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Answer Perfect Score Modul 1

Answer Perfect Score Modul 1

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Published by spm_victim2010

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Published by: spm_victim2010 on Nov 25, 2009
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PERFECT SCORE BIOLOGY2009MODUL ISTRUCTURAL QUESTIONQuestion 1:(a) Explain the feeding mechanism in Amoeba sp. [4 marks]· Amoeba sp. engulfs food by phagocytosis process· Use a pseudopodia (false feet) to enclose the food particles· The food particles are packaged in a food vacuole which fuses with lysosomes that containlysozymes to be digested· The nutrient is absorbed and the undigested material is left behind(b) Explain the role of contractile vacuole in osmoregulation. [2 marks]· Excess water diffuse into the contractile vacuole by osmosis· When the contractile vacuole is filled to its maximum size , its contract to expel its content fromtime to time.Question 2:The Diagram 1 shows an experiment set-up to investigate the effect of pH on enzyme activity.Enzyme Q is found inside the mammalian digestive system.Diagram 1After 24 hours, the following results were obtained:pHReduction in length of egg white strip (mm)172936435160(a) Using the results in the table, plot a graph to show the reduction in length of the egg whitestrip against pH of the medium. [3 marks]
P – axis with scales ----1T – points plotted accurately ------ 1B – shape of line – smooth, single curve ------1(b) Explain the observed reduction in the length of the egg white strip. [3 marks]· Increasing the pH value of the medium will decrease the action of enzyme Q on egg white.· The optimum pH of enzyme Q is 2.· Enzyme Q works at its maximum rate at this pH/ At this pH, the reduction of length of the eggwhite strip is the greatest(c) A type of herbicide was sprayed on the weed plants to control their population. The herbicidecauses the proteins and ATPase enzyme in the cell to denature. Explain the effect of thisherbicide in the transportation process of potassium ions in weed plants. [3 marks]· The active sites of the carrier proteins and ATPase enzyme are denatured / destroyed.· Potassium ion cannot bind with carrier protein· Potassium ion is not transported into the cells of the weed plants/ No active transport ofpotassium ions.· No energy / ATP produced /availableQuestion 3:Mitosis and meiosis are a phenomenon in the cell cycle which happens gradually andcontinuously. The figure shows two cells taken from different parts of the flowering plantCell A is taken from the anther while cell B is taken from the root tip.(a) What are the differences between the importance of cell division in Cell A and Cell BCell B to increase number of cell / growth /repair damage tissue whereas cell A to producehaploid gameteCell B involves in asexual reproduction whereas cell A involves in sexual reproductionCell B maintain the number of chorosome whereas in cell A the chromosome number in daughtercell is haploidIn cell B, the genetic content of chromosome is identical to parents cell, but in cell A there is avariation in genetic contents.[3 marks](b) Suggest a technique that can produce plants with the same good characteristics in a shortperiod of time. Briefly explain the technique which you have mentioned[4 marks]· Tissue culture technique / invitro technique· Suitable pH, use of sterile instruments and a correct balance of nutrients. [Conditions for thesuccess of this technique ]· The piece of cell or explants is cultured in a conical flask containing a suitable culture mediumfor growth, for example, a culture containing growth hormones.
· The suspension start to divide by mitosis to form a callus that is a group of tissues that have notdifferentiated into stems leaves and roots.· The callus is then transferred into an agar medium and when the roots sprout, they aretransferred into the soil.· [After approximately two weeks] a new orchid clone similar to the parent is produced.Question 4:The figure below shows the process which occurs in structure P.(a) Name process K. Explain the part played by sunlight in process K.· Photolysis / Hydrolysis of water.· Light energy will react with the chlorophyll molecule to free an electron.· The water molecule will break up into hydrogen ion and hydroxide ion[3 marks](b) Explain how process L can produce the substance Z.· Hydrogen atoms are produced during photolysis of water· Which will be used to reduce carbon dioxide during the dark reaction to produce Z.[2 mark(c) Diagram below shows type of stomach(i) What is the ruminant's true stomach? Give a reason for your answer.[ 2 marks]· The abomasums is the ruminant's true or glandular stomach.· Here also are the gastric juices that contain enzymes which assist in food digestion.(ii) Describe the functions of stomach in human.[3 marks]· Temporary food storage until it passes to the intestines.· Hydrochloric acid is produced by stomach secretion, suitable medium for pepsin.· Movement of stomach muscle enable breaking up food particle and mixing it with gastric juices· Digestive enzymes such as pepsin break down protein to peptides.· Rennin solidifies milk protein/ coagulates for pepsin to act upon them.

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