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Postal UDK Suggestions

Postal UDK Suggestions

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Published by uncle phil
Some Ideas Towards Postal 2: UDK.
Some Ideas Towards Postal 2: UDK.

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Published by: uncle phil on Jun 25, 2014
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Some Ideas Towards Postal 2: UDK.
 Version 1.3.2
Postal 2 UDK is an ongoing Postal 2: UDK is remake of Postal 2 on Unreal Engine III developed by Polish developers. 
 Too Many Weapons?
I like to give the townsfolk a variety of likely weapons using the AWPmod. Downside of this is the Postal Dude will pick all these up so when you want a certain weapon you have to cycle through a score or more. Throwing them away is slow since the list always resets to the start and he just picks up the next example he comes across. I am beginning to wonder if a system like Fallout 3 would be better so you can choose what you pick up and carry?
NPC Weapons Menu and Occurrence.
 A very welcome feature would be to have a sort of NPC weapons menu. The AWPmod only partially meets this need. It does not distinguish between different NPC classes so you get shopkeepers using grenade launchers and Police attacking with bows and frying pans! Using an improved system
you can set what weapons do and don’t appear in the game
and their frequency. For example, I might set a game so there are no military weapons and the chance of pistols and shotguns is low for a more melee-based game, or set up a manic game  where everyone is packing automatics and rocket launchers. There would be defaults of course:-military and terrorists would always have military weapons as would a boss such as Krotchy. If you dislike a certain weapon you can set it so that it never spawns.
Found Weapons.
Non-firearms in Postal UDK should have some context in their location.
Cleavers and Butcher Knives would be most likely to be found in the Meat  works.
 Axes in a shed or forest
Shovels in the graveyard, coal warehouse and roadworks
Baseball bats in homes or behind shop counters, but also in parks etc....
 Attention to Detail.
In the original game the M16 has no sights and the Desert Eagle no rear notch! Guns use
magazines or belts, not “clips”. Get this right, it is not that difficult!
Fix the Physics.
 Went on a rampage in Paradise the other night. Physics of some of the weapons are way off. Numerous times napalm canisters bounce back at you further on a subsequent bounce than they were originally fired. Scissors come flying straight back at you despite hitting a wall at an angle. Were RWS deliberately rigging the game to hurt you or were they just sloppy? (Probably the latter) I noticed when playing Apocalypse Weekend that NPCs set on fire need to move at random, not always towards the player. If anything they should initially move away from the source of ignition. I had two troopers both run 100 metres upstairs and make two right angle turns towards me.
Make The World More Destructible.
Is it possible more items in the environment could be breakable or you could be capable of interacting with? Saints Row 2 had lots of things you could just pick up or rip out to throw or beat someone with. Great feature but it didn't get used much since you had plenty of firearms in that game and ammo was seldom a problem. Grabbing and throwing people was also fun, although not sure how well that would work in a FPS game? It would be useful if you could fire through doors with some weapons. Perhaps pistols and shotguns can penetrate light doors and rifles through thin walls?
 There will doubtless be numerous mods of weapons for Postal 2:UDK. The challenge is to give the basic game a useful variety while keeping the quirkiness and originality of the original game. Useful reference
.  Automatics and Sawn-offs are legal ion Arizona if the tax stamp is paid, numchukas are not!
Suggested Postal Weapons Part One: Handguns
Desert Eagles 
. It amuses me that the Desert Eagles are so common in Postal 2. I see it as a sort of satire of the Hollywood movies where these are used as carry guns. There should be lots of
these in P2:UDK so let’s have a variety!
Chrome, Stainless, Gold, Blued, Black, Parkerised and Black chrome. Possibly the Desert Eagles should not be so wimpy as in the original game but not an instant kill every time either. Perhaps an instant kill from a headshot of about 60-80%.
Glock 9mm.
 Not as powerful as the DE but with a bigger magazine capacity. Favoured by gangstas.
Beretta 9mm.
 As Glock, and favoured by military and police. Also carried by priests.
Colt Python 4”.
 This should be a signature weapon for the Aggressive Panhandler Dude, a nod to the movie, such that it was.
Schofield Revolver.
 A unique handgun
for Nuns, a nod to the movie “Nude Nuns with Big Guns”.
Stechkin APS.
 Low powered and fully automatic handgun used by Taliban instead of Desert Eagle (the Desert Eagle is an Israeli weapon, after all!). This will probably be the weapon of female Taliban and therefore produce a not particularly accurate but high volume of fire to deal  with, which will make things interesting.
Postal Weapons Suggestions, Part Two: Rifles.
 The Original Postal 2 had just two rifles. One was a hunting/sniping rifle, the other an
assault rifle (often but erroneously referred to as a “machine gun”).
 According to 
 the scoped rifle is a M24 SWS but since this is a rather rare and
expensive military weapon this seems unlikely in the context of the game, which suggests many of these are in fact civilian hunting weapons. Probably a good model for this weapon is the Remington 700, on which the M24 and also the M40 are based. Most hunting rifles look very similar anyway.  Assault Rifles are in reality very similar in performance and in game terms the differences are mainly cosmetic. The gun in Postal 2 is a M16A2. It might be nice to add a M4 for SWAT and Military. There should be an AK in the game too, possibly with the ejection slot and cocking handle on the right side! I see someone has done a mod for the G36. Still a bit of a rare weapon outside the military but it would be a nod to the movie where most of the Taliban carry them (unlikely though that would be). Taliban should carry a mix of assault rifles. I enjoy playing shooter games using semi-automatic rapid fire when possible, so if there is a selective mode for the automatic weapons I would enjoy that. Perhaps there might be a semi-auto sporter rifle in the game, in which case I tend to favour the AR-180B.
Postal Weapons Thoughts, Part Three: SMGs
. Functionally SMGs will be similar to the assault rifle(s). They may be shorter ranged and have a higher rate of fire. They will also tend to be rarer, the main sources being the police and criminals. Suggested types:-
 - Favoured by many police forces, it will probably be an alternative to the M16/M4 for SWAT.
Ingram MAC 10 
. Compact, high rate of fire machine pistol. Favoured by hispanic gangs perhaps?
 Another machine pistol, possibly favoured by black gangs.

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