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English Knepler Page 107 #18

English Knepler Page 107 #18

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Published by awholelottolove

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Published by: awholelottolove on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dilisa V. TownsendMrs. J. HillEnglish Comp. I29 November 2004
To Track Or Not To Track, Why Is There A question?
“Mom, I don’t understand this”! As a mother of two male children with twodifferent learning disabilities, I hear these words more than I would like. I learned abouttracking when my children’s teachers asked if it were okay with me to request mychildren in their classrooms. I had no reason to question why they asked until mychildren stared to run into problems with their learning. One their teachers could notunderstand how two little boys from the same home were beginning to fall behind. Of course, they looked at if there was anything new or unusual going on in my home. Therewas not. They tested my oldest child, but he tested well. They tested my younger son,and that’s where we found a problem. This paper will tell of the things we had to gothrough in order to get the help my children needed. I will show the advantages myfamily has received by the “tracking’ system used in public schools.When they reached third grade something happened. The problem my childrenfaced was neither one of them was taking in information like they had in the past. Their teachers knew I was very involved with my children and helped as much as they couldwith extra schoolwork and study tips. We knew something was very wrong becauseeventually they fell so far behind; an intervention had to be made by their school at myrequest. My older son, who went through this boggling change first, tested well but wasstill having problems. We eventually tried a medical intervention. We found he wasvery ill and need emergency medical intervention for his loss of educational progress.
My other son, who did not test well, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyper-Activity Disorder. I allowed him to be placed on medication at this time because Ithought it was the best decision. I was wrong. He did well on the medicine, but hiswhole personality changed. I was faced with making the decision of continuing themedicine or letting my son fall further and further behind in school. In the end, he took the decision out of my hands. He came to me one day and asked to be taken off themedicine. I honored his request because I understood why he wanted off the medicine hewas taking. He and I spoke with his wonderful teachers. They came up with a lesson plan specifically for him. They put him into a class for children who learn at different paces. He did great in that class and began to love school again. When his teachersexplained to me how studies had shown that African-American males fell behind aroundthe third grade, I was very surprised. I have found information that suggests African– American males begin to fall behind in structured school settings around this time of their educational lives.The statistics of African-American males falling behind in the third and fourthgrades as rose since 1971. This means an elementary age African-American male can dowell in their studies, but it is not guaranteed they will keep up with the same level of advancement through the rest of their school careers. In my children’s case, they fell behind but were caught before they could slip through the cracks. Some children are notso lucky.I am for “tracking” in schools because w while in elementary school my childrenadvanced at an acceptable pace. In my opinion, “tracking” is for the benefit of thestudent. The educational problems my children face show how educational intervention

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