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how to - fuck up work

how to - fuck up work

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Published by Billie Davis

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Published by: Billie Davis on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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************************************************************************* ** "Just do it" HOW TO FUCK UP WORK "Ask not what Anarchy ** -NIKE VOL I. can do for you, but ** what you can do for ** Typed by: PUBLIC ENEMY Anarchy" ** In Association with: THE ANARCHISTS ALLIANCE -Public Enemy **-Mark B. you are a total dickhead! *************************************************************************RELEASED: July 8, 1989-Formated 80 Columns because I felt like it, dammit.NOTE: This file was written while I worked in a grocery store for somecheap bastard. Being fired was an honor, believe me. Anyway theAnarchy-related techniques in this article are tailor-made for agrocery store, however many of these techniques can be used or modifiedfor use in other types of work. So just use your imagination. You'dbe surprised at what can happen. Really.So you want to fuck up work, huh? Either you about to get fired, themanager's a dick, or you just hate the fucking place. Whatever yourreason for fucking up work is, read on for some Anarchy info that willreally send your workplace to hell and back! Anybody who has worked ina grocery store knows that there's a phone that you can make free callsto for deliveries, orders, etc. Some fun things to do with this is togo to the phone when nobody's looking, dial one of those sex numbersand put a pencil or some tape between the phone and the receiver so itdosen't hang up when you put the handpiece down. After a couple ofhours the manager will pick it up and the company then owes about$500.00 in long distance charges. Another idea is to tape the phone tothe loudspeaker in the store so that the listening part of the phone is
taped to the speaker. Now dial the sex number and run. Soon the voiceof the sex line will go all over the store! Other fun things to dowith the phone is to make deliveries to people's houses, order pizzas,prank people, and send shit to the manager's house. If you really wantto fuck them up prank 911, prank the operator, or call computer systemsthat trace. Probably the best way to fuck them up is to take apart thephone and cut the wire that makes the phone ring, so that it works butnobody will be able to make an incoming call. This could really sendthe store to hell because no deliveries will come. If you work in agrocery store, you know that there are refigerated aisles for ice creamand frozen shit. O.K. what you do is you get some Crisco baking oiland pour it along the aisles right in front of the refrigeratedsections. Now when somebody leans over to get something they slip andfall in the refrigerator. Me and my buddy Frank did this once and someold lady was coming down the aisle. She reached over the side of therefrigerator and slipped and fell right in it! I couldn't stop laughing for a week. It took 2 managers to pull her out and she sued theplace. It was great. Some good stuff to do is to take bottles ofvinegar and barbecue sauce and drop them in the aisle and take off. Youcan smell that shit all over the store even after they clean it up! Goup to the deli and order about 3 pounds of fish. Just say it's for acustomer. Now when nobody's looking stick it way up a cash register orfar behind an aisle. In about 2 days the place will smell likesomebody died. If your store has radiators or heat sources, take acarton of cream and open it up and put in the the radiator. It willsmell like somebody shit and it will blow it all over the store! Thisis a great way of discourging customers! You can have lots of fun inthe supply room of your store. Go back there at night and get a cartonof eggs and throw them all over the stocked groceries. That's about a
couple hundred dollars loss because they won't be able to clean off theeggs and they will have to trash the groceries. In the back of yourstore there is an electrical box that contains all of the fuses for theelectricity. Put a C02 cartridge bomb or and M-80 and run. In about aminute the lights and power will all go off in t he store and then it'sAnarchy Time! My friend did this once and when all of the lights wereoff he started yelling FIRE! It was total chaos! And all the meatsand frozen shit melted! If you have a microwave in the break room, puta can of soup in and run. In about 8 minutes it will blow up the wholemicrowave and put shrapnel and soup all over the breakroom! Well it'sabout time to wrap up Volume I. of how to fuck up work. Use this fileas a guidelines and incorporate your imagination into this shit. Greatthings happen when you put your mind to it. Do shit like call in bombthreats or say that you poisened an order of food (make sure you do itfrom a payphone) or if they stick you outside and you see one of thosehuge trucks about to back out, stick a cart behind it. Good luck anddon't get caught!THE PROSI'd like to thank all of the workers who helped make my dreams cometrue. We fucked our grocery store to hell!Call these cool boards dude:THE HIDDEN STRONGHOLD: 1-201-226-0623DEMON ROACH UNDERGROUND: 1-806-794-4362 PW:THRASH NU:ASPHYXIATHE RED LIGHT BBS: 1-319-332-8268THE CONSMark Bouffard you are a dick! Anybody out there that hates people wholeach, steal, and fuck others over, prank this dick at 1-216-261-0788.If it is a long distance call, call still. Believe me it's worth theeffort and I'll be eternally greatful to you for fucking this dick

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