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The Saints Are Witnesses for God.

The Saints Are Witnesses for God.

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Isai. xliii. 1 2. Ye are my witnesses^ saith the Lord, that I am

Isai. xliii. 1 2. Ye are my witnesses^ saith the Lord, that I am

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE SAITS ARE WITESSES FOR GOD. THE REV. C. SIMEO, M.A. Isai. xliii. 1 2. Ye are my witnesses^ saith the Lord, that I am God. GOD is a jealous God, and cannot endure that any- other should be put in competition with him. Hencehe takes frequent occasion to reprove the idolatry into which his people were ever prone to relapse. He shews them the folly of cutting down a tree, and kindling a fire with part of the wood, and roasting their food with it, and then fashioning another part of the same tree into the image of a man, and bow- ing down to it as a god. He challenges them and all the world to bring any single instance of such senseless idols having ever revealed things that were long past and forgotten, or of their having ever fore- told future events, or effected for their votaries any signal deliverance. He appeals to them, that he had done these things for them ; and that therefore they themselves were witnesses for him, that he was the only true God. A similar appeal may properly be made to the people of God at this day. They have within them- selves very convincing proofs of his exclusive right to universal adoration ; I. In what he has taught them — He has given them such views of Divine truth as they could not possibly obtain from any other quar- ter. He has shewn them, 1 . The depravity of their nature — [Others may profess in words that they are fallen crea-
tures : but who ever learned, from mere study, or the instruc- tions of man, that his " heart was deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked ? " Who ever so learned it, as really to " abhor himself in dust and ashes?" But God does teach all his people this lesson and all who h:; ve learned it, are therefore living witnesses of his almighty power and grace.] 2. The excellency of Christ — [To compliment Christ with honourable titles is common enough. But who can open a man's eyes, so that he shall "behold the glory of God in his face?" Yet this is done for all the Lord's people. To every one of them " Christ is truly precious" In this respect therefore they are wit- nesses that their teacher is the omnipotent Jehovah.] 3. The beauty of holiness — [However some particular virtues may be admired in the world, the holiness which the Gospel requires is odious in their 344 ISAIAH, xLiii. ]2. [512; their eyes. Penitence is considered as melancholy ; devotion, as hypocrisy; zeal for God, as enthusiasm; and an earnest expectation of glory, as consummate pride and presumption. And who can alter their views? ot an Apostle, nor even an angel from heaven. They might be silenced ; but nothing less than Omnipotence can so change their sentiments, as to make them in love with a spiritual and heavenly life. But the Child
of God sees that such a life is the perfection of bliss, a very heaven upon earth and herein also is a witness that the God whom he serves is the only true God.] But the Children of God are also living witnesses of his power and Godhead, II. In what he has done for them — We acknowledge the creation to be an evidence that the Maker thereof is God : and so likewise is the work which God hath wrought in his saints. J . He has created them anew — [The change that takes place in conversion is not an out- ward and partial, but an inward and universal change. It is " a new birth," a " renovation of the inward man after the image of God" But where is the power that can effect this i Let philosophy try her powers; let reason exert herself: " the old man," the corrupt principles of nature, will laugh at them, and defy their utmost exertions But is not this change actually wrought in thousands? We grant, that in many who have professed to have experienced it, it is but very imperfectly produced; yea, and that many who think it has been wrought in them only deceive their own souls: but all the Apostles were not like Judas; nor are all professors of religion hypocrites. Take then the upright and consistent Christian, and tell me whether any power on earth can pro- duce such a character? if not, he is a witness for God, that HE alone is worthy of our hope and dependence.] '2. He has elevated them above the world —

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