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Published by Luis Nascimento

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Published by: Luis Nascimento on Jun 22, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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19" 1U Rack Mounting Auto Gain Multi Port Video Receiver Hub
TPA016A design by the advanced technology for auto gain and Equalization which 16 channel video active receiver to be install onto one compact 1! wide 1" panel# panels can reside in the same rac$ as other equipment # such as switchers# multiple%ers# &'(# video conferencing equipment)) etc) They are perfect for larger **T' installations and ideal for security monitoring stations)
TPA#1$A 1$ Port %igital Auto Gain Active Receiver
+uilt in 16 port auto gain receivers in 1" 1! rac$ mounting panel)
Auto gain control &it'out an( ad)u*t+ent!
U*e &it' ,a**ive tran*+itter -or di*tance u, to 1!./M!
U*e &it' active tran*+itter -or di*tance u, to 0!#/M!
+uilt in transient protection)
This device auto gain operation by factory default) ,or any abnormal picture occurred# it could be using (-./ terminal or ( remote control for advanced management setup and control)
+uilt in (-./ terminal for advanced management setup and control) t could be daisy chain up to 23pcs of TPA016A by any one option remote4P*4mobile phone control)
t could be control by mobile phone with using option model (-0065 (-. to Ethernet)
ption model5 (-0025 "-+ to (-./ converter# (-0015 (-323 to (-./ converter# (-005 (-323 to Ethernet converter# (015 ( remote control
Option model: 1) HS04-R1 (IR remote control) ---- using IR control
for advanced function setting)
 2) RS003 (USB to RS4! con"erter)
RS001 (RS232 to RS4! con"erter) ---- using #$ %or 
 advanced function setting)
 3) RS00& (RS4! to 'ternet con"erter) ---- using Internet "i #$*or mo+ile pone %or 
 advanced function setting)
Panel view & Function:
E% Indication
E%2olor3tatu*4unctionPo&er E%GREENnPo&er4la*'Under 3etting2'annel E%5UEnVideo 3ignal In,ut 4la*'Hard&are %e-ective
In*tallation Vie&IR Re+ote 2ontrol 3etting
,is de"ice could use IR remote control %or d"nced %unction setting nd control ,e I. num+er must +e setup +e%ore using IR remote control or cnge ne/ +tteries Setup IR remote I. num+er: #ress nd old #o/er Sm+ol +utton nd press num+er 1 Belo/ is te IR remote control setting metod: #o/er Sm+olen .e"ice 5o 6 0 could on*o%% te control modeen .e"ice 5o 6 1 7 32 men turn o%% te control mode
 n '5,'RInput te num+er ou /nt to setup (.e"ice 5o)
n 6 0-32Once te setting de"ice into control mode #O'R 8'. /ill %lsI% ou do not do n opertion /itin 1 minutest it /ill uto o%% control mode
 n '5,'RInput te $nnel num+er ou /nt to control ($nnel 5o) n 6 1-1&,e setting cnnel 8'. /ill +e on oters /ill +e o%% 1111111 Select te control cnnel  9nul setting ';uli<tion mode %or di%%erent c+le distnce (Srpness)#ress 9 to use = > d?ust te c+le distnce setting totl &4 d?ustments Bnul setting ';uli<tion mode %or di%%erent gin control (Brigtness)#ress B to use = > d?ust te gin setting totl &4 d?ustments'5U 1 '5,'RSetting uto gin mode (@ctor .e%ult)'5U 2 '5,'RSetting mnul ';uli<tion mode'5U 3 0 '5,'RSetting input signl s color signl nd mAe ';uli<tion %or color signl'5U 3 1 '5,'RSetting input signl s mono signl nd mAe ';uli<tion %or mono signl'5U 3 2 '5,'R9uto recogni<e te %ormt o% input signl nd mAe its %ormt (@ctor .e%ult)'5U 4 0 '5,'RInput signl is norml polrit (@ctor .e%ult)'5U 4 1 '5,'RRe"ert polrit o% input signl'5U 4 2 '5,'R9uto recogni<e te input signl polrit i% n mistAe It /ill re"ert +cA to correct one '5U ! 0 '5,'RSetting turn o%% te noise %ilter(@ctor .e%ult)'5U ! 1 '5,'RSetting te minimum noise %ilter'5U ! 2 '5,'RSetting te mimum noise %ilter'5U & '5,'RS"e te current setting'5U C '5,'R8od te pre"ious setting'5U  n '5,'RSetting de"ice num+er (.e"ice 5o) n 6 0-32
,unction -etting 7 8anagement application
,unction -etting 7 8anagement application
This device could use command line to control via built in (-./ terminal program# 9*:
*ommand;:ine nterface<# through (-./ terminal port 9*onsole Port< for detailed function setup and management) =ou could use our model number5 (-002 "-+ to (-./ converter# or (-001 (-323 to (-./ converter# the *ommunication format is 600#/# ># 1 9600 bps# 1 start bit# / data bits# 1 stop bit<)
Use commnd s +elo/
D.isplcommnd usgeE n$ontrol de"ice num+er (.e"ice 5o) n 6 0-32itout input prmeter: .isplte de"ice num+er Once te setting de"ice into control mode I% ou do not do n opertion /itin 1 minutest it /ill uto o%% control modeF n$ontrol cnnel num+er ($nnel 5o)
n 6 1-1&
 itout input prmeter: .ispl current setting S',nSetting tis de"ice num+er n 6 0-32 0 men stnd lone mode (@ctor .e%ult).o not repet setting te de"ice num+er recommend setting n indi"idul connection to RS4! not to connect oter de"ices in series in order to "oid n con%usion t te setting num+er S,9,US n.ispl te current control de"ice cnnel sttusn 6 0 displ ll cnnel sttus n 6 1-1& displ te speci%ied cnnel sttus itout input prmeter: .ispl current control cnnel sttus 9U,OSetting uto gin mode (@ctor .e%ult)95U98 Setting mnul ';uli<tion mode8'5G,H nnul setting ';uli<tion mode %or di%%erent c+le distnce (Srpness) n 6 0-&3 (@ctor .e%ult is 0)
1 step e;ul 2! ','RS itout input prmeter: .ispl current settingG9I5 nnul setting ';uli<tion mode %or di%%erent gin control (Brigtness) n 6 0-&3 (@ctor .e%ult is 32) 0 is te drAest "lue
&3 is te +rigtness "lue itout input prmeter: .ispl current setting
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