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The Value of True Wisdom.

The Value of True Wisdom.

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Prov. viii. 35, 36. IVIioso Jindeth me, findeth life, and shall
ohiain favour of the Lord. But he that sinneth against me,
wrongtth his own soul: all that hate me, love death.

Prov. viii. 35, 36. IVIioso Jindeth me, findeth life, and shall
ohiain favour of the Lord. But he that sinneth against me,
wrongtth his own soul: all that hate me, love death.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE VALUE OF TRUE WISDOM. THE REV. C. SIMEO, M.A. Prov. viii. 35, 36. IVIioso Jindeth me, findeth life, and shall ohiain favour of the Lord. But he that sinneth against me, wrongtth his own soul: all that hate me, love death. IT is common in the Prophetic Writings to find ex- pressions which really relate to the Messiah, w^hile they apparently speak only of some other person or thing; and while other expressions in the same tjDassage have no proper reference to him at all. It is impossible not to notice this in the 22d and 69th Psalms, and in many other places which are quoted in the ew Testament as referring to him. The same mode of speaking, we apprehend, may be ob- served in the chapter before us. In some parts of it, true religion seems to be characterized under the term '' Wisdom ;" but in others, Christ himself. From the 22d to the 3 1st verse, the language cannot well be interpreted as designating religion, nor even an attribute of the Deity: it can only be understood of God's eternal Son, who lay in the bosom of the Father, and before the foundation of the earth re-  joiced in the prospect of becoming an inhabitant of this globe, for the salvation of sinful man. Yet, on the whole, we apprehend, that the exhortation to Wisdom at the beginning of the chapter speaks rather of piety as the proper object of our pursuit. We are sure that this is the general import of the term throughout the book of Proverbs; and that piety, as personified under this name, frequently addresses us. We rather lean therefore to the safe side in our interpretation of the text, than ground upon it any observations which may appear forced, or unwarranted by the text itself.
Two things then we shall be led to notice ; I. The benefit of seeking true wisdom- Wisdom, whether relating to temporal or eternal things, is never found by chance ; it must be sought by persevering inquiries, and be obtained as the fruit' 52 PROVERBS, viir. 35, 36. [451. fruit of diligent research. To those who do find it, it will be productive, 1. Of present happiness — [By " life" we may understand happiness; and then the first clause of our text will exactly correspond with what is more difiusely stated in the third chapter \ Till we have attained true wisdom, we know not what real happiness means: "There is no peace, saith God, to the wicked," As for the mirth which the men of this world enjoy, it is only " like the crackling of thorns under a pot;" it blazes for a -^> moment, and then goes out in spleen and melancholy. He who knows perfectly what is in man, says, " Even in mirtl^^ their heart is sorrowful, and the end of that mirth is heavi-^ ness^" But when once they have just views of Christ, and are truly devoted to him, they are filled with " a peace that passeth all understanding," and, at times, with "joy unspeak-* able and glorified." ow they begin to know what life is: " they truly pass from death unto life." Their former was little better than a state of mere animal existence: but now they see the true end, and taste the true enjoyment, of life: they participate in a measure the blessedness of heaven itself. We appeal to those who have ever known what it is to " live by faith on the Son of God," and to feel the constraining in- fluence of his love, whether one hour of " fellowship with the Father and the Son" does not outweigh whole years of fel- lowship with sin and sinners.]
2. Of future happiness — [" o favour can we find with God," till we are brought to the possession of true wisdom ^ But, instantly on our embracing his dear Son as he is revealed in the Gospel, we are numbered amongst " his peculiar people," whom " he has set apart for himself," and esteems as " his jewels." Then there is no favour that he will not shew them: he will come down and " make his abode with them, and sup with tl>em.'* He will " keep them with all the care and tenderness with which we keep the apple of our eye:" and he will administer to them, in every hour of trial, v.hatever shall be most suited to their necessities'*. In the hour of death especially, " when they are going, as it were, through fire and water, he will be with them:" and, on the instant of their release from this mor- tal body, he will transport them on the wings of angels to his blest abode, there to behold and participate his glory to all eternity. But who can form any idea of the blessings he will then bestow. It is sulficient for us to know that his word is pledged, " Prov. iii. 13 — IS. In (his sense the term occurs elsewhere. See Prov, xxii. 4. 1 Thess, iii. 8. ' Prov. xiv. 33, ' Isai.xxvii, 11. * Ps. y, 12. 451.3 VALUE OF TRUE WISDOM. 53 pledged, and that what he hath promised, he is able also to perform.] If such be the value of true wisdom, what must be, II. The folly of neglecting it — Sin of every kind is an act of hostility against sound wisdom: and, if the sin be wilful, it is an

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