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Microsoft Word - TBH Handbook

Microsoft Word - TBH Handbook

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Published by api-26041148

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Published by: api-26041148 on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear teddy bear friends,

right in front of you is a handbook which hopefully will ease you to make the decision to organise a Teddy Bear Hospital in your university town. If you already made your decision this guideline should save you a lot of work and and problems as well.

We took many thoughts about the topics and layout of this guideline. Nevertheless, we surely can not claim for total perfection. Therefore we will be glad of any kind of criticism, improvement suggestions and of course praise.

The following table shows a statistic of previous Teddy Bear Hospitals (tbh\u2019s) took
place in German university towns.
Year Total
Heidelberg, Bochum
Heidelberg, Berlin, Jena, Ulm, Hamburg, Mainz, Leipzig
Hannover, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Rostock, W\u00fcrzburg, Mainz,
M\u00fcnchen, Leipzig, Freiburg
* We hope to add your Teddy Bear Hospital into this statistic soon.

The publisher thank all previous organisers of Teddy Bear Hospitals for their help with the origin of this handbook. Special thanks goes to Elizabeth Russe from the Teddy Bear Hospital in Innsbruck/Austria. Due to the detailed information and gained experience from Innsbruck tit was possible for us to develop this helpful guideline for organise Teddy Bear Hospitals.

As well Oliver Nitsche from Mainz/Germany and Florian Striehl from Heidelberg/Germany should be mentioned for great help. The participants of the subregional training in public health which took place in Freiburg/Germany in April 2002 had also considerable influence in this paper.

Barbara D\u00fchrsen and Kersten Peldschus
NPO- Team 2001/2002
Handbook: Teddy Bear Hospital
Steps of planing a TBH: (TBH = Teddy Bear Hospital)
1. Laying\u2013down the organisation team:

The following subdivision for areas of responsibility proved well:
Depending on how much you are you have to subdivide positions among each other.
(special hints will be given at the corresponding points)

a) Teddy-Doctors

\ue000advertising among students and nurses
\ue000schedule of teddy doctors

b) Press / Advertisement

\ue000poster, presentations
\ue000 press release (together with Proposal)
\ue000contact to newsletters, radio stations, TV
\ue000 pictures, short information

c) Fundraising / Sponsoring

\ue000project description / proposal
\ue000costing / budget
\ue000inquiry at public and private sponsors
\ue000 donations (balloon, pen, \u2026.)

d) Permissions / Insurance

\ue000permission at the town clerk\u2018s office / police
\ue000description of the location for supplier / Kindergarten
\ue000personal liability insurance for teddy doctors (D\u00c4V, AXA, Allianz,\u2026)

e) Kindergarten

\ue000looking for kindergarten
\ue000 to write to or to get in contact with kindergarten
\ue000 arrangement / preparations with head
\ue000splitting up kindergarten as planned in the schedule

f) Camp material (tent)

\ue000inquire relief organisation
\ue000to organise tent and banks / tables
\ue000to arrange the tent equipment
\ue000to make inquiries for electricity and toilet
\ue000design big plates or banners for the tent

g) Aid and other
\ue000listing of things needed or required (list)
(plaster, bandage\u2026)

\ue000inquire hospitals (nursing staff, pharmacy)
\ue000brush and paint / paper / pen / balloons / decoration
\ue000drinks / sweets

h) Coordination
\ue000Keep everything running!!!

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