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Mineral Chart

Mineral Chart

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Published by nusdar20

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Published by: nusdar20 on Nov 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nutrient -Estimated AmountsNeededBenefits/Deficiency SymptomsFruitSourcesVegetableSourcesNut/SeedSources
Adults need 1000mg/day.Children need 800 to1300 mg/day.Recommendedsupplement: CalciumCalcium easesinsomnia andhelps regulate the passage of nutrients throughcell walls.Without calcium,your muscleswouldn’t contractcorrectly, your  blood wouldn’tclot and your nerves wouldn’tcarry messages.If you don’t getenough calciumfrom the food youeat, your bodyautomaticallytakes the calciumneeded from your  bones. If your  body continues totear down more bone than itreplaces over a period of years inorder to getsufficient calcium,your bones will become weak and break easily.Deficiency mayresult in musclespasms andcramps in theshort term andosteoporosis.Most fruitscontainsomecalcium:Orange Blackberries Kiwi Tomatoes Lime Strawberry Lemon Grapes Apples CantaloupeBananas Peach Artichoke Peas Squash -summer Broccoli Kale Lima Beans Squash -winter Spinach Carrots Avocado Asparagus Almonds Brazil Nuts Pistachios Peanuts Walnuts Chestnuts Macadamias Pecans Sunflower Seeds Filberts/Hazelnuts Pumpkin Seeds Cashews Pine Nuts/Pignolias 
The estimated safe andadequate intake for copper is 1.5 - 3.0mg/day. Many surveystudies show thatAmericans consumeabout 1.0 mg or less of copper per dayCopper isinvolved in theabsorption,storage andmetabolism of iron and theformation of red blood cells. It alsohelps supplyoxygen to the body. Thesymptoms of acopper deficiencyare similar to iron-deficiencyanemia.Most fruitscontain asmallamount of copper, butkiwi fruit has asignificantamount.Apples Bananas Blackberries CantaloupeGrapes Kiwi FruitLemon Lime Orange Peach Strawberry Tomatoes Mostvegetableshave somecopper, butLima Beans have asignificantamount.Artichoke Avocado Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower  Corn Cucumber  Green Pepper  Kale Lima Beans Mushrooms Onions Peas Potatoes Spinach Squash -Summer  Squash -Winter  Sweet Potato Most nutscontain a traceamount of copper.Adults should get 150mcgs per day.The children’srecommendation for iodine is 70 to 150 mcg(that is micrograms).Iodine helpsregulate the rateof energy production and body weight and promotes proper growth. It also promotes healthyhair, nails, skinand teeth.In countries whereiodine is deficientin the soil, rates of hypothyroidism,Fruitsgrown iniodine-richsoilscontainiodine.Vegetablesgrown iniodine-richsoils containiodine. Nuts grown iniodine-rich soilscontain iodine.
goiter andretarded growthfrom iodinedeficiency arevery high.In developedcountries,however, becauseiodine is added totable salt, iodinedeficiencies arerare.Women and teenage girlsneed at least 15 mg a day,whereas men can get byon 10.It is important thatchildren get about 10 to12 mg of iron per day, preferably from their diet. Breastfeeding is the best insurance againstiron deficiency in babies.Most at risk of iron deficiencyare infants,adolescent girlsand pregnantwomen.Iron deficiency ininfants can resultin impairedlearning abilityand behavioral problems. It canalso affect theimmune systemand causeweakness andfatigue.To aid in theabsorption of iron,eat foods rich invitamin C at thesame time you eatthe foodcontaining iron.The tannin in non-herbal tea canhinder absorptionof iron.Take ironsupplements andyour vitamin E atdifferent times of While mostfruits havesome iron, probablythe bestsource of iron for children israisins,which arerich iniron. Other fruitswhich havea goodamount of iron are:Blackberries Kiwi Strawberry Tomatoes Bananas Grapes Vegetables:Lima Beans Peas Avocado Kale Spinach Broccoli Squash -summer  Potatoes Sweet potato Squash -winter  Corn Carrots Mushrooms Most nutscontain a smallamount of iron.

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