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Community Health Nursing Reviewer

Community Health Nursing Reviewer

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Published by FreeNursingNotes
CHN reviewer- if you have questions please email me> freenursingnotes@yahoo.com
CHN reviewer- if you have questions please email me> freenursingnotes@yahoo.com

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Published by: FreeNursingNotes on Nov 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stuation: The primary function of the Department of Health is thepromotion, protection, preservation or restoration of the health of thepeople though the provision and delivery of health services.1
. What is the vision of the Department of Health
a. Responsible for the formulation, planning, implemented, andcoordination of policies and programs in the field of healthb. Regulates health goods and services
c. Health as Right. Health for all Filipinos by the year 2000 andHealth in the hands of the People by the year 2020
d. All of the above2
. DOH should work to make enjoyment of the right to health areality. What is the mission of DOH?a. by promoting the means to better health
b. by planning the programs in the field of healthc. by encouraging providers of health goods and servicesd none of the above3
. What is the normal temperature of a child who is 1-3 year of age?
a. 39.1 Cb. 35 C
c. 37 C
d. 38 C4
. To convert the body temperature of 38 C to F, what’s theanswer?a. 107.9 F
b. 106.2 Fc. 95 Fd. 100.4 F5
. The Rural Health Doctor orders Dextran 12% 1000 ml within8 hours for a client. Drop factor is 12 gtt/ml. Solve for thegtt/min.
a. 24-5 gtts/min
b. 25 gtts/min
c. 25.5 gtts/min
d. 26 gtts/min6
. Baby Boy Noel was admitted and the doctor ordered D5NSS1L x KVO. The nurse should calibrate the IVF to:
a. 5 gtts/minb. 10 gtts/minc. 15 gtts/min
d. 20 gtts/min
. Baby Girl Lee, the neighbor of Baby Boy Noel was broughtalso to the clinic by her mother for the immunization. Whatimmunization will be given if Baby Girl Lee is 9 months old?
a. BCGb. Measles
c. DPT
d. Polio 28
. ORESOL has been introduced to the barangay fordehydration. To prepare for the solution, what will be thedesired amount?
a. 2 glasses of water + ½ tbsp. of salt
b. ½ glass of water+1 tbsp. of salt + 3 tbsp. of sugar
c. 2 ½ glasses of :water + 2 tbsp. of salt + ½ tbsp. of sugard. 1 glass of water + 1 pinch of salt + 1 tbsp. of sugarSituation: A place in Brgy. Canla has a common cause of Iodinedeficiency where their main products are "Goitrogenics."9
. Which of the following are considered goitrogenics?
a. mandarinsb. kangkongc. tomato
d. cassava
. Which of the following are rich source of Iodine?a. talaba
b. liverc. lean meatd. gizzard11
. What area of CHN bag is considered sterile?
a. outsideb. sheath
c. inside
d. sidesSituation: These are nutritional needs of the mother during herpregnancy.12
. Nancy who just delivered a baby boy works as an executivefor a big company. Which of these should the nurse firstencourage?
a. Mixed feedingb. Bottle feedingc. Leave the baby in the nursery
d. Breastfeeding
Situation: Mr. Reyes, 59 years old is a frequent visitor of Lions Club.Lately, he became inefficient with his work and complaining of dizziness.13
. You stressed to him and to the finally the importance of thefollowing food that will help in the production of RBC, EXCEPT:
a. kangkongb. egg yolk
c. broccoli
d. ampalaya14
. Your health teaching to his family is to serve food rich InIron and this is:
a. egg yolkb. ampalayac. liver
d. lean meat
Situation: The following questions pertain to the nurse andresponsibilities.15
. Concerned with the care of school-children, the nurse doesthe following.EXCEPT:
a. provides for a safe environment
b. detects, diagnose, and treats children with health problems

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