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06-28-14 edition

06-28-14 edition

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06-28-14 edition
06-28-14 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Jun 28, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
 June 28-29,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 270
By Jim Kuhnhenn
WASHINGTON — In a scathingappraisal, a review ordered byPresident Barack Obama of thetroubled Veterans Affairs healthcare system concludes that med-ical care for veterans is beset by“significant and chronic systemfailures,” substantially verifyingproblems raised by whistle-blow-ers and internal and congressionalinvestigators.Asummary of the review bydeputy White House chief of staff Rob Nabors says the VeteransHealth Administration must berestructured and that a “corrosiveculture” has hurt morale and affect-ed the timeliness of health care.The review also found that a 14-day standard for scheduling veter-ans’medical appointments isunrealistic and that some employ-ees manipulated the wait times sothey would appear to be shorter.The review is the latest blister-ing assessment of the VAin thewake of reports of patients dyingwhile waiting for appointmentsand of treatment delays in VAfacil-ities nationwide. The White Housereleased a summary of the reviewfollowing President BarackObama’s meeting Friday withNabors and Acting VASecretarySloan Gibson.The review offers a series of rec-ommendations, including a needfor more doctors, nurses andtrained administrative staff. Thoserecommendations are likely toface skepticism among some con-gressional Republicans who haveblamed the VA’s problems on mis-management, not lack of resources.
VA review finds significant and chronicfailures
Recommendations include need for more doctors,nurses andtrained administrative staff 
County cropproductionon the rise
By Michelle Durand
The county’s agricultural produc-tion jumped 2.2 percent the lastyear, thanks in large part to a larg-er haul of Brussels sprouts and favabeans, but wasn’t immune to thestate water shortage.Certified farmers’markets anddirect marketing by honey and eggproducers also kept livestock andapiary, or bee, products on anupward climb by 4.8 percent butnursery and floral industries fell asseveral producers shuttered in2013. Those that didn’t close theirdoors held steady through the year,according to the 2013 AgriculturalCrop Report for San MateoCounty. This annual snapshot of SanMateo County’s crop productionwill be delivered to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday byAgricultural Commissioner FredCrowder.The report looks at the values of the goods but also calculated thatcounty agriculture contributes$216 million to the local econo-my and provides 4,708 jobs. The
Report:Values up,but livestocand fields take hit from drought
By Angela Swartz
School board members are tak-ing the first steps to fill a holethey see in the South SanFrancisco Unified School Districtwith a pilot program for middleschool after-school programs,much to the delight of district par-ents.At a meeting Thursday night, theBoard of Trustees voted 4-0 to addpilot programs for this comingschool year at Alta Loma andWestborough middle schools,while transporting some studentsin district vehicles to OrangePark’s Boys & Girls Club pro-gram. Parkway Heights Middle
After-school programmingpilot set to begin in the fall
South City school district will offer about 90 slots
By Angela Swartz
This weekend marks the begin-ning of Ramadan, the Muslim reli-gious holiday, and Belmont’sYaseen Foundation is organizingactivities around the holy month. In Belmont, volunteer ImamGomaa G. Abdel-Sadek is helpinglead prayers during the annualspiritual observance, which isregarded as one of the Five Pillarsof Islam.“Ramadan is a very specialmonth for our community,” hesaid. “We look forward to thismonth all year because it is themonth in which we should developour family and communal ties,increase our good deeds andimprove our spiritual state.”Abdel-Sadek,53, has a Ph.D.and is a poly-mer and materi-al scientist atPowerVision byday in Belmont.When he joinedthe communityof Belmont inDecember2010, the Imamhad just left for England so hebegan to fill the position volun-tarily. He hails from Cairo, Egypt,and has seven children with hiswife, who he commutes to visit inSan Diego every weekend sincehis children are finishing schoolin Southern California. He says heenjoys Belmont and the communi-ty here. “We have a very good relation-ship here as a community and withother communities,” said Abdel-Sadek. “Other religious leaders gettogether and discuss the largecommunity issues.”During the month of Ramadan,Yaseen conducts open houses andinvites non-Muslims to explainthings and answer questions.“We are in good communicationwith many organizations and weare part of Peninsula ClergyNetwork,” he said. “Therefore,there are many ways to send a mes-sage through.”Fasting for Muslims duringRamadan typically includes theincreased offering of salat(prayers) and recitation of the
Ramadan to commence thisweekend
Month-long religious observance involves fasting,prayer
 The Yaseen Foundation in Belmont held prayer services at the Belmont Sports Complex Friday afternoon.
Gomaa Abdel-Sadek 
 June 28-29,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St., Suite 210, San Mateo, CA94402
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Actress KathyBates is 66.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austriaand his wife, Sophie, were assassinat-ed in Sarajevo by Serb nationalistGavrilo Princip — the event whichsparked World War I.
“One of the sources of pride in being a human being is the ability to bear present frustrations in the interests of longer purposes.” 
— Helen Merrell Lynd,American educator (1896-1982)
Comedian-moviedirector MelBrooks is 88.Actor John Cusack is 48.
A workman makes a traditional Ramadan lantern ahead of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Cairo,Egypt.
: Cloudy in the morning thenbecoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog inthe morning. Highs in the mid 60s. Westwinds 10 to 20 mph.
Saturday night:
Partly cloudy in theevening then becoming cloudy. Patchyfog after midnight. Lows in the lower50s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
: Cloudy in the morning then becoming sunny.Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the mid 60s.Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.
Sunday night
: Clear in the evening then becoming partlycloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 15mph...Becoming west around 5 mph after midnight.
: Partly cloudy in the morning then becomingsunny. Highs in the upper 60s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1778, 
the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth tookplace in New Jersey; it was from this battle that the legendof “Molly Pitcher” arose.
In 1836
, the fourth president of the United States, JamesMadison, died in Montpelier, Virginia.
In 1838, 
Britain’s Queen Victoria was crowned inWestminster Abbey.
In 1919, 
the Treaty of Versailles was signed in France,ending the First World War. In Independence, Missouri,future president Harry S. Truman married Elizabeth VirginiaWallace.
In 1934
, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed theNational Housing Act, which established the FederalHousing Administration.
In 1939
, Pan American Airways began regular trans-Atlantic air service with a flight that departed New York forMarseilles, France.
In 1944, 
the Republican national convention in Chicagonominated New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey for presidentand Ohio Gov. John W. Bricker for vice president.In 1950, North Korean forces captured Seoul (sohl), the cap-ital of South Korea.
In 1964
, civil rights activist Malcolm X declared, “Wewant equality by any means necessary” during the FoundingRally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity in NewYork.
In 1978,
the Supreme Court ordered the University of California-Davis Medical School to admit Allan Bakke, awhite man who argued he’d been a victim of reverse racialdiscrimination.
In 1989
, about 1 million Serbs gathered to mark the 600thanniversary of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.
he unlucky S.S. Minnow on“Gilligan’s Island” (1964-1967)was named after Newton Minow(born 1926), former chairman of theFederal Communications Commission.Minow gave a speech in 1961 denounc-ing television as a “vast wasteland.”***“The Poseidon Adventure” was the top-grossing film of 1972. Ernest Borgnine(1917-2012) and Gene Hackman (born1930) starred as passengers of a luxuri-ous ocean liner trying to survive afterthe ship gets hit by a tidal wave and cap-sizes.***The world’s largest expedition yacht inthe world, named the Octopus, is ownedby Paul Allen (born 1953), a co-founderof Microsoft. The 416-foot yacht hastwo helicopters and a submarine aboard.Allen brought his yacht to the Thamesin London for the 2012 Olympics.***Presidential candidate Gary Hart (born1936) dropped out of the 1988 electionone week after the National Enquirerpublished a photo of the married manwith his mistress Donna Rice (born1958) sitting on his lap. The photo wastaken while the couple was aboard aship called Monkey Business.***The largest ships in the Princess cruiseline are the Sapphire Princess and theDiamond Princess. The identical shipseach carry 2,670 passengers and 1,200crew.***Originally, the pilgrims traveling fromEngland for America in 1620 departedon two ships — the Mayflower and theSpeedwell. However, the Speedwelldeveloped a leak and could not make thevoyage.***Captain Joseph Hazelwood (born 1946)stood trial after the 1989 oil spill of theExxon Valdez oil tanker. He was accusedof causing the accident due to intoxica-tion. Ajury found that he was not drunk,but he was fined $50,000 and 1,000hours of community service for negli-gently discharging oil.***Can you name the ships of the follow-ing captains? Captain Jack Sparrow,Captain Hook, Captain Ahab, CaptainStubing and Captain Corcoran. Seeanswer at end.***Walt Disney originally wanted to havelive animals in the Jungle Cruise ride atDisneyland until he realized he couldn’tcontrol the animals’sleeping habits.The python, hippos, gorillas and ele-phants encountered on the cruise are runby robotics.***The British shipping company WhiteStar Line built three huge ships: theOlympic in 1911, the Titanic in 1912and the Britannic in 1914. The Titanicwas the largest passenger ship in theworld at the time of its launching.***After the Titanic ran into an iceberg in1912, the ship’s orchestra was instruct-ed to play cheerful tunes to calm thepassengers. The eight members of theorchestra played while the ship sunk.They went down with the ship.***The mutiny aboard the British RoyalNavy ship named the Bounty occurredin 1789. First mate Fletcher Christian(1764-1793) led a mutiny againstCaptain William Bligh (1754-1817)sending the captain and half of the crewadrift in a small launch. Bligh sailed the23-foot boat 3,600 miles back to civi-lization. The mutineers started a settle-ment in Tahiti.***
: Jack Sparrow — the Black Pearl, from the movie “Pirates of theCaribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003). Hook — the Jolly Roger, from “Peter Pan.” Ahab — the Pequod, from the novel “Moby Dick “(1851).Stubing — the Pacific Princess, fromthe television series “The Love Boat”(1977-1986). Corcoran — HMS Pinafore, from the comic opera “HMS Pinafore.”
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs inthe weekend and Wednesday editions of theDaily Journal. Questions? Comments?Email knowitall(at)smdailyjournal.com orcall 344-5200 ext. 114.
(Answers Monday)SHOWN TREND RATHER ONWARDYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The knight bought his armor at the —“HARD-WEAR” STORENow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
 ©2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   C   h  e  c   k  o  u   t   t   h  e  n  e  w ,   f  r  e  e   J   U   S   T   J   U   M   B   L   E  a  p  p
Print your answer here:
 The Daily Derby race winners are Hot Shot,No.3,in first place;Solid Gold,No.10,in second place;and California Classic,No.5,in third place.Therace time was clocked at 1:45.42.
6 8 715 29 31 46 64 10
e 27 Me
ga Mill
10 20 25 50 53 35
une 25 Pow
1 19 24 35 38
ntasy F
aily th
ee m
88 6 1
aily Fo
9 6 4
aily th
e eve
4 15 33 40 45 4
une 2
5 Su
per Lotto Plu
Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., is80. Comedian-impressionist John Byner is 77. FormerDefense Secretary Leon Panetta is 76. Rock musician DaveKnights (Procul Harum) is 69. Actor Bruce Davison is 68.Actress Alice Krige is 60. College and Pro Football Hall of Famer John Elway is 54. Record company chief executiveTony Mercedes is 52. Actress Jessica Hecht is 49. Rock musi-cian Saul Davies (James) is 49. Actress Mary Stuart Mastersonis 48. Actor Gil Bellows is 47. Actress-singer DanielleBrisebois is 45. Jazz musician Jimmy Sommers is 45. ActressTichina Arnold is 45. Actor Alessandro Nivola is 42.
 June 28-29,2014
. The window of a parked car wassmashed and a computer bag was stolen onBay View Place before 8:03 p.m.Wednesday, June 25.
Petty theft
. An iPod was reported stolenfrom an unlocked vehicle on the 100 blockof Pepper Avenue before 10:16 a.m.Wednesday, June 25.
Suspicious circumstances.
Apersonwas seen running from a car with threesmashed windows on East Lane before 1:11a.m. Wednesday, June 25.
. Someone reported a treadmill that hadcaught on fire on the 1800 block of Trousdale Drive before 5:08 p.m. Tuesday,June 24.
Citizen assist
. Awoman reported gettingharassing phone calls from her aunt onPrindle Road before 5:37 p.m. Wednesday,June 25.
Drunk in public.
Aman carrying a jug of water was arrested for being drunk in publicwhile asking customers for beer money onEl Camino Real before 12:25 a.m.Wednesday, June 25.
Animal call
. Police responded to a reportof a growling raccoon inside a home onFifth Avenue before 12:36 p.m. Tuesday,June 24.
Police reports
Not anymore
Aresident reported that a man came tohis door and asked if he had “peace of mind” on Alpine Avenue in Burlingamebefore 2:18 p.m. Sunday, June 22.
By Michelle Durand
A23-year-old Redwood City man servinglife without parole for killing a teen at aparty six years ago will be resentenced andmight receive a shot at eventual releasebased on a U.S. Supreme Court decision thatsuch mandatory sentences for juveniles areunlawful.On Friday, Judge Robert Foiles grantedRicardo Garcia a new sentencing after pros-ecutors conceded that he is entitled under thelaw. Ahearing was set for Aug. 29. Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidottisaid between now and then her office willreview the case, Garcia’s background andhis behavior while in custody to decide if prosecutors will again seek a term of life inprison without the possibility of parole. Garcia was 17 when he fatally shotSolomone Zarate, 19, onSept. 13, 2008, but triedand convicted in 2010 asan adult of first-degreemurder with a specialgang allegation that madehim parole ineligible. However, the U.S.Supreme Court ruled inthe 2012 case Miller v.Alabama that mandatorysentences of life without parole are uncon-stitutional for juveniles convicted of crimeseven if they are tried as adults. The court hadpreviously made an exception for murder.Cases of juveniles sentenced as such likeGarcia were sent back to the local courts forreconsideration using factors like a defen-dant’s age, maturity and family life. At hisupcoming sentencing hearing, Foiles isrequired to specify why he opts for the termchosen. Garcia killed Zarate at the ColumbiaAvenue party after jumping into a fightbetween his friend and the victim to provehe was the “biggest, baddest” member of theFair Oaks Park sect of the Norteño gang, theprosecution contended during trial.The defense didn’t dispute Garcia shotZarate but argued it was self-defense. Garcia testified as the sole defense witnessthat he believed Zarate had a gun because hishand was in his waistband. Zarate called outHeller Street, his alleged gang, and Garciareportedly countered with his affiliationbefore shooting twice, then following andfiring three more times.The defense sought 60 years to life inprison for Garcia instead of the life withoutparole sentence he received.
michelle@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 102
Convicted murderer gets new sentencing hearing
Supreme Court ruling prompts shot at parole for man serving life sentence
Ricardo Garcia
The 22-year-old transient accused of try-ing to rape a woman crossing the SanMateo Caltrain Station’s undergroundstairs is mentally fit to stand trial on sev-eral felonies, according to a majority of court-appointed doctors.The initial pair disagreed on whetherFernando Chamale-Boch is able to aid hisdefense attorney against charges of kid-napping with the intent to rape, assaultwith the intent to rape, false imprison-ment and battery. Athirdtie-breaker doctor tippedthe scales to competencyand criminal proceed-ings were reinstatedFriday morning.He now returns to courtAug. 21 for a prelimi-nary hearing to deter-mine if he’ll stand trial San Mateo policearrested Chamale-BochOct. 20, 2013, after a woman identifiedhim as the man she said grabbed her in thedarkened station hallway approaching thestairwell about 7 p.m. that Sunday. Thesuspect covered her mouth as shescreamed, and pulled her 6 feet down thestairs as she punched and scratched at hisface. After she fought herself free, shecalled police who found him nearby laterthat night with scratches on his face.Chamale-Boch remains in custody on $2million bail.
Train station attack defendant fit for trial

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