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Job Flyer-Admin Analyst FFS

Job Flyer-Admin Analyst FFS

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Published by asolivares
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Published by: asolivares on Jun 25, 2014
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 Job Opportunity
Administrative AnalystFellowships & Financial Services UCLA Graduate Division
ayroll title!
 Administrative Analyst
 PSS 2
#irin$ ran$e!
 $44,080 - $50,000 annually (hourly $21.12 - $23.5!
Full ran$e!
$44,080 - $8",30 annually (hourly $21.12 - $41."3!
Closin$ Date!
About UCLA!
%ounded in 11, &'A is one o) the ten *am+uses o) the &niversity o) 'ali)ornia system. he *am+us has a *urrent enrollment o) more than 35,000 underraduate and raduate students in over 100 areas o) study. As a leadin +uli* resear*h university lo*ated in os Aneles, one o) the most heteroeneous reions in the /orld, &'A is dedi*ated to tea*hin, resear*h and +uli* servi*e /hile *reatin an environment that *elerates the ri*h diversity o) our *am+us and the *ommunities /e serve. 
About the Graduate Division!
he &'A raduate ivision (///.dnet.u*la.edu! is res+onsile )or the overall uality and +roress o) raduate edu*ation at &'A. As the administrative *ore )or raduate +rorams, the ivision oversees all +ro*esses *on*erninraduate student )ello/shi+ss*holarshi+s, admissions and outrea*h oversees student and a*ademi* a))airs )or *ontinuin raduate students *ondu*ts institutional resear*h and +rovides servi*es )or +ostdo*toral and visitin s*holars. he division manaes a udet o) $55 million )or student su++ort needs and $3 million in o+eratin )unds and is *om+rised o) a++roimately 40 )ull-time em+loyees. 
%he osition!
 &nder the eneral su+ervision o) the anaer o) %ello/shi+s 6 %inan*ial Servi*es, the  Administrative Analyst /ill +rovide administrative servi*es and in)ormation reardin all &niversity and etramural )ello/shi+s and other student-su++ort o++ortunities administered throuh the unit. he Administrative Analyst must demonstrate leadershi+ in the *reation, develo+ment, and im+lementation o) +oli*ies and +ro*edures /ith reard to )ello/shi+ nominations, revie/, a++roval and administration. he essen*e o) this +osition is administerin all )ello/shi+ *om+onents in a timely and a**urate manner as

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