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The Great Work of Redemption.

The Great Work of Redemption.

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Published by glennpease

Ps. cxi. 2. The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all
them that have pleasure therein.

Ps. cxi. 2. The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all
them that have pleasure therein.

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Published by: glennpease on Jun 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE GREAT WORK OF REDEMPTIO. BY REV. C. SIMEO, M. A.Ps. cxi. 2. The works of the Lord are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. THIS psalm is one of those appointed by our Church for Easter Day: for which it is sufficiently appropriate, in that it celebrates that redemption of God's people from Egypt, which was typical of the Redemption wrought out for us by Christ upon the cross, and perfected by his resurrection from the dead. The structure of it is very peculiar. Every sentence begins with the different letters of the He- brew alphabet in their order ; the eight first verses consisting each of two sentences, and the two last of 412.1 THE GREAT WORK OF REDEMPTIO. 367 of three sentences. This artificial mode of writing it seems to have been with a view to its being more easily remembered. The first word of it, " Halle- lujah," was, in fact, no part of the psalm itself, but only the title of it ; and it shews us with what dis- position of mind the subject should be contemplated, and with what feelings it was recorded. O that our souls might rise to the occasion, whilst we consider, I. The greatness of God's works ! Great indeed they were, even the deliverances accomplished for Israel in Egypt. Who can read of all the plagues with which that land was visited ; or
of the destruction of Pharaoh and all his host in the Red Sea; or of the wonders wrought for Israel in the wilderness ; or of their final establishment in the land of Canaan ; and not exclaim, " Great and mar- vellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty!'? But, however much we may be disposed, in imitation of David in this psalm, to admire the perfections of God as illustrated in that stupendous work, we are called to the consideration of infinitely greater works, of which the deliverance from Egypt was but a type and shadow. Yes : in the redemption of the world we do indeed behold the perfections of our God shin- ing forth, as it were, in meridian splendor. That was a work beyond all parallel and all conception great, 1. In wisdom and power — [When Moses saw what God had wrought for the people of Israel at the Red Sea, he sang, " Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods ? Who is like unto thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders'' ?" But St. Paul speaks of our blessed Lord as concentrating in himself all that is great and glorious, and as being, as it were in the abstract, " The Wisdom of God, and the Power of God''." O what unsearchable depths of wisdom were contained in that mystery, the substitution of God's only dear Son in the place of sinners; whereby the sins of the whole world are expiated, and the kingdom of heaven opened to mil- lions, who, without such a Saviour, must have inherited the blackness of darkness for ever 1 or was the power that effected our redemption less manifest, in forming the human nature *Exod. XV. 11. "1 Cor. i. 24. 368 PSALMS, CXI. 2. [412.
nature of our Lord in the womb of a pure Virgin, free from all the taint of our original corruption ; and enabling that body, so won- derfully formed, to bear the curse due to our iniquities, and to work out a righteousness adequate to the wants, and sufficient for the necessities, of a ruined world. View the triumphs of Jesus in the wilderness, and in the garden, and on the cross ; in all of which " he spoiled the principalities and powers of hell :" view them also in his resurrection, and ascension, and in the operations of the Holy Spirit, whom he sent from heaven to complete the wonders of his grace : view these things, and say, whether " his work be not indeed honourable and glorious %" the very summit of wisdom, and the perfection of power.] 2. In goodness and mercy — [So conspicuous were these perfections in the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, that David could behold, as it were, nothing else. In a psalm where he specifies a great variety of particulars relating to it, he repeats no less than twenty-six times in as many verses, " His mercy endureth for ever''." But what shall we say of his goodness and mercy to us in Christ Jesus ? Eternity will be too short to enumerate the instances wherein these per- fections are displayed, and to make such acknowledgments as this exhibition of them calls for at our hands. The manna from hea- ven, and the water from the rock, were but faint images of what we receive in and from the Lord Jesus Christ. O what supplies of grace, what rich communications of his blessed Spirit, does he impart to us from day to day! And what forbearance does he exercise towards us ! Well indeed may we say with David, that " goodness and mercy have followed us all our days."] 3. In righteousness and truth — [In the whole dispensation, whether towards the Lord Jesus Christ himself, as our representative, or towards us whom he has

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