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UN HR Council Protection of the Family A_HRC_26_L20_rev1

UN HR Council Protection of the Family A_HRC_26_L20_rev1

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Resolution on the protection of the family, excluding references to diverse forms of families.
Resolution on the protection of the family, excluding references to diverse forms of families.

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Published by: Eduardo Gonzalez-Cueva on Jun 28, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Human Rights Council
Twenty-sixth session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,political, economic, social and cultural rights,including the right to development
GE.14-06559 (E)
        
United Nations
General Assemly
#ist$.% !imited5 &'ne 014$igina% Engis*
Angola,( )ahrain,( )angladesh,( )enin, )osnia and Her*egovina,( )otswana, )ur+ina aso, China, Cte d./voire, 0gypt,
 0l 1alvador,( 0thiopia 2on ehalf of the Group of African 1tates3, /ndonesia, 4ordan,( $eanon,( 5auritania,( 5orocco, 6amiia, 6igeria,( Philippines, 7atar,( Russian ederation
1ierra $eone, 1ri $an+a,( 1udan,( Tunisia,( 8ganda,( 9imawe:( draft resolution
"#!; Protection of the family
The Human Rights Council 
 t*e ,'$,oses and ,$ini,es o t*e C*a$te$ o t*e United Nations+
  t*e Uni"e$sa #ea$ation o H'man Rig*ts and t*e ienna #ea$ation and 2$og$amme o Ation+ and $eaing t*e nte$nationa Co"enant on Ci"i and 2oitia Rig*ts+ t*e nte$nationa Co"enant on Eonomi+ oia and C't'$a Rig*ts+ t*e Con"ention on t*e Rig*ts o t*e C*id+ t*e Con"ention on t*e Eimination o A o$ms o #is$imination against omen and ot*e$ $ee"ant *'man $ig*ts inst$'ments+
 Gene$a Assem $eso'tions 44/7 o 7 #eeme$ 1979+ 48/38 o 0 e,teme$ 1993+ 50/14 o 1 #eeme$ 1995+ 5/71 o 1 #eeme$ 1998+ 54/14 o 18 #eeme$ 1999+ 56/113 o 19 #eeme$ 001+ 58/164 o 17 #eeme$ 00+ 57/15 o 3 #eeme$ 003+ 59/111 o 6 #eeme$ 004+ 59/148 o 0 #eeme$ 004+ 60/133 o 16 #eeme$ 005+ 6/19 o 17 #eeme$ 008+ 64/133 o 17 #eeme$ 009+ 66/16 o 19 #eeme$ 011+ 68/14 o 0 #eeme$ 01and 67/136 o 17 #eeme$ 013+ one$ning t*e ,$oamation o+ ,$e,a$ations o$ and ose$"ane o t*e nte$nationa ea$ o t*e ami and its tent* and t:entiet* anni"e$sa$ies+
 t*at t*e ,$e,a$ations o$ and ose$"ane o t*e t:entiet* anni"e$sa$ o t*e nte$nationa ea$ o t*e ami ,$o"ide a 'se' o,,o$t'nit to d$a: '$t*e$ attention to t*e o;eti"es o t*e nte$nationa ea$ o$ in$easing oo,e$ation at a e"es on ami iss'es and o$ 'nde$ta<ing one$ted ations to st$engt*en ami-ent$ed ,oiies and  ,$og$ammes as ,a$t o an integ$ated om,$e*ensi"e a,,$oa* to *'man $ig*ts and de"eo,ment+
 t*at tates *a"e t*e ,$ima$ $es,onsiiit to ,$omote and ,$otet t*e *'man $ig*ts and 'ndamenta $eedoms o a *'man eings+ in'ding :omen+ *id$en and ode$ ,e$sons+
 t*at t*e ami *as t*e ,$ima$ $es,onsiiit o$ t*e n'$t'$ing and  ,$otetion o *id$en and t*at *id$en+ o$ t*e ' and *a$monio's de"eo,ment o t*ei$  ,e$sonait+ s*o'd g$o: ', in a ami en"i$onment and in an atmos,*e$e o *a,,iness+ o"e and 'nde$standing+
 t*at t*e ami+ as t*e 'ndamenta g$o', o soiet and t*e nat'$a en"i$onment o$ t*e g$o:t* and :e-eing o a its meme$s and ,a$ti'a$ *id$en+ s*o'd e ao$ded t*e neessa$ ,$otetion and assistane so t*at it an ' ass'me its $es,onsiiities :it*in t*e omm'nit+
t*at t*e ami is t*e nat'$a and 'ndamenta g$o', 'nit o soiet and is entited to ,$otetion  soiet and t*e tate+ 1.
 to on"ene+ at its t:ent-se"ent* session+ a ,ane dis'ssion on t*e  ,$otetion o t*e ami and its meme$s to add$ess t*e im,ementation o tates= oigations 'nde$ $ee"ant ,$o"isions o inte$nationa *'man $ig*ts a: and to dis'ss *aenges and est ,$aties in t*is $ega$d>
 Non-meme$ tate o t*e H'man Rig*ts Co'ni.

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