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Communicable Disease nursing

Communicable Disease nursing

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Published by FreeNursingNotes
CD Nursing
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CD Nursing
if you have questions please email me> freenursingnotes@yahoo.com

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Published by: FreeNursingNotes on Nov 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. It is an illness due to a specific agent transmitted by an agent from a reservoir to a susceptible host throughdifferent modes of transmission:a.Contagious disease
b.Communicable disease
c.Infectious diseased.Iatrogenic disease2.A clinically manifest disease of a man or animal resulting from an infection:a.Contagious diseaseb.Communicable disease
c.Infectious disease
d.Iatrogenic disease3.Presence of classical sings and symptoms that are highly specific to a certain disease is known as:a.Tell tall signs
b.Pathognomonic sign
c.Distinctive sign
Fastigium sign
When will you consider that an infection is acquired in the hospital and called as nosocomial?a.When infection occurred upon admissionb.When infection is acquired before dischargec.When infection is validated by the laboratory of the hospital
d.When the patient is within 14 days of hospital stay
5.A infection that is completely manifested by signs and symptoms:a.Opportunistic infection
b.True infection
c.Communicable infectiond.Contagious infection
Which of the following is the main cause of nosocomial infection?a.Surgical wound infectionb.Sepsis
c.Urinary tract infection
d.Respiratory tract infection7.Which of the following causative agent are able to live in a non-nutritive environment and is easily transmittedin the hospital?
S. aureus
P. aeruginosa
c.E. Colid.H. influenza
 The infection brought by normal biota of the body with low degree of virulence but may take advantage whenthe body is immunocompromised:
a.Opportunistic infection
Nosocomial infectionc.True infectiond.Parasitic infection9.When a disease can be easily transmitted from one person to another, such infection is:a.Communicableb.Infectious
10.What is the difference between gonorrhea and influenza when taking into consideration being infectious andcontagious?
a.Gonorrhea is infectious and influenza is contagious
b.Influenza is infectious and gonorrhea is contagiousc.Both are contagious and infectious
Gonorrhea and influenza are not contagious but only infectious11.Which of the following statements are true?a.All communicable diseases are infectious and contagious.
b.All contagious diseases are infectious but not all infectious are contagious.
c.Communicable diseases are all contagious but not infectious.d.Infectious diseases are contagious and also communicable.12.An organism that is capable of invading and multiplying in the body of the host:
a.Causative agent
b.Reservoirc.Bacteriad.Carrier13.The infecting ability of a microorganism depends on its degree of:
Shigella species only requires 10 microorganisms to cause infection while Salmonella must have 1,000bacteria to initiate disease. This property of microorganism is known as:a.Viabilityb.Toxigenecity
d.Invasiveness15.(Refer to number 16) Also, this directly proportional relationship of number and infection refers to whatproperty of the causative agent?
b.Antigenicityc.Specificityd.Mode of action16.A person whose medical history and symptoms suggest that he may now have or be developing somecommunicable disease is known as:a.Patientb.Carrierc.Contact
17.A special type of toxin found on the cell wall of the gram negative bacteria that causes sepsis especially whenthey lyse themselves (suicide bomber):a.Exotoxinb.Enterotoxin
 The type of exotoxin that is released in the GI tract that stimulates the vomiting center of the body andexhibits its harmful effect by the inflammation of the intestinal tract:a.Exotoxin
19.A non cellular microorganism that contains a nucleus of DNA and/or RNA with a surrounding protein coat andare self-limiting. Also known as the ultimate parasite:
b.Protozoac.Amoebad.Bacteria20.Beds in the hospital are arranged in such a way that droplet transmission of microorganism can be prevented. This is done by:a.Letting a single bed occupy a single roomb.Arranging the bed not facing the door or window
c.Positioning the bed 1 meter away from each other
d.Placing blinders in each patient, if possible.21.When an infective microorganism escaping from the reservoir is suspended in the air and is carried through aircurrent in the form of droplet nuclei, the mode of transmission is:
Which of the following is considered a fomite?
Staphylococcus aureus carrier
c.Mosquitod.Hands23.A vector that transmits a microorganism by harboring it to its system and serves as its reservoir:a.Mechanical vector
b.Biological vector
c.Accidental hostd.Intermediate vector24.Which of the following will most likely acquire an infectious disease?a.A 30 year old male who is alcoholicb.A pregnant mother
c.A healthy sexual worker
A patient who is discharged from the hospital25.The pattern of infection where the pathognomonic signs of a specific disease is present is:a.Incubation period
Prodromal period
Invasion/ fastigium period
d.Convalescent period26.Cholera, tetanus, and typhoid fever occurs intermittently or on and off in different parts of the country. This ispattern of disease occurrence is known as:a.Endemicb.Epidemic
d.Pandemic27.A newly emerged strain of E. Coli that killed hundreds of hamburger eaters in the United States:
Sin Nombre Coli
b.E. coli O157:H7
Colicollus coli
Legionairre’s coli

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