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Salah is Not Only the Primary Commandment of Allah but Also Acts as a Renewal of Relationship Between the Believer and Allah

Salah is Not Only the Primary Commandment of Allah but Also Acts as a Renewal of Relationship Between the Believer and Allah

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What are the purposes of/for salaat?
What are the purposes of/for salaat?

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Published by: Abdul Khaliq Muhammad on Jun 25, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 is not only the primary commandment of Allah but also acts as a renewal of relationship between the believer and Allah. Observance of
 is the concrete expression of thankfulness and appreciation to our Creator and Sustainer. And thereby we derive spiritual benefits.In addition to spiritual benefits, emotional and physical benefits are also derived from
. Muslims perform 5 daily prayers regularly every day. This results in moderate physical exercise of every muscle in the body.We can now have a glimpse in the benefits of
 in the light of recent discoveries. It is a well known fact that exercise improves mood, thought and behaviour. The gentle exercise performed in
 improves physical fitness and emotional well being, reducing anxiety and depression. The energy spent in performing
 is less, while that spent during other exercises is 500-700 calories. So a person feels tired after the hectic exercise, whereas the gentle exercise in
 enhances endurance and diminishes tiredness.
 improves respiratory efficiency; and circulation in the capillaries surrounding the alveoli (or air sacs) in lungs is increased. This brings about enhanced gas exchange and deeper breathing. This increase in the consumption of oxygen makes the believer feel better.Repeated and regular movements of the body during
 increase the muscle strength and tendon power. They improve lubrication of joints and movements maintain flexibility.It is well known that exercise prevents coronary heart disease, increases maximum oxygen intake, slows down the heart beat, and lowers the blood pressure.It has been found by a Harvard University researcher, Dr. Herbert Bensen, that constant repetition of the verses from the glorious Quran or zikr of Allah (swt) can help to screen the mind from incoming thoughts; coupled with muscular activity with passive disregard to intensive thoughts causes a 'relaxation response' that leads to the lowering of blood pressure, decrease in the consumption of oxygen, and a reduction in heart and respiratory rates. The relaxed and calm state of mind may be partly due to the release of hormones known as beta-endorphins in the blood being circulated. Beta-endorphins found in the brain is the most potent of the endorphins and is a powerful analgesic (pain killer) in humans. The Tahajjud Prayer:- Modern studies show that sleep inhibits the release of thyroid stimulating hormone that helps to control our metabolism and indirectly our energy; whereas staying awake through the night boosts it. This scientific research is incomplete in accordance with the habit of prophet Mohammad (saws) which was to sleep early and wake for tahajjud prayers. The sleep-wake cycle of the pineal gland (endocrine gland]) becomes disrupted by the use of artificial light which has its physical and pschychological effects on our body. Once day light ends, the pineal gland goes into increased production of melatonin. By extending light artificially we impede its production. In indian tradition, the pineal gland is the seat of consciousness. The pituitary and pineal glands work together through relaxation and meditation which our prophet Mohammad (saws) practised much before revelation. Flashes of intuition occur with increased practice, raising consciousness from an emotional nature to awareness. This can be experienced to fully realise the benefits of salah. Make

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