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Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing

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Published by FreeNursingNotes
Medical surgical nursing
if you have questions please email me> freenursingnotes@yahoo.com
Medical surgical nursing
if you have questions please email me> freenursingnotes@yahoo.com

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Published by: FreeNursingNotes on Nov 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING-ANSWERS1. A 42-year-old client admitted with an acute myocardialinfarction asks to see his chart. What should the nurse dofirst?
a. Allow the client to view his chartb. Contact the supervisor and physician for approvalc.
 Ask the client if he has concerns about his care
d. Tell the client that he isn't permitted to view his chart.
2. A registered nurse who works in the preoperative area of the operating room notices that a client is scheduled for apartial mastectomy and axillary lymph node removal thefollowing week. The nurse should make sure, that the client iswell educated about her surgery by:
taking with the nursing staff at the physician's office to find out what the client has been taught and her level of understanding
 b. making sure that the post-anesthesia recovery unit nurses knowwhat to teach the patient before dischargec. providing all of the preoperative teaching before surgeryd. having the post-operative nurses teach the patient because she'll betoo anxious before surgery3
. A male client brings a list of his prescribed medications tothe clinic. During the initial assessment, he tells the nurse thathe has been experiencing delayed ejaculation. Which drugclass is associated with this problem?
a. Anticoagulantsb. Antibioticsc.
 d. SteroidsSituation: Larry was admitted at Manila Doctor's Hospital because of asecond-degree burn wound.4
. Before debriding a second-degree burn wound in the leftlower leg, the nurse should do which of the following?
a. Apply Lindane (Kwell) to the affected areab.
Medicate the client with narcotic analgesic
 c. Administer acylovir (Zovirax) IVd. Apply a topical antimicrobial ointment5
. Larry’s anterior trunk, both front upper extremities, both
lower extremities sustained second and third degree burn.Estimate the total percentage of body surface area burnedusing the Rule of Nines.
a. 60%b.
 c. 62%d. 61%Situation 4. Hearing, impairment appears to be common among elderlypatients. But also occurs among children.
6. To assess the degree of hearing impairment of a 70-year-oldclient. Which communication approach would you initiate?
Use verbal communication and observe the response
b. Give message to client in writingc. Asks a family member about the client'sd. Post a sign "Patient deaf"
7. While you are mating your routine rounds you were told thatthere is a client in the 1CU who is in respirator and who lip-reads. To establish relationship with him, communication isbest accomplished by:
Speaking slowly but aloud 
b. Writing messagesc. Gesturing while speakingd. Using simple "charade" approach or strategy
8. One of your client's has just undergone an ear surgery.Which of the following would be inappropriate in planning forhis care?
a. Administration of anti-emetics and analgesics as orderedb. Daily irrigation of the ear canalc. Walking with assistance at least 24 hours after operationd.
Teaching the patient to avoid sneezing, coughing and nose blowing
9. Which of the following conditions would an irrigation of theear canal be appropriate intervention?
a. Foreign body in the ear canalb. Serious otitisc.
Impacted cerumen
d. Tympanic membrane perforation
0. Children who have undetected hearing loss are likely toexhibit which of the following:
Indifference and lack of interest in the environment 
b. Hyperactivityc. An increased interest in readingd. Hand gestures while speakingSituation 9. One of the main fools of the nursing profession is the useof therapeutic communication. The following situation would requireyou of your communication skills.1
1. A patient who is diagnosed to have terminal illness tellsyou. "I’m really scared. Am I dying?" What could be your mostappropriate response?
"Tell me about what you think."
b. "I'm sure you are scared; other clients in your situation feel thesame way."c. "You should be careful not to let your family know you're scared"d. "Why are you scared?"1
2. The nurse assessing a male client who has been admittedfor treatment of alcoholism. Which question by the nurse isleast appropriate?
a. "How much do you think?"b. "What other drugs do you use?" .c. "How is your general health?"d.
"Why do you drink so much?"
3. A 58-year-old male client tells the office nurse that his wifedoes not let him change his colostomy bag himself. Whichresponse by the nurse indicates as understanding of thesituation?
a. "Your wife's need to help you is a reality you should accept"b. "Do you think your wife might benefit from counseling?"c.
"You feel you need privacy when changing your colostomy?"
d. "Have you discussed the situation with your doctor?"1
4. An 87 year old widow was hospitalized for treatment of chronic renal disease. She lives with her daughter and son-in-law and their family, who are very supportive. She is nowready for discharge. The doctor has ordered highcarbohydrates, low-protein, low sodium diet for her and the

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