82 #10

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Published by awholelottolove

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Published by: awholelottolove on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dilisa V. TownsendMrs. J. HillEnglish Comp. I1 December 2004
My Family’s Idea of Personal Achievement: Then and Now
This is one of the papers I dread writing because it is a comparison of my childrenand me. My idea of personal achievement is different for each of us that now reside inmy home. My grandmother, who was my caregiver, had her own idea of personalachievement. In some ways I have taken the ideals I was raised with and adapted them tomy children. I too have had to adapt them for me now that I am in college.One thing I can remember from childhood is how my grandmother never readanything. As a child, I had no opinion of this behavior. As an adult, I am surprised Ihave the love of reading that I do. In so many ways my grandmother was the only rolemodel I followed. The lack of reading in my home shows me some behaviors can belearned. I also don’t remember my grandmother ever putting any pressure on me to do better in my studies. A small part of me feels she did not understand the love of learningI showed. Don’t get me wrong. I was not an A student, but I liked finding out newthings. In my home there was a monetary value put on my grades. An A was $5. A Bwas $4. A C was $3. I don’t ever remember having to do more or be the best. I feltcomfortable in the place I had found for myself.My boys, on the other hand, have me breathing down their necks all the time. Iknow I do not handle their grades well, but I am learning. It matters to me that mychildren have as much knowledge they can fit into their brains. It is worth my time tofigure out a way to get them excited about learning. I do feel I put pressure on them. Themain reason I pressure them is because they have been labeled “slow learners” by the

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