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Supreme Darkness Unleashed

Supreme Darkness Unleashed

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Published by api-19656779

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Published by: api-19656779 on Nov 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Supreme Darkness Unleashed

Full Summary: This is a recreation of my original story \u201cTurn to the Darkness\u201d and the previous
stories \u201cDarkness Powers Unleashed\u201d by Inu-yusukekaiba102, and \u201cDarkness Powers
Revisioned\u201d by Dbzfan2007. The story is a lot more mature and features a slight crossover
between Yugi Mouto and Jaden Yuki. If you wish to read the previous stories to get an
understanding of what is going on then please feel free to.

Chapter One

All was quiet at the Slifer Red Dorm. Leaning against the railing was Jaden Yuki, the very last
member of the dorm that had yet to fall to the society of light. Syrus, Alexis, Chazz, Hassleberry,
even Atticus had fallen to those bastards and were now high ranking members in the group.
Jaden sighed as Winged Kuriboh appeared on his shoulder, looking depressed at his partner.
\u201cCheer up buddy, we\u2019ll be able to save them, at least I hope\u201d he voiced.

It was halfway through the second semester now and Jaden was one of the very few people left
on campus that wasn\u2019t in the society. Zane had left Duel Academia to follow his dueling career,
Aster came and went as he pleased, and finally Crowler had locked himself in his office to hide
like the coward that he was. It was hard dealing with your friends being against you and having
no one to back you up all the time as he was quickly learning. Nearly everyday he was
challenged to at least four matches where if he lost he would have to join the society and he just
keep going, they were wearing him down and fast.

Jaden looked up into the sky as the sound of thunder rang out, sighing he headed back inside his
room just as the down pour started.
Winged Kuriboh chirped sadly as Jaden lay down to sleep. \u201cGood night Winged Kuriboh, see
you in the morning\u201d Jaden voiced as he turned off the light.
As Kuriboh vanished he failed to notice the grim look on Jaden\u2019s sleeping face.
Jaden\u2019s Dream

He ran and ran as the light creeped up behind him. He could hear the voices of Alexis, Chazz,
and Syrus as he ran, telling him to give in and join the light. Crying out as he tripped he turned to
see the light rush towards him, he closed his eyes.


Jaden\u2019s eyes snapped open as a wall of dark energy blocked the light from reaching him. He
turned around to see a strange woman hovering with a sad smile on her face. She had white hair
on the right side and grew hair of the left side of her head. Her body was a cross between a

demon and an angel. In the center of her fore head was a strange red eye, and her entire body
seemed to glow with dark energy. \u201cHello Judai-kun, my name is Yubel\u201d she smiled.
\u201cJudai? My name is Jaden\u201d he responded. \u201cThat is the name you were given, not the name
you remember Judai-kun. If you can remember who you truly are then you will have the
power to save your friends and yourself\u201d she smiled as she hovered down to the ground.

\u201cRemember who I truly am?\u201d he voiced before he clutched his head and cried out in pain. Yubel
wrapped her arms around him as he cried, trying to comfort the young man as he gripped his
head. \u201cRemember Judai, remember yourself and your promise to me\u201d she voiced into his

Soon Jaden\u2019s struggles ceased and Yubel pulled back to look into his eyes. Her eyes met the new blood red eyes of his. \u201cI am Judai Yuki, the Supreme King and ruler of the darkness\u201d he voiced earning a smile from her. \u201cDo you remember our promise?\u201d she asked. \u201cYes, I pledged to love you for eternity and I will show you my love anyway you see fit\u201d he replied with a smile.

\u201cSuffer, show them your pain and make them suffer. Only then can I know your love\u201dshe
commanded. \u201cOf course Yubel-hime, as you wish\u201d Judai smiled as he began to fade away, back
into the conscious realm.
As Jaden vanished Yubel began laughing like a mad woman. \u201cFinally let\u2019s see who comes out
on top, The Light of Destruction, or the King of Darkness!\u201d
Chapter Two

Jaden sat up in bed, blood red eyes blinking as he tried to focus his vision. Winged Kuriboh
chirped softly as he came to land on the boys shoulder. \u201cI had an awakening last night, I think I
can save them now\u201d he smiled as Kuriboh chirped happily. \u201cFirst things first, I need some
changes\u201d he smirked as he quickly dressed in his Slifer uniform, grabbed his deck and ran out the
door towards the Duel Academia Card Shop.

Two Hours Later\u2026

They had been searching for him since early this morning. Alexis and Syrus had searched nearly
the entire academy grounds but they had yet to find Jaden. \u201cMaster Sartorius will not be happy if
we don\u2019t find him Alexis\u201d Syrus voiced out of breath. \u201cI know but has to be around here
somewhere, he couldn\u2019t have left the island without clearance\u201d Alexis replied. The two neared
the Card Shop where they could hear the joyful voice of Ms. Dorothy.

\u201cOh Jaden it looks wonderful, I can\u2019t believe it turned out so well\u201d she voiced happily. \u201cI know,
I\u2019m kind of surprised too and being stuck with a needle so many times was worth it\u201d Jaden
replied. Alexis and Syrus put their ears against the door, trying to hear the rest of the
conversation. \u201cWell do you need anything else beside this and the new cards?\u201d Dorothy asked.
\u201cNah, you\u2019ve done enough and thanks for the help Ms. Dorothy\u201d Jaden voiced as turned toward

the door. Jaden opened the door to come face to face with Alexis and Syrus, they both starred at
the Slifer with confusion and awe.

Jaden\u2019s Slifer red uniform had been lengthen to trench coat length. Round black studs had been
added all over the jacket. (Think red and black version of Seto Kaiba\u2019s Battle City Outfit)
Jaden\u2019s hair now had black streaks through it and his classic duel disk had been replaced with a
red and black version. Another thing they noted was his deck was different, black with a red
spiral in the center.

\u201cWhat do you want?\u201d Jaden asked annoyed he had run into them. Alexis overcame her shock and
returned to an emotionless state. \u201cI challenge you to a duel Jaden Yuki\u201d she voiced activating her
duel disk. Jaden raised an eyebrow and sighed. \u201cNo\u201d he voiced. That one word made both
Alexis and Syrus freeze in their tracks. \u201cWhat did you say?\u201d Alexis asked confused. \u201cI said no, I
don\u2019t have time to deal you little cult followers every time I cross you. I have more important
things to do with my time\u201d Jaden voiced as he shoved past them, knocking Syrus to the ground.

\u201cHey where are you going? You have to duel me I challenged you!\u201d Alexis shouted after him.
Jaden turned, his eyes glowing red. \u201cFUCK OFF!\u201d He shouted making Alexis flinch at the anger

Jaden stomped off, ignoring the shocked and frighten looks on their faces. \u201cWe should head back and report, there is something really wrong with him\u201d Alexis voiced. \u201cJaden\u2026\u201d Syrus trailed off as he watched his former friend walk off.

Crowlers Office\u2026

The vice Chancellor mumbled angrily as he sped through his paperwork. With the Society taking over the school, Seto Kaiba making new contracts and Sheppard still away thing were starting to get hectic. Little did he know things were about to get a lot more hectic.

Crowler jumped from his seat as the door slammed open. \u201cCROWLER WE NEED TO TALK!\u201d
Jaden\u2019s voice shouted.
One Hour Later\u2026

Jaden smirked as he stood on the deck of the Kaiba Corp Ship, watching Duel Academy shrink
into the distance. \u201cWhere are we headed Judai-kun?\u201d Yubel\u2019s voiced whispered into his ear.
\u201cDomino City\u2026 I have to find two friends of mine\u201d Jaden smirked as he felt Yubel embrace him
from behind. \u201cWho are these friends Judai-kun?\u201d Yubel asked with a curious tone. \u201cJesse
Anderson and Blair Flannigan\u201d Jaden smiled.

Chapter Three

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