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Midnight Hour of Truth Rats Cinderella to Mice

Midnight Hour of Truth Rats Cinderella to Mice

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Transparent glass slipper evidences and shatters them who walked the same shoe
Transparent glass slipper evidences and shatters them who walked the same shoe

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Jun 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Monarch clips own wings flight from justice impunity1982Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms cedes to theSupremacy of God and Rule of awa!rogating any and all satanic state pri"ilege there!y the rule of law is as hostile to monarchy state pri"ilege as is to any tyrannical terrorism as in dictatorship or anarchy humanity enemyS#SSanctity of SpiritCatalyst to humanity legal certainty separating the monarch to judgement !y an interdependent power as in a clear separation of powers $1% &othing in this Charter e'tends the legislati"e powers of any!ody or authority$2% (1)
This Charter applies
 (a) to the *arliament and go"ernment of Canada
in respect of all matters
 within the authority of *arliament including all matters relating to the +u,on -erritory and &orthwest -erritories. and (!) to the legislature and go"ernment of each pro"ince
in respect of all matters
 within the authority of the legislature of each pro"ince% Rule of awhttp/00en%wi,ipedia%org0wi,i0Ruleoflaw-he Rule of law in its most !asic form is
no one is above the law.
*erhaps the most important application of the rule of law is the principle that go"ernmental authority is legitimately e'ercised only in accordance with  pu!licly disclosed laws adopted and enforced in accordance with esta!lished procedural steps that are referred to as due process%
The rule of law is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy.
3ccording to modern 3nglo43merican thin,ing hallmar,s of adherence to the rule of law commonly include a clear separation of powers
legal certainty,
 the principle of legitimate e'pectation and e5uality of all !efore the law%-he concept is not without contro"ersy and it has !een said that 6the phrase the rule of law has !ecome
 than,s to ideological a!use and general o"er4 use6G# *#7General #"er4use *roclamations #nly 7lusi"ity
 pu!licly disclosed laws2% (1) -he Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canadaand any law that is inconsistent with the pro"isions of the Constitution is to the e'tent of the inconsistency
of no force or effect
The following was extracted from the Law Society of Upper Canada - Lawyers Rules of Conduct1.03 f - Interpretation(f) rules of professional conduct
cannot address every situation
, and a lawyer should observe the rules
in the spirit
 as well as in
the letter.
:G7R *3R3S#
umanity :naliena!le Guaranteed olistic 75ual Rights *ersonnel 3ssigned Responsi!ly 3ccounta!le Spirit of aw
S#SSanctity of SpiritConstitution
Catalyst of *ro"isions
Legal Certainty
umanity 3chie"ement3 &ot "ulnera!le to failure to address e"ery situation deli!erate or otherwise ;hen a person has !een "ictimi<ed ensuing in"estigation must include scrutiny as to the competence of  process due conduci"e to support the Charter Rights as e5ually guaranteed www%Fran,1$%com Fiduciary Responsi!ly 3ccounta!le &efarious =in, 1% -he Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it su!ject only to such reasona!le limits prescri!ed !y law
as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
 has the right to life li!erty and security of the person and
the right not to be deprived thereof 
 e'cept in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice%1% (1) 7"ery indi"idual is e5ual !efore and under the law and has the right to the e5ual protection and e5ual  !enefit of the law
without discrimination
 and in particular
without discrimination
  !ased on race national or ethnic origin colour religion se' age or mental or physical disa!ility%#M7 R3C7umanity #ne Mother 7arth Reality 3lmighty Consecrated 7lement?SS?ltimate Serious Stuff umans are not fair game for Self 7"ident 7"il @ S77 4 Satanic 7lite 7nterprise gaming the system
ecoming !eaningful

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