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DAC Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Notes June 12 2014

DAC Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Notes June 12 2014

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 Domain Awareness Center Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Privacy and Data Retention June 12
, 2014 Hearing Room 4 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2
 Floor 6:00 PM Meeting Notes-There was no Quorum so these notes are purely for review purposes.
6:00pm Call to Order and determination of quorum
There was no quorum, attendees included:
 Jesper Jurcenoks (chair), Rick Johnson, Matt Cagle,  Aestetix, Phil Wolff, and Nadia Kayyali.
6:03pm Approval of amended Minutes from May 1 and May 8 Meetings.
May 8
 minutes included discussion on Brown Act. Those changes are not showing up on the minutes.
6:05pm Approval of Minutes from May 22 Meeting.
May 22
 minutes: item 3, the ACLU letter was not attached, Item 5: EFF issues, the motion was by Linda, not Brian.
6:15pm Comments on Narrative for 'Purpose of the DAC'
Purpose of the DAC: the statement written by Jon Wactor was reviewed.
Phil says that the purposes listed are really broad
Look at the color coded document under #3 to come up with the draft that Jon came up with
Phil says there is language here that doesn’t add value or isn’t in compliance with law.
 Jesper says that the original intent of the city was to ride on the coat tails of the port for more than the scope approved
They mean data when they say information
When does the EOC get activated?
It doesn’t mention the core values in there
Other police agencies is a point of concern
Look at the Purpose on each of the PPT presentations given by city staff for some guidance. They are on the wiki
Seems like a law enforcement purpose, not a privacy group purpose
Everyone only wants 24 hours in the DAC according to Fire, Police and the Port
Broaden the mission statement: allow them to trigger response and then also protect constitutional rights and other constraints
6:25pm Status on outstanding Data Requests by Joe DeVries
 Joe DeVries indicated a lot of information came in that day and/or was on its way. He would try to compile all of it and send out as soon as possible with a goal of three business days after the meeting (similar to the minutes). He also noted he will be asking Joanne McNabb from the
 Attorney General’s Office to come to speak soon. No other speakers lined up yet.
6:35pm Review submitted input to Policy Strategies and suggest further strategies. (Updated Policy Draft Attached)
 Jesper noted some colors have changed since the last meeting.
DAC isn’t a department; it is just part of existing departments and the EOC. The EOC is not 24
hours while DAC is. Data sharing is an important area to cover thoroughly EOC rep: Kathy Eide: Activation is an incident in which multiple agencies, etc. work together. EOC is simply about resource coordination. There are no 911 calls coming in there. It is a central hub for people
to provide resource requests. If the city can’t handle it, then it is sent to another
resource area. EOC is all about resources and mutual aide. The EOC could contain up to 100 people at the maximum point of activation. It often may take time to get staff there since, during an emergency, people are coming from all over the Bay  Area. Kathy Eide will send us a presentation of the EOC. She encourages folks to check out FEMA resources as well. Several Members asked if they can they get a tour of the EOC? Kathy Eide indicated that no one is allowed in the center without the proper clearances. The members asked where are the EOC security policies coming from especially related to background checks. It was noted that access is granted by EOC director. Level 3 security clearance is important. Is there a process they can go through to be provided clearance to the EOC, the committee members would like the policy on this and they would also like to get clearance as well. The members also want a glossary of all commonly used City acronyms.
7:00pm Prioritization and selection of subjects for sub-committees:
Citywide privacy policy outside of the DAC
 [can they do that?]  Do other cities have all encompassing privacy policies?  Nadia stated that Berkeley has some but not all encompassing. There might not be any cities that have general privacy policies They often are interested in law enforcement only. Subcommittee tasks would be done by: Prioritization: will do later including adding another committee: map of the territory and organizing all the data; construct a clear description of what is the DAC and how it operates especially as it relates to public info and info about people.  Phil and Nadia will likely be on that committee [not officially made yet because there is no quorum]  Data sharing: they want info that is still outstanding, Nadia noted she wants her PRA info faster and will ask Joe to help with that. They want to see the mutual aide and data sharing agreements but Jesper said that
he doesn’t need to see that in order to write this into the DAC 
Draft Answer to the Privacy Officer Tasks as defined May 8:
Recommendation for a City Privacy officer.
What does a privacy officer do in Silicon Valley companies?
What would the functions of a Privacy officer be in a setting like the City of Oakland?
Are those functions covered today by other functions in the City of Oakland?
What would be the benefits to consolidate these functions in a single person?
Would such benefits outweigh the added cost.
Additional Question to be answered: Can the Privacy Officer function be addressed by a Standing Privacy committee?
Who would be on such a committee and how would it be assembled?
Citywide Privacy policy
Should the City have a Privacy policy for other areas than the DAC?
If Yes - can the entire city be covered by a single policy or do we need a different structure? (Privacy policy framework?)
Draft Adaption of Electronic Frontier Foundation’s 6 Principles to a Municipal
Draft Wording on Prevention of Abuse
Draft Wording on Data Minimization
Draft Wording on Data Sharing Agreements
Draft Wording on Metrics
Draft Wording on Transparency 8.
7:30pm Pick Top 3 Subjects for sub-committees and appointment of members, and set deliverables for next meeting.
Data sharing: there are differing opinions on whether or not the city wants to share the data.

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