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World Eaters

World Eaters

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Published by hivetyrant765

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Published by: hivetyrant765 on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World Eaters
Note: In all instances where the Mark of Khorne is stated, this is meant to applyFurious Charge, Fearless, +1WS, and +1A to the model, which is already shownin the profile. This is done to show not only the devotion to Khorne and years of battle experience, but also the psycho-lobotomization procedure that the WorldEaters undergo to become Berserkers.
A World Eaters army must be led by a Lord of Battle or a Blood Prince, andonly one may be present in the army (meaning you cannot have a Lord of Battle and a Blood Prince, or two of either).
Lord of Battle 150pts
Unit Type
: Infantry
: 1
:Power WeaponBolt PistolFrag GrenadesKrak GrenadesPower Armour 
Special Rules
Independent Character FearlessMark of Khorne5+ Invulnerable Save
May Take one of the Following:Combi-weapon:10ptsTwin Linked Bolter: 5ptsMay replace Bolt Pistol with a Plasma Pistol for 15ptsMay Replace Power Weapon with on of the following:Axe of Khorne: 10ptsPowerfist: 15ptsSingle Lightning Claw: 15ptsBloodfeeder: 30ptsBerserker Glaive: 40ptsMay replace Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon with two Lightning Claws for 15pts
May Take a Personal Icon for 5pts, Collar of Khorne for 5pts, and Meltabombsfor 5pts.May take one of the followingJump Pack/Wings: 20ptsBike for 30ptsJuggernaut of Khorne for 40pts (+1T +1W +1S, still only moves as Infantry)May replace all weapons and wargear with Terminator Armour, Twin-LinkedBolter, and Power Weapon for 30pts. In this case, may only choose options fromthe following list:May replace Twin-Linked Bolter with a combi-weapon for 5ptsMay replace Power Weapon with on of the following:Axe of Khorne: 10ptsSingle Lightning Claw: 10ptsPowerfist: 10ptsChainfist: 15ptsBloodfeeder: 25ptsBerserker Glaive: 35ptsMay replace Twin-Linker Bolter and Power Weapon with Pair of Lightning Clawsfor 10ptsMay take Personal Icon for 5pts and Collar of Khorne for 5pts
Blood Prince: 160pts
Unit Type
: Monstrous Creature
: 1
:A single Close Combat Weapon
Special Rules
5+ Invulnerable SaveEternal Warrior (Immune to Instant Death!)Fearless.Mark of KhorneOptions:May have:Wings for 20ptsCollar of Khorne for 5pts
May take one of the following:Bloodfeeder for 30ptsBerserker Glaive for 40pts
Kharn the Betrayer:
As per codex: Chaos Space Marines.
If taken he countsas the Lord of Battle for the army.
: As per codex: Chaos Daemons. Must enter play from reservesfollowing the normal Deep Strike rules.
World Eaters Terminator Berserkers : 42pts each
World Eaters Terminator Berserker Skull Champion
Unit Type
: Infantry
: 3-16
:Terminator Armour Power WeaponTwin Linked Bolter.
Special Rules:
Mark of Khorne
Any World Eaters Terminator Berserker may be upgraded to a World EatersTerminator Berserker Skull Champion for +10pts.
Any model may replace its twin linked bolter with a combi-weapon for +5ptsAny model may replace its power weapon with one of the followingLightning Claw for 10ptsPowerfist for 10ptsChainfist for 15ptsAxe of Khorne for 10ptsAny model may replace both its power weapon and Twin Linked Bolter for twolightning claws for 10ptsOne model in the squad may replace its Twin Linked Bolter with one of thefollowing weapons. For every five members in the squad, they may take one of the following weapons.

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